Well hellooooooooo

  1. :::shuffles back into break room:::

    Um, hey guys. How's it going?


    In my own defense I must say that this last year has been out of control. I'm sure y'all remember your first year as a nurse. I've been doing the night shift in a level III NICU. Gotten addicted to ECMO. Life = work, these days. But I'm well, and I hope all of you are too. I'm going to poke around the Break Room some more now, catch up a little on what's been going on.
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  3. by   muffie
    welcome back betty
  4. by   jnette
    Well looky what the cat just dragged in !!! :chuckle

    back, Lizabells !!!!!!!!!!

    How RUDE of you to just leave us like that without a word !

    So........ ya gonna stick around awhile now?

  5. by   elizabells
    I know, I sorry.

    :trout: for me.

    Orientation got... overwhelming, I guess? In the interests of privacy and not knowing who knows who and who works where and all I won't say too much more, but it was a rough go there for a little bit. But I made it through, doing very well these days, various people seem impressed, so that's nice.

    And I promise to stick around! Since I started nights it's like all I do is work and sleep and watch TV and be on the internet. So that's like 1/4th of my time I can spend here! Yay!
  6. by   jnette
    Well, we're glad you're back, Hon. :kiss

    And glad you got through orientation.. bumps and all. It's done, it's over, and you're moving on !!!
    Yay for YOU !

    Looking forward to hearing more form you again.
    Missed you, you crazy lil' thing, you !
  7. by   Beary-nice
    Hooo yah...uh huh..uh huh...

    Good to "see" you!
  8. by   Joe NightingMale

    Don't think we've met.
  9. by   TheCommuter
    Welcome back! :kiss

    I see that you've changed your avatar recently.
  10. by   compassion1
    Welcome back! Good to see you again.
  11. by   donsterRN
    Most excellent that you're back! You've been missed. I asked about your whereabouts a month or so ago, and no one knew...

    Good to see you again!
  12. by   bethin
    Welcome back! I was wondering what happened with you. ECMO junkie? Is there a support group for that?

    Good to have you back.
  13. by   Grace Oz
    G'day and back!
    Glad things are going fine for you.
    Look forward to *seeing* more of you!
  14. by   elizabells
    Glad to be back! I just posted like seven times in the same forum.

    Bethin: I think the rehab is perfusion school. Which, yay, yet another metric buttload of debt.

    Grace: I am very tired, and thus thought the first word of your sig line was "tanned" and not "tamed." It made me very confused.:spin: