1. do you believe in the welfare system the way it is now????
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  3. by   nurs4kids
    Funny thing you posted this tonight, Janet. I was just discussing this issue with a coworker. NO, NO @ NO!!! We were discussing the impact of hospital wide staffing shortages. Entry level positions are not being filled..no one wishes to work. Yet, not a night goes by that I do not admit a "welfare" case. I feel everyone should be treated, regardless. BUT our wf families are notorious for walking in the door with their hands out...begging for every freebie possible. They get free meals, a car seat for $20(and fuss about having to pay 20 bucks for a $70 car seat) and a bus ticket home if they claim no transportation. Not to mention all the items they request for "patient care" that is actually for home stock. Then if you deny them something, they're mad.

    Had another admit tonight..private insurance. Mom was not happy with the asthetics of the room (this was one of our four small rooms). Made me start thinking....Is it fair for welfare clients to get the nicer rooms while private pay/insurance get the not-so-nice rooms? I don't think so. I know it'd be some type discrimintation, but I feel the "perks" should go to those who are self supporting.

    I dunno...I despise welfare, yet I do not wish to see anyone's mother, sister, grandmother, friend or child denied quality care d/t socioeconomical status. However, I do think we need to stop supporting these people who don't support themselves or can't because they're too busy having one illigit child after another!

    just my 2 cents worth..
  4. by   wanna B an RN
    My personal opinion is that welfare is to help people get back on their feet, not support them until their last child is 18. This is a very touchy subject for me, because I feel as a "working" person I get the short end of the stick.

    BTW, what do you think of these Welfare to Work Programs? Over here in CA it seems as if a lot want to train to be nurses, but can't quite grasp holding down a job day in and day out. They'll take the training, but I've seen many fail to follow through even though they get many "perks" such as money to live on, free childcare, transportation, AND Financial Aid.
  5. by   kewlnurse
    Our welfare system sux moose ass! Most (90%) are worthless, shameless, lazy POS Scumbags who don't deserve anything other than a smack in the head with a shovel! They are a waste of natural resources. They will never try to be anything and expect to be given everything. True story: My mother in law used to work at a welfare office, one, big, wothless POS with a half a dozen or so rats was standing in line while her rats were running around, with out any shame she yells out "Pay attention, you'll be doing this somday". Why is that these scum get free private room in Childrens hospital while I would have to pay!!! I say, if you are in a bad way, you may collect for 2 years, ANYBODY can get a worthwhile education in that time period! AND while you on the welfareyou get MANDATORY BIRTH CONTROL and WEEKLY DRUG AND ETOH TESTING!!! Why am i bitter, In NY state you only need to extablish residence for 3 months before you can collect!!! , That means some body can come from pretty much anywhere, including foreign countries, live in the city mission for 3 mos. and collect welfare! While i have to bust my ass for EVERYTHING i have.
  6. by   hoolahan
    Whew! I can see there are a lot of strong feelings here! While I believe there are some who drain the system, I disagree it's 90%, at least where I am. I still think it serves a purpose. The system as it is needs great improvements, but without it, many people who may have made a mistake, a bad investment, lost their jobs, wouldn't have any other means to survive, and their children would suffer.

    I think a limit has to be enforced, but 2 years is difficult for a working mother to get a degree, esp with small babies. I think there should be a limit to the number of children covered, maybe 3 (hard to say, what if someone has 4, should one child go hungry? They didn't ask to be born.) And I agree 100% that mandatory drug testing, just like someone who is employed would have to be subjected to to receive a paycheck. If they are using, their benefits should be revoked and children removed to foster care, again, not a great situation for the children.

    Believe it or not, there are many people who do not want to be on welfare.

    The bigger problem is how to remove oppression and poverty, how to stop drug abuse. If anyone has the answer to that, we may not need welfare any more. At least now in NJ we have family care, so singles and families who have jobs, even though they may be working poor, or at Mc Donalds for min wage, can get insurance. It seems like an better incentive, at least you can now get a job and still get health benefits.
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  7. by   tiger
    first let me say i believe there are some people who truly need welfare and some who just abuse the system. i think if you have a physical or mental handicap and are unable to work then you should recieve assistance and be allowed to live life as you choose. for the others that are perfectely capable of working but choose not to or feel they can't because they have no one to help with the kids and cannot afford a babysitter or for whatever other reasons i feel that their assistance should be provided a little different in order to give them some incentive. i think the assistance should be limited to offering them a place to stay. like a group home or nursing home type building where they are responsible for helping in many areas. they can perform the cooking, cleaning, laundry, babysitting, etc. you could have educational services and there would always be babysitting sevices available for some to go out and work or look for a job. there would be rules to follow like curfew, no drinking or drugs, etc. if some of these people on welfare had some of these restrictions placed on them i bet many could find a job and family members to help them out. fact is why should they attempt to do anything with their life the way the system is now. it's way too easy on them. i too am tired of working my butt off while others sit on their a$$ waiting for their monthly check that i have to contribute to.
  8. by   fergus51
    I am more in line with hoolahan and janetl. I knew a client who was 26 had an 8 year old autistic son and was on welfare. Even if she could find a job that paid minimum wage there would be no point in her taking it because sitters qualified to look after her son run about 20$ an hour. She was made to feel like a piece of **** by others who "had to work hard for everything they have". One family (father was a doctor, mother was a judge so you can tel how poor they were) complained that they had to pay to send their son to school and she didn't. It embarasses me that people can be so ignorant and cruel. That mother is one of those "worthless" people welfare will support until her son is 18 and can be put in some home. Whenever I hear the names these people are called it makes me sad. That could be me. She had a normal life until she got pregnant and had a son who was born with a disease. That could be any one of us.

    This was an amazing woman. She actually wolunteered to be interviewed by nursing students studying chronic health challenges because she had been on the receiving end of treatment from nurses that was so bad that when I think about it I am embarassed to say I am a member of the same profession.

    I know none of you would be ignorant or mean enough to stigmatize this woman personally, but saying "Well, you're one of the good welfare recipients" probably wouldn't make her feel better after hearing the rants about welfare recipients being lazy, unwilling to work, worthless or whatever. I always think of her when I hear welfare talk even though it's been over 6 years since I had her as a client. It's a shame that she and others like her have to suffer because of the actions of others.
  9. by   tiger
    did this woman have no family??
  10. by   JenKatt
    even if she did have family, I've seen alot of families turn there backs on kids with autisim. When I worked in LTC/ Rehab for kids, it was really sad to see what the parents would go thru with their child with autisim/ versus those without. It was frightening. The child with autisim would be forgotten about at Christmas and holidays. Never would get visited by family. Autisim can be scary for people, but you would thinks grown-ups would act like grown-ups, but sadly, how often do we?
    Anyways, it takes an amazing family to welcome a child with autisim, especially if it's as bad as this child sounded. Now on the other hand, this mother prolly didn't need a sitter, as most counties/ at least metroploitian areas, have special ed programs for kids with autisim. But you have to find it and got for it.
  11. by   JennieBSN
    Do the math...26, 8 year old son...that would mean she got pregnant at 17. Sorry, but she made the CHOICE to have sex before she was prepared to support a child. The sob story sounds nice, but when it comes right down to the facts, she was in the predicament because of poor decision making and irresponsible behavior. This is the reality of most welfare cases.
  12. by   tiger
    that is one of the things that makes my earlier idea work. she would be helped in the "shelter" but if she had family or friends willing to help her i'm sure she would opt for that. meaning only those truly in need would utilize the shelter.
  13. by   JennieBSN

    Your shelter idea ROCKS!!! You're right, that's an awesome idea. Restrict the freedom to use drugs, to stay out and 'party' all night, and to have predatory sex, and I'd bet you dollars to donuts they'd have a job in ONE WEEK. I have to add one more clause, though...give all the women of reproductive age (teens and preteens included...11 year olds can breed) Depo shots. That way, no one can get preggers by 'forgetting' to use birth control, should they manage to find time or space to have sex in that environment. Wish there was some way you could prevent the guys from impregnating in the same manner...

    Anyway, anytime you want to start something like that up, honey, you've got my support!!! You go, girl.
  14. by   puzzler
    As with every debate thre is always 2 sides to every story BUT a few examples

    16 yo girl has a preterm baby (no husband), onto welfare. Gets free college tuition (after free GED). Does not complete classes. has another preemie. Gets a 3 bedroom apartment, utilities paid, costs her $2 per month. Repeats the free tuition college thing 2 more times and does not attend classes. Goes merrily on her way for 4 more years. Has never worked a day in her life. Our state inacts a welfare limitation. Guess what--she now works at our hospital in the housekeeping department. She still gets free medical care and food stamps but at least she has to work like the rest of us!!

    Another example. A G21 with 19 (yes 19 ) living children was offered a free tubal ligation. Her response was "Oh, no , I may want to have another baby". She is 42 years old. Has never been employed outside the home.

    These are just 2 true examples from a nurse that worked 12 years in a state funded hospital Labor and Delivery unit.

    Yes-- there are those who deserve and need welfare but abusers sure seem to out number those that truly need help.

    My other concern is how welfare has help deteriorate the family unit. In days gone by, when a family member needed help, the family pitched in. When the one wanting help abused the family assistance, there were repercussions. When the family was the only help available there did not seem to be so many single Moms (or Dads) with multiple children.