Wellness/Fitness thread 5/2/03

  1. "Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts."

    -Arnold Bennett

    Good morning!

    (Run and get your water if it's not already in front of you! )

    I was thinking about change and how it's not only uncomfortable for us, but for those around us. As you pursue your new healthier lifestyle, are some people clinging to the "old you?" Maybe you're quitting smoking, and your friends that smoke still want you to take breaks with them. Perhaps your family is not on the bandwagon of healthy eating and it's a challenge to make things that please them and are good for you. Or maybe (and this happens) some people don't want you to change because that makes them uncomfortable. They have less tacit support for their own habits.

    Don't let this negative thinking get you down. People like you as you are, but if you are no longer happy with that "you" then it's time to make new habits. Who knows, maybe you'll inspire soemone else!

    Recipe to follow. Have a fantastic day
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  3. by   Jedav
    Figured I'd post even though it is late in the day...

    Nurse Ratched, your post is so true. I have found that some people want you to stay in your "assigned role" and it can be one of the biggest barriers to overcome in adopting a new lifestyle. I think it is great ( and necessary) to have support, but be your own best friend in the process and do it for yourself !

    Have a great night!