Wellness/Fitness thread - 4/14/03

  1. Good morning!

    Excite's weather site is telling me we will top out as high as 84 today, so the bike is coming out. Don't delay with whatever activity you are choosing - nothing will motivate you more than this gorgeous weather. I laughingly put on shorts yesterday and then put long pants back on, not because I was ashamed of my legs, but because they are *so* white I am afraid of blinding people. Of well; since I don't tan, I guess I'm on the hunt for summer pants lol.

    I was really inspired about Robin's comments a couple of days ago on getting into a size she hadn't been in since before her last child was born. How exciting is that? I don't want us to linger on numbers as defining our success; feeling better is enough, but there are very few more tangible indicators of our progress than that extra bit of space available at our waistlines. And it will happen. Keep up the good work, everyone!

    For those who are interested in starting to tone a little, I note the website below for basic arm exercises. These can be done 2-3 times per week. Only equipment needed is a sturdy chair and some hand weights of some sort (canned goods will work fine - just don't drop them on your head! Or you can invest in a set of dumbbells. Test out a few weights in the store.) Tomorrow, I'll post something for legs or abs.


    Recipe for today:

    Tuna Salad Stuffer

    (adjust recipe by half if desired to try it out - we know we like it and use the whole batch)

    Toss together in a bowl:

    2 6 oz cans water-packed tuna, drained
    1 24 oz jar great northern beans, rinsed well and drained

    add and mix gently:

    1/2 tsp dill
    1/4 c light thousand island dressing

    Add if desired:

    1 green onion
    1/2 red pepper
    1/2 tblsp dried parsley or 1/4 cup chopped fresh parsley

    Stuff in a whole wheat pita, roll in a flour tortilla or serve stuffed in a tomato or on a bed of greens or eat with crackers. Celery and carrot sticks are good sides to this light meal.

    Have a great day!

    "I am who I choose to be. I always have been what I chose...though not always what I pleased."

    - Lois McMaster Bujold, "Memory", 1996
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  3. by   AmyLiz
    I am very excited...the weather guru on our local station says that it should hit 75 today! Wooohoooo!

    Unfortunately...I work all day.
    But, I take comfort in knowing that this is the start of warmer weather! I hope to be able to get some tennis in one of these days!

    I tried on some shorts this weekend & was pleased to see that I could fit into them. I wasn't able to last year.

    And...my legs are lily white as well. I'm thinking about trying one of those sunless tan products just so it isn't hazardous for people to look at them! LOL :roll
  4. by   cwazycwissyRN
    good morning to all.
    i have been away from the computer alot lately. i was glad to see this still going on. thanks nurse ratched for your efforts.
    one of my goals this week, will include drinking more water. it is something i have to put effort into. i will also continue to take my bike rides with my son. he seems to enjoy the rides we take. i had better take advantage of that now. at ll years of age, i'm afraid at some point it may be something that may not be "cool" to be seen riding with "mom".

    "may you live all the days of your life."----jonathan swift
  5. by   karenG
    well- I havent done much over the w/e but its early evening here and I'm off to fencing in a couple of hours so that should make up for the w/e.

    wish we had your weather- its 12 and overcast here! still, there is always tomorrow!

  6. by   sanakruz
    Cant fencing be an indoor sport, Karen?

    Here in CA we have 2 seasons, wet and dry. Still a little wet but Ive been riding my bike for about a month. I wish to maintain a 40 miles a week minimum.
    I am wearing clothes I havent been able to fit for 18 mos...
    Feels good!!
  7. by   karenG
    well fencing is an indoor sport but have started biking to work and its a little cold!! also would like to get a tan for once but think its going to be back to the bottled type!

  8. by   sanakruz
    I had a basal cell skin cancerremoved from my right hand a few years ago.
    Always wear sunscreen now.
    As a young wommin I would ski in a pair of cut offs and a bikini top-
    Who knew!
    I'm not much of a tanner anyhow-it's all about freckles.
  9. by   Tweety
    Georgous day today in the low 80s, brilliant sunshine. I should go out and wash the car but too lazy.

    Did go to the gym and work out, did 30 minutes of cardio.
  10. by   BusyMom
    I love this thread. It is so positive! It makes me want to get up and dance wildly with my kid. Thanks for the healthy ideas.
  11. by   Jedav
    Question for y'all...

    Have any of you tried Leslie Sansone's "Walk Away the Pounds" tapes??? I borrowed my mom's 3 mile and did it tonight...I liked it and just wondered if anyone out there already has had some experience/results with them??


    I made the Monterey Jack Turkey Burgers yesterday ( the recipe I posted a couple of days ago) ...They turned out GREAT!!! Sometimes turkey can be dry b/c of the low fat-but due to the ingredients, they are very moist and have a great taste-hubby said he'd eat them again ...

  12. by   vettech
    Today was a great day at the gym. I upped weight on my Inclined Bench Press and Wide-Grip Seated Row. The only area I've really struggled with is my chgest so I'm thrilled every time I can bump it up. I might bump up my Tricep Kickbacks later in the week.

    Any of y'all do any leg work? All I'm doing is Leg Presses, Cal Presses, Quadricep Extensions and Hamstring Curls. I was thinking about adding something specifically targetting the glutes. Suggestions?
  13. by   Rapheal
    Bought a new outfit the other day for a day just like this. Goodbye Winter clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. by   Brita01
    Did some yardwork today. I used the edger (boy are my arms going to be sore tomorrow) and the reel mower on the spots that my riding mower couldn't get to. I also did some weeding. Oh, and I got on my scale this morning and have lost two pounds since last week. Yippee!