Wellness/Fitness thread 4/17/03

  1. Good morning!

    It's a little rainy out today, so good time to be using those indoor "backup plan" exercises we've been thinking about. I have a couple of dvd's with great quickie workouts on them. Would also like to encourage you to S-T-R-E-T-C-H this morning. Hubby has had knee surgery in the past and rainy mornings make him sore. Maybe you've got similar kinks and glitches. Increasing your movement will help keep you from tensing up quite so much. Try standing and reaching up and stretching as high as you can. Then bend over, and just when you think you are as far as you can go, take a deep breath, exhale, and stretch a little further. Keep doing this until you are as far as you can go. Don't hurt yourself! Many of you may have back injuries. Start slow. Work on strengthening those muscles that support your back like we talked about - mostly abdominals. You are making so much progress! Think about the fact that you are making a daily commitment to your good health - it can't help but spill out over into other areas of your life .

    Today, if you are starting to tone, we are back to arms/shoulders. Refer to site on wellness thread of 4/14/03. I will work on a basic exercise plan for different areas and post it here tomorrow. We will develop it as we progress.

    Do you have your water in front of you? Remember, dehydration fatigues you. We don't need that help - life does that enough!

    Aimeee - if you need an online exercise buddy, just pm me. Ditto anyone else .

    "A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug."

    - Patricia Neal

    Recipe to follow - gotta get showered up!
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  3. by   Rustyhammer
    I did my aerobics this morning and then mega-crunches!
    allready have 3 glasses of water in me.
  4. by   sbic56
    Off to the gym after I peruse here for a bit...
  5. by   Tweety
    O.K. I'll admit it here. I went to the gym. I went to Walmart shopping. Blood sugar was low. Had one of those little small cans of Pringles. Hate a pint (about 1000 calories) of Godiva Ice Cream. Later had ramen for dinner. Loved every bite.

    I had a cheat day. Today is back to being fit, 40 and fabulous! Going yoga class. Later on I hope to go to the gym in the wee hours of the morning.

    Thanks for keeping me motivated. Am I the only one who has a cheat day from health and wellness? From my history, I know that I can never be good 100% of the time. I would like to increase the # of days I'm good though.

    When I'm bad, I'm oooh so bad.
  6. by   sanakruz
    It's pouring down rain here, as it was yesterday. IMO it's too dangerous to bike, so I'll do curls right here in my office.
  7. by   AmyLiz
    Originally posted by 3rdShiftGuy
    Am I the only one who has a cheat day from health and wellness?
    No...you're not the only one!

    I usually have a cheat day every week...just one though! (although this past week was a baaaad one for me! )

    I usually don't really overdo it though. I'm on the weight watchers winning points plan, so one day a week (usually a weekend day) I go over my point range. I found that if I do this once a week, I tend to lose weight better. Sorta shakes up the metabolism. At least that's what I tell myself.
  8. by   vettech
    My workout plan -
    I do the following M-W-F

    10 minute warm up on either the rowing machine (36spm or so) or the stationary bike (85-90 rpm)

    Weight Training: 3 sets of 8-12 reps, usually 8-12-12 when I've just upped the weight
    Dumbell Bicep Curls (biceps)
    Dumbell Concentration Curls (brachialis but the biceps is a major synergist)
    Tricep Kickbacks
    Tricep Pulldowns
    Barbell Bench Press (pecs)
    Inclined Barbell Bench Press (calvicular portion of the pecs major)
    Dumbell Flyes (pecs)
    Lat Pulldown (latissimus dorsi)
    Wide-Grip Row (back - general)
    Narrow-Grip Row (back - general)
    Leg Press (quads, also helps the glutes)
    Leg Extension (quads)
    Leg Curl (hammies)
    Calf Press (using the Leg Press machine)

    Then I go to 30 minutes of cardio, usually on the EFX (eliptical) averaging 210-230 spm (depends on the program I'm running - I'm lucky if I can maintain 185 spm on steeper inclines)

    I do ab work 6 days per week - 2 sets of 15 reps
    Bicycle Maneuver
    Leg Raise

    Okay, where are my other lifters out there? I'd really like to hear input on low rep, high weight vs mid-rep, mid-weight for gaining mass. My current rule of thumb is that I have to reach momentary fatigue by 11-12th rep on 2nd set, 9-12th on 3rd.
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  9. by   vettech
    Originally posted by 3rdShiftGuy

    I had a cheat day. Today is back to being fit, 40 and fabulous! Going yoga class. Later on I hope to go to the gym in the wee hours of the morning.

