Well Water Woes

  1. WAAAHHHHH!!!!! WE ARE SUCKING SAND!!!! or sandy/silty water i should say....people around here who have used the same well for 30 yrs are going dry...got 95%+ humidity most days...but god damm dry wells...our water-system guy is busy today with prior crisises....(SP?) gave a couple things for us to check..not lookin' good... jay is on the phone with the well-digger guy....hope we don't hafta do that....soooooo expensive....
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  3. by   BadBird
    I feel sorry for you, sounds expensive and irritating to fix. I think I will stick with city water/sewer, less problems. Good luck.
  4. by   kristi915
    Sunnygirl, I know how you feel. We live on a farm and only have two wells. One is dry, and the other has a gasolene leak in it. So, we have to buy bottled water, and I've been going everywhere to take a shower so I don't smell like gas.

    It's so hard, we have 3 houses sharing one well, and also more then 100 cows drinking from the same well. I wish we had town water, it would taste better and we wouldn't have to worry about this crap. It is very annoying. So, sunnygirl, i'm right in the boat w/ ya.
  5. by   Rustyhammer
    We had a "slow well" for awhile. Had to haul water for 6 months one time. Then they finally ran village water out to our house. We can still use the well for some things but the thought of driling another well was not pleasant at all.
  6. by   Cathy Wilson, RN
    Uh, this is kinda gross, but might make you feel a little better...
    We live in the mountains, collect spring water in a concrete well-tile, and pump it into the house. the excess runs off into a branch in the yard.
    About 2 weeks ago, the run-off stopped, so we have had to be very careful with the water. No prob, until yesterday, when I was showering. Suddenly the water smelled like I'd rolled around in something dead.
    Guess what? Some critter crawled up the dry run-off pipe, looking for water, and fell into the well-tile, and drowned! In the past it has usually been a salamander. This smells baaaaad, like maybe a chipmunk, or something. :imbar
  7. by   sunnygirl272
    ugh!!!lol, but ugh....

    well, we went to my mom's and showered and filled everything we could with h2o....the well-digger guy is coming tomorrow to check things out....we checked the water level ourselves and it is fine...but we wonder..well, jay wonders...ha..."we" like i have afriggin clue about wells....anyway..jay wonders if the wall to the wellstarted to collapse during thids dry weather..we aren't sucking straight sand, but rather sandy/silty water....which is in the hot water heater and the water lines....in fact teh hot water tank is leaking from the TOP and it was silty water that was comingout..which is odd, cuz the silt should've sunk to the bottom....the watersustem guy(not to be confused with the welldiggerguy)told us to let it be overnight and then turn the water back on and see if the silt still comesout the top...

    ok..sorry i rambled..just frustrating..and we probably won't take the boys if we don't have water by the weekend...not too cool to have 4 1/2,12, 13 yr olds running around without handwashing, flushing toilets, etc...