Well...my mom is moving in and look at the reason why!!!

  1. Here's the scoop...my sister is in the Army and was transferred to Colorado Springs. She begged my mom to move down there and help with my nephew(3 at the time 4 now....who wasn't even potty trained at the time so he couldn't be put in daycare) and my mom said she would move there and potty train Dakota so my sister could put him in daycare and she could go to work and such. She sold her car and washer and dryer to help get a house in Colorado and off she went in a UHaul. That was 11 1/2 months ago and for that 11 months of that she has been babysitting, cleaning, and cooking. My sister hardly ever let her use the care or anything so basically she was stuck home all the time. Some might say that the babysitting paid for living expenses and such except for the fact that my mom was paying for part of the bills as well(about 650 of them). About two weeks ago mom told my sister......you need to put him in daycare because I have been offered a job and I would really like to take it because I have done nothing but sit in this house for 11 months and cook, clean, and take care of kids....well, my sister got mad. She found a home daycare and my mom started work and loved it! Everything seemed to be okay until my sister came home and out of the blue told her that she had decided to move on base and that my mom had until Nov 15 to find somewhere else to live. Forget the fact that my mom(and my 15 year old sister) sold her car to move there and help her.......that she has done all the cooking and cleaning for 11 months.....just I am moving and you have a little less than 3 weeks to get out. I told my mom to come home. She can stay with us until she gets a job and we find her a place. I am so livid with my sister that if she were in front of me I would probably beat her to a pulp. This is not the way you treat your mother. My mom was a slave to her and now that she has worn out her usefulness my sister is just kicking her to the curb......it's just wrong.......I may not be on as much anymore because there will be a couple more people in the house, but we will make it.......

    Thanks for reading and listening to my b**ching, but some things just aren't right and this is one of them!
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  3. by   rncountry
    oh, Lordy Robin. If this were my sister I would want to beat her to a pulp too. Hugs to you for taking care of your mom.
  4. by   Robin61970
    Truth be known I'm kind of glad to have my mom coming home.....I don't like having her so far away........and thanks for the hug, but I am looking at it as a way to help her get on her feet....never say take care of her....shes way too proud for that,lol.....
  5. by   CountrifiedRN
    Robin, I can empathize with how you feel towards your sister, I often feel the same way about mine. Even though it's a harsh way to have it happen, at least your mom won't be in the position to be taken advantage of any longer. I hope your mom and little sisters move goes well. :kiss
  6. by   sunnygirl272
    well, alli can say is i am waiting to hold The World Famous Purse O' Vegas so she can administer the much-need a$$whoopin' to your selfish, spoiled, self-centered brat of a sister..sorry..was i out of line critisizing someone else's family?
  7. by   LasVegasRN
    Sadly, this sounds exactly like something my female sibling would do. I would be MORE than happy to come out there and have Sunny hold my purse.

    You might have to hold me back a little bit - flashbacks about my female sibling, ya know...
  8. by   RNConnieF
    Hey Vegas,
    Hold your own purse, I can lend Sunny a rather large tote to swing right along with you. Some folks don't deserve parents.
  9. by   Robin61970
    The truly sad thing is she will not know what she is missing....or maybe she just doesn't care......i don't know...she needs her ass beat.......
    Sooooo thankful that I'm an only child!

    I don't think pulp is small enough, btw. What is smaller than pulp that you could beat her into?

    Enjoy the time with your mom Robin. I know I couldn't stand having my mom that far away from me!

  11. by   Jenny P
    Not having a Mother (she died when I was 8) and having spent the past 45-50 years missing one; I want to beat your dumb sister in the HEAD! If I lived in Colorado, your Mom and sister would be welcome in my house this minute so they could get out of your sisters' house ASAP! Talk about an ungrateful snot! (Sorry, Robin, I happen to love all Moms and feel any child should revere their own Mom!)

    I did try to be objective, but wasn't very successful, was I?
  12. by   kids
    Screw the a$$ stomping...some people aren't worth the effort to track them down and have someone hold your purse...I'm more malicous...I hope someday the sister really, despirately needs a "Mom" rescue...and finds out she's burnt her bridges. BTW, she sounds like the female that I share paternal DNA with (I do NOT call her my sister).

    {{{Robin}}} enjoy having your Mom with you.
  13. by   Robin61970
    I'm so glad I posted this....I will have to let mom read these responses....she will love it.......she;ll be rolling from some of them,lol.......thanks guys!
  14. by   Jenny P
    I still can't believe what an ungrateful rat your sister is--and kids-r-fun has a great idea!

    Enjoy your Mom while you can; give her a big hug from all of us, okay?