    Thanks for keeping me motivated. Am I the only one who has a cheat day from health and wellness? From my history, I know that I can never be good 100% of the time. I would like to increase the # of days I'm good though.
    Not at all, its a good plan. I didn't "diet" but rather I switched my eating habits. I used to eat junk - whatever was quick to cook and tasted good, I didn't care what was in it. Ate McDs 3-4 times per week and didn't eat much better at home.

    When I decided to drop the weight, I changed my diet entirely. I now eat salads, fresh friuts, yogurt, lots of veggies. About the only meats I eat are skinless chicken breast, tuna, boca (well, its SORTA meat) and fresh shrimp. (I live on the Gulf Coast so shrimp is plentiful and relatively cheap here.)

    What got me through the switch was allowing myself one guilt free meal per week, although a friend of mine allowed herself an entire day of guilt-free and did fine. The point is that by allowing yourself some guilt-free meals, you're less likely to quit the diet.

    Now I rarely want a "guilt-free" but I take one when I want, so long as I don't break the 1 per week rule I've set. At Xmas, I gave myself 8 days of "guilt-free" as a present. I had 8 days where I ate whatever I wanted (and 4 of those 8 were in New Orleans - no way I could have dieted on that good chow!) and skipped the gym. I may give myself another "guilt-free" week at the end of the semester to celebrate the end of finals.
  10. by   Rustyhammer
    My wt plan?
    If you have excel (is that how it's spelled?) I'd be happy to send you a sample.
    My workout plan is wts. on Mon, wed and Fri and aerobics on tue, thurs and sat.
    I alternate the wts. one week I do upper body on monday and friday and lower body on wed.
    the next week I do lower body on Monday and Friday and upper on Wed. This gives my muscles plenty of time to recoup.
    abs are everyday. crunches, side crunches and leg lifts for lower abs.
    I haven't seen much wt loss lately but have been told I'm losing (must be toning or doing SOMETHING right).
  11. by   sedate_me_stat
    I joined an aquafit class about a year ago
    initially it was a lot of retired folks but lately there have been some people of my age there and we really get things going..

    its a ton of fun, the instructor is so motivational
    she used to weigh 250 plus and now is down to 149 lbs!

  12. by   kimmicoobug
    I just realized that this is a daily thread....call me dim.

    But, I can participate in this thread because I am trying to lose some poundage. I have not exercised today, and probalby will not because I have a speech to write. But tomorrow, I am taking my kids to the park and will ride the bike for 30 minutes. If I do exercise, I will do my pilates tape today.
  13. by   OzNurse69
    I've been really good all this week, up until today.....have a cold, so the breathing thing is troubling me at the moment.

    But do you know the wierd part?? This is from someone who has never been known for her exercise patterns - I actually want to go outside & go for a run! I have half a box of used tissues on my bedroom floor, I am still in my PJ's at 11 am, & the only intake I have had all day is lemon & honey tea. But I am getting all fidgetty & stressed because I can't go for my run - even a walk would be something. Does this mean I'm starting to get addicted??
  14. by   kitty=^..^=cat
    Do you guys mind if I jump into your thread??

    A few years ago, I plumped up into a really BIG girl... I got married and happy -- my hubby is an excellent cook -- and fat as a hog. After 9/11 and some really upsetting stuff with my job, I realized that life is WAY too short to be unhealthy and started working on myself. Over the next year I lost 125 pounds, and finally reached a point that I was happy with the way I looked and felt. I started playing in tennis tournaments again and ran several 5K races. Since then I've changed jobs from one where I was miserable, overworked and underpaid to one where I feel appreciated, respected and satisfied. I've also picked up about 15 pounds now that I don't have an almost unbearable amount of stress "driving" me. I got the winter blahs pretty badly and have skipped way too many workouts in recent weeks.

    I have started some running again -- I did a three mile run in 33 minutes twice last week. I played tennis for a couple of hours over the weekend and took a 2 1/2 mile hike. I like that level of activity and am hoping that warmer weather will help motivate me to keep it up.

    Lately I've been eating too many sweets (have you tried those Healthy Choice Ice Cream Sandwiches?? OH YEAH!!!), and I know I need to get back into the healthy eating pattern that helped me lose the weight in the first place. I just really don't want to gain it back and need some reassurance that I'm not going to h*ll in a handbasket.