Wellness/Fitness thread 5/6/03

  1. Good morning! Another beautiful day here - I think the storms are finally passed.

    Locally, it's election day, so please don't forget to vote if you are registered and having primaries today . I'm a little slow this morning - normally I would've voted first thing this morning, but I will run over on lunch time. I'm afraid this is one of those non-motivated days, but I am picking up steam slowly lol.

    "Imagination awakens ambition, then causes it to lose its way."

    - Mason Cooley

    I think that's my problem - I have so many things I want to get done I don't know where to start! I should be able to osmosify motivation through the computer monitor just by reading Jnette's post from yesterday - I agree with Jedav - wow! 25#!)

    Looking forward to the jog this evening (hubby has been faithful about taking me out every other night to jog and I slow him down a little less each time.)

    Recipe to follow

    Have a GREAT day!
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  3. by   JedsMom
    Have lost 10# so far. Continue to jog with DH every night and I too slow him down a little less every day, although he says he would rather jog than keep up with my walking speed. Hope everyone is having a great day. Back to work now!
  4. by   jnette
    Good for EVERYBODY !!!

    This thread is SUCH a wonderful idea, and I love hearing ppl being excited about their accomplishments ! It DOES pay off, and it IS rewarding !

    And Jedav, YES... YES...YES !!! I am a girl ! And not a hulky thing, either ! I'm about 5'5" and fluxuate between 128-130 lbs. most of the time.. when I'm really lifting steadily, I add a couple lbs. or more in muscle weight, yet the bod gets leaner, trimmer. I'm small boned, still wear a size 8. I'm saying this for those who may always have thought that lifting weights makes a woman all hulky and overmuscled looking. NOT SO !!!The only time you notice it, really, is when I flex..(which, of course, I LOVE to do secretly in the mirror!) :chuckle Especially after I just finished my routine. It gives me that "AAAAAHH" feeling ! YES !!! PUMPED !!!

    Seriously, I can't stress this enough.. weightlifting allows you to "sculpt" your body into whatever shape you want it to have. . just as a sculpter would with a piece of clay.
    My arms, ie., respond VERY quickly and I do have to be careful not to get too overzealous, no matter how much fun it is to see how much more I can lift. I MUST stop at, (or at least maintain) the 25 # in armcurls, or yes, I COULD very easily overdo it there. So I know when to maintain a certain weight, and where I need to add more weight to balance out the effect... arms I can slack off on, while shoulders I need to work harder to add that roundness and extra width I like. Shoulders are very hard for me... they hurt more when I work them, and take much longer to achieve the desired results. Triceps respond quickly like my biceps do. Legs take longer (larger muscle group) but I enjoy doing them. My bowflex doesn't have a legpress and I wish I had gotten the one that does. At the gym, it was one of my favorite things to do. But it does have a great leg curl attachment which I keep permanently attached...so I can at least do my quads and hamstrings and keep them toned. I love doing "back', too, and my lats respond beautifully ! I love seeing those lat muscles ripple around ... I guess I just like to see curves and dimension underneath skin, y'know? And proportion.. I can achieve that with lifting. And again.. muscle DOES burn fat ! An added bonus at my 53 years, is the bone enhancing effects. I don't do HRT, so I'm borderline osteoporosis... this spurs on renewed bonegrowth, and that's good news for me.

    I wish I liked aerobics.. I'm a natural "speed freak" with bushels of excess energy, but never have been able to get myself to enjoy aerobics of any sort. Taebo would be the closest I could come to. But I get plenty of running and stairclimbing in at work as part of my job duties, so I'm really not lacking there. And I can never be still, so I'm always wiggling around, driving ppl crazy...

    Like Untamed Spirit, I'm a good candidate for Yoga.. just to tone down the energy rushes.

    OK.. running off at the mouth now, too.. better quit !
    So Jedav.. go check out the "pics of you thread"... you'll see this kid's all girl ! :roll: