Weirdest thing your dog or cat ever ate?

  1. As the weird owner of a weird Dachshund(weiner dog),I have been astounded at the assortment of non-food items my dog has eaten or tried to eat.

    1. Roaches,crickets
    2. Bees (highly allergic to stings=huge vet bills)

    3. A tub of Vaseline (had a clean colon though!)
    4. 1/2 pack unsmoked cigarettes

    5. Poisonous "berries"that fall from our tree

    6. Chocolate (With wrappers of course),food item at least

    7. Her own poop (as a puppy, yuuuuck)
    8. $300.00 dental night bite appliance(snatched off the bedside table)

    9. Tampons, toilet paper,tissues,plastic........

    Yes, she must ahave a cast iron stomach
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  3. by   Level2Trauma
    Funny this should be posted today. I came home from work and my came to meet me leading my dog. She stated, LOOK!!! there sticking out of my dogs mouth was a fishing hook. My dog had gotten in my boat and had a hook lodged in his mouth. I immediately got the pliers and pulled it out. I must have left something on the hook that she found desireable.
  4. by   MollyJ
    Had a friend whose kitty cat came into the living room while her mother-in-law was visiting with her diaphragm in its' mouth. Alas, the device was also rendered ineffective by the event.
  5. by   hiker
    My diaphragm!
  6. by   night owl
    Well, in my younger days I did a "recreational" drug on occasion. So I had rolled a couple of doobees and left the baggie on my night stand in my room and went out with my friends. The dog had apparently got a hold of it and ate almost a half ounce of the stuff. I came home and noticed the just about empty baggie with a few seeds and a couple of buds on the floor. My mom says to me,"You should have seen the dog tonight when I walked her. She kept running around in a circle and all I did was stand there and hold the leash! It was the strangest thing, and then she just collapsed. She got up and acted like she was drunk. I brought her back into the house and she's been knocked out all night long... The dog turned out to be ok, (thank you Jesus!) and my mom never did find out what was wrong with her, but I knew............
  7. by   hoolahan
    Diaphragms!! Too funny!

    Night owl, do you remember Saturday night Live? The fake commercial parodies? That one reminded me of the puppy uppers and doggie downers one with Gilda Radner & Laraine Newman. That was a classic!!

    Well, when my dog was pregnant, she ate an entire stick of butter off the kitchen counter (gross!)
    Then, the baby, Ginger,apparently ate and digested some interesting items. I used to be very skinny, (and young) and I had a pair of bikini underwear that were basically 2 triangles with strings. I found them twisted up in the shape of doggy poo when cleaning up the backyard before mowing. My husband and I nearly split our sides laughing when we found it! About 2 days later, we found an entire bandana in the same condition. Thank God she was young and healthy, with an apparently very elastic intestinal tract!! And of course what yuletide poo would be complete without tinsel, or the extra joy of having to pull it the rest of the way out of your cat's a$$!
  8. by   night owl
    hoolahan, I don't remember the puppy uppers or doggie uppers. Wished that I had seen that one. Maybe I did see it. I don't remember...could have been too stoned.
    Anyway, I had to laugh about pulling the tinsel out of your cat's a$$ because I've pulled plenty of easter grass out of mine. (cat's a$$ that is!)
  9. by   cargal
    My shepherd had been boarded at a kennel for the weekend, and upon her return home, I noticed that when she was wagging her tail, she splattered blood on the walls. I searched her tail and found a superficial laceration about 4 inches from the end of her tail, from the fence at the kennel. I treated it with antibiotic ointment and dressings, after all, why pay a vet when I'm a nurse, right? Well, she kept licking it and one of those absurd collars didn't work, so we gave 24 hour supervision,and when we would let our guard down, she would rip off the dressing and lick,lick, lick. Back to 24 hours supervision. She was good for a couple of days , so I left her alone for a about two hours, and called my husband to see how she was when he got home. He said, "I think she ate the end of her tail." I said no , I'll check it when I get home." Sure enough, about 4 inches from the end was gone, never to be seen again. We found the dressing, and I pretended to the kids her tail was still in there to get them grossed out. They will never let me treat her again!She had to have the bone amputated at the end, IV antibiotics, etc. Then she still wouldn't leave it alone and had to be fed phenobaritol to get her to chill. It finally healed. Ewww. She's ok now, just likes a little tail now and then!
  10. by   duckie
    Dogs can decide the weirdest things taste good. I have 3 dogs and at various times they have consumed dryer sheets, a tube of blistex(tube and all) a plastic bowl, and for the life of me I cannot figure our what they like about used kleenex or maxi pads...YUCKO, but we have to keep both bathroom doors closed.
  11. by   sharann
    I'm enjoying reading these.I was laughing so hard my hubby came in here and gave me the "my wife is going crazy again"look.
    Keep it up, this is great(an cheap) therapy!
  12. by   neonnurse2
    I had a goofy cocker spaniel named Ladybird. Anyway this dog would eat all the crotchs out of my underwear and eat used kotex. Oh yeah, she also ate the cat turds out of the litter box. My goofy cat Sammie ate all the buds off my valentine day roses and she goes crazy over rubber bands, cept shes not allowed to play with them because she eats them then throws up.
  13. by   fergus51
    My much loved and recently desceased dog ate pretty much anything. The one I remember most though was when he ate my friend's gingerbread house that she had left at my place (had spent hours working on it). I immediately blamed my brother...then my dad. They denied it and I wa so mad they'd just lie to my face. Then I saw the shameful look on Snoopy's face...I forgave him pretty quick and luckily my family forgave me for the false accusations.
  14. by   st4304
    I also have a cocker spaniel who loves to eat the crotches of panties! (Of course, I was very embarassed when my mother-in-law came to stay with my kids why we went out of town, and came back to find she had done my laundry. She never said anything, but to this day I wonder if SHE wonders why I wear crotchless panties!) This same cocker also eats used kleenexes. (I guess she likes the salty taste? EEEEEEEEW!)

    Also had a springer spaniel once who would eat anything plastic, like frisbees, etc. (I don't know how many barbies I have had to replace. For some reason, my girls just didn't want to play with "double-amputee Barbie!)

    I also hate it when the dog rolls in some kind of animal poop and I don't realize it until I let her in and she's jumping all over me trying to lick me! Then the fighting begins on who is going to give her a bath. I swear I always lose!!!