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I really don't understand so many of the posters on this site both literally because of their terrible English and the lack of education that has lead to this. We're not English majors. Hell, my... Read More

  1. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Just started a new PD case today and was reading through our (UNOFFICIAL/NON-LEGAL, thank goodness) notebook log and found some consistently creative spelling in very scrawly penmanship, so I just had to rush here to share:

    "After brakefast, he came in here and red his papper in his chere."

    "Satterday and Sanday"


    (on a shopping list "ceriel, juce, and batries"

    "Voice is stile some horsed"

    "Had a good appteit today."

    and last, but not least:

    "He shared" (showered!)

    Permit me to say, YOWZA!