Went to a College Game today........

  1. Oh, I am soooooo mad! I went to Heinz Feild today down in Pittsburgh to watch Pitt play Texas A&M. I bought a fanny pack at Wal mart about a month ago and took it with me today instead of my bulky purse. Do you know that they would NOT let me bring my fanny pack inside the Stadium? I had to empty it out and throw it away!!!!! I had but a few things in there like my money and ID, cell phone, cigs, tissues, lip balm and some Motrin Ib. I showed the gate attendants the ENTIRE contents of my pack and they STILL would NOT let me bring my pack in.

    The kicker is that you ARE however allowed to bring a purse inside Heinz Field as a woman with a HUGE Louis Vuitton bag went through the security checkpoint and all she had to do was open her purse and they quickly looked into it. This lady's bag was THREE times the size of my fanny pack. Now had I had some insulin or a baby bottle or diaper in the pack then I'd be OK. I was REALLY irate when I saw more than one person inside the Stadium with a fanny pack on. Seems that it all depens on the gate that you entered through!!!

    So, next time I go to Pitt for a game, I'm gettin an insulin syringe and puttin saline in it and I'll be good to go! OOOHHHHH I was soooooo mad! These Things always happen to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   dianah
    (shaking head slowly, rolling eyes) some things make no sense. . . . THINK, PEOPLE, THINK!!
  4. by   dianah
    BTW, (I always think in stages, sorry) have you thought of writing a letter to security, the PTB, the local (and school) newspaper, etc? These restrictions (what will and won't be allowed in) should be available to the public BEFORE the game, and should be standardized (NOT different at every gate), and evidence-based (now there's a term you don't hear every day), not based on someone's personal whim or vendetta. Why NOT you with a fanny pack? Throw it away?? No matter what it cost, it's your time and money wasted. Sorry this happened to you. Make some waves, maybe?? Good luck!
  5. by   Glad2behere
    I always go to events like that slim and trim. Same thing happened to me years ago, I sure would have liked to have gone to the game though!


  6. by   RNforLongTime
    I suppose I could have walked the mile and a half back to my car and left the fanny pack in the car but it was almost time for kick-off and I sure didn't want to miss that!

    I, too think that when my husband purchased our tickets on-line that they should send a list of things that aren't allowed inside the stadium. We went to Heinz Field TWICE last year and I was given no problems with bringing my purse in and there were fanny packs all over the place.

    I am considering writing a letter to the University of Pittsburgh's Athletic Department and express my outrage! Not only did I lose a 6 dollar fanny pack but I also spent money on a Pitt t-shirt, food and a sun visor!
  7. by   Glad2behere
    I dunno, haven't been to a college game this year yet, but we couldn't get into Kyle Field last year with accessories...kinda tightened up after 9-11, also George H. Bush makes as many A&M home games as he can. Seen him there 3 times now, so that tightens the security up as well.