Well , I may as well tell you all.......

  1. My chest pains have come back to me with a vengeance lately. I've had real bad chest pain and pressure lately with shortness of breath. These symptoms occur episodically. I can't predict when or where they are going to happen. I have MVP as you all know. I went to get a second opinion from my dad's cardiologist since my PCP and the cardio man whoworks with him aren't especially concerned. The pain's still there. It's not all in my mind. So he wants to see all of the tests that were done on me when I was hospitalized back in Sept. If I had to guess, I'd say my good ol' Mitral Valve is shot to hell. Just wanted to upate you on htis ongoing saga. Wish me luck guys. I love you all Warrior Woman.:kiss
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  3. by   finallyRN
    ((((((Warrior Woman))))))) My prayers are with you. I hope all is well. Please keep us updated.

    It seems that so many of our Allnurses siblings have real health problems right now. What is going on!!!
  4. by   warrior woman
    I don't know baby. But we must have pissed somebody off royally!! WW.
  5. by   Ted
    Warm thoughts and prayers to you. . .

    {{{{{Warrior Woman}}}}}

  6. by   Stargazer
    Good for you for getting a second opinion. Nothing ticks me off more than seeing docs dismiss female patients (who often have atypical anginal symptoms anyway) by implying they're being hysterical or hypochondriacs.

    Keep us posted and be sure to take it easy--let everybody else do the rushing around this holiday season.
  7. by   BadBird
    My sister in law had symptoms like you describe, she was diagnoised with hypothyroidism and is now taking synthroid and feeling much better. I hope you feel better soon.
  8. by   anitame
    I'll add you to the (GROWING!) list of members here on my prayer list.
    Take it easy. I'm also glad you're getting a second opinion.
  9. by   JonRN
    (((((((((((((WW)))))))))))))) Hope you get to feeling much better soon, and it isn't anything too serious. Just a thought: I have panic disorder secondary to PTSD, and I used to get really bad xhest pains and thought I was dying. I had a major cardiac workup, nothing found. Then I started going to PTSD group and got on meds, and that is all fixed now. Not saying this is it, but it is worth considering since you just completed school with all that stress.
  10. by   Robin61970
    Whew......it's getting scary around here lately.....lets all pray for one of them Christmas miracles and then they can make a movie out of it.....then we can all get royalties of about a dollar for our part in it,lol.....

    Hope you feel better WW......keep us posted!
  11. by   Tweety
    Good luck and get well soon!
  12. by   emily_mom
    Please keep us posted! We're all praying for you and wishing you well!

  13. by   NRSKarenRN
    May that second opinion lead to an answer. Wishing you improved health and less stress in 2003.

    P.S.: How is Mom doing these days. Update please.
  14. by   warrior woman
    Mom is coming home for a home eval. from Harborside Healthcare Perrysburg. If she does well, she could be home by next Tues!! So that's pretty exciting. She's been doing so well lately. Her legs are getting stronger by the day, and her spirits are better than they've been in months. As for me, I'll just bite the bullet come what may, and trust in my cardiologist and the Lord and quit whining, as even my best friend is sick of my concern over it. So, I'll just have faith and shut up. Love you all, Warrior Woman.