Well there really IS a reality TV show for everyone now...

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    Watching Paint Dry Is Latest Reality TV Gimmick

    Fri May 28, 9:44 AM ET

    LONDON (Reuters) - Some critics say the endless stream of hugely popular reality television shows are as dull as watching paint dry.

    Well, now they can test the theory with a live, eight-week round-the-clock Webcast of just that.

    Billed as the "ultimate reality TV show," British pay-channel UKTV Style promises a wall, some brushes and different types of paint in its program "Watching Paint Dry."

    "Every other reality show is full of boring drips, so we thought that we would go one step further," said Nick Thorogood, UKTV head of lifestyle.

    "We guarantee that Watching Paint Dry will be at least as interesting as the other reality shows."

    The tongue-in-cheek Internet program is being launched on Friday, the same day the most famous fly on the wall show of them all, "Big Brother," takes to the air again in Britain.

    Most such shows rely on viewers voting out the human contestants, be they the Big Brother wannabes or the famous names of jungle show "I'm a Celebrity Get me Out of Here"

    But people watching paint drying on www.uktvstyle.co.uk will be able to vote for their favorite wall-covering, such as gloss, satin or matte, with the least favorite being voted out each week before the nation's choice is revealed.

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  3. by   leslie :-D
    sadly i feel confident that this show will be a big hit. many years ago they were selling pet rocks for 4.95 and they sold out. similiarly, people were spending hundreds of dollars/week to send their cabbage patch dolls to camp. aaaahhhh the sophistication of american mentality, gotta love it (even if it is in the uk).
  4. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    I agree, the pet rock crowd will come out for this one.
  5. by   Havin' A Party!
    My wife and I were just talking about all these crappy reality and amateur contest-type shows that are the latest craze. We don't watch any of them.

    Seems like a competition of who can come up with the lamest idea.

    [Flame suit's on, so fire away if you must. ;>)]
  6. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    I don't watch any of them either, it's all about who can cheat and sleep with who. No thanks.
  7. by   Energizer Bunny
    geez, though don't we find much of the same on television dramas these days too?? LOL!!