Weird Periods (Female-stuff question)

  1. OK, question...from your female experience or OB/GYN nurse experience....

    Got my period two weeks ago, right on time...but it was bright red blood. You know, the color of the blood from a scraped knee. Normal flow, normal duration--just bright red through the whole course of the period...normally it's a darker red.

    Now, two weeks later, I get it again! Again bright red, same flow, etc. So am I just pre-menopausal? (I'm 43). I don't take the pill, I don't take ANY meds. Is this something to be concerned about? I have an appointment in 2 weeks but in the meantime, I'm wondering. I've never heard anything that presents itself with a change in COLOR of the blood flow (and of course the change in frequency!).

    I cannot take Provera if they think that will help. Took it years ago when I began experiencing frequent periods after a bad stressor in my life and I became truly homicidal. Won't do that again!
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  3. by   Angel Baby
    What you are experiencing is usually termed DUB (dysfunctional uterine bleeding) and your physician is the right answer to figure out what/why this is happening.

    Could be pre-menopausal, could be hormonally driven and could be a sign of something more serious.

    It will probably require some testing for your doc to figure out what the root cause is--if your current OB/GYN is not the person who put you on Provera, make sure your doc knows about this negative experience..............good luck.............
  4. by   Q.
    Zee - are you sure you are not pregnant? I don't know your history, but lots of women in your age group get pregnant unexpectedly.
  5. by   semstr
    go to that doctor and before that buy a pregnancy-test.
    Just to be sure you know!
    Take care, Renee

    Sorry, Suzy told you the same more or less, just saw it after posting- my stepma had the same problem at 45, my little brother is now 20.
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  6. by   micro
    goin to the dr. is the right course.......
    could be this, could be that, could be just a fluke.........
    menopause now that is a whole different animal.....could be this.....but if other things ruled out.......ensure and push the issue with your doc(if they don't offer and get your FSH level drawn)
    this taboo subject(even amongst us women) should not be so taboo............
    but I do not mean to go off tangent
    am sure it is nothing, but you are so right to find out.....
    micro(another female in this scheme of life)
  7. by   Zee_RN
    Ack, pregnant?! Don't think so. Got pregnant with In-Vitro 13 years ago. Stranger things have happened though, I guess. Sure would like to think that's why I'm also 5 pounds heavier than I was just a couple of weeks ago though! (no, no, no, it wasn't that stress-related binge eating I've been doing!) Ack, pregnant?! Naah, can't be...

    Zee wanders off and thinks about an EPT....
  8. by   prmenrs
    Let's think positive and start planning the bby shower!
  9. by   kids
    Originally posted by Zee_RN
    ...Stranger things have happened though, I guess...
    They sure have...

    I always wanted a lot of kids (and I do mean a lot ) I was great at getting pregnant, just really lousey at staying that way. Very incompitent cervix (tore out a purse string at 18 weeks), I was a natural estrogen/progesterone exposure (In '63 my Mom's doc told her 40 year old women didn't get pregnant) all but 2 losses were over 16 weeks...

    I got pregnant: on the pill-twice (corrected my natural hormone imbalance), diaphram, youngest was practically born holding an IUD, foams, sponges and the final time...after a tubal. When I had a TAH in 1996 I researched the incidence of abdominal pregnancy in post hyst cases, not trusting my luck.

    Good luck to you, I really hope your problem turns out to be a happy surprise (ah, come on, you know it would be!)

  10. by   mattsmom81
    Nancy, how interesting that the pill corrects hormonal imbalance and SUPPORTS pregnancy in some women...I have a cousin and SOL who bore a total of 9 babies this way on progressively higher doses of the pill! LOL! 'Fertile Myrtles' both!

    My poor SOL felt so well during her pregnancies, carried so easily, (and continued to have regular periods) she didn't even suspect she was preggers til she went into back labor...happened x 2!

    She tried to get a tubal after #2 surprise, embarassed and tired of all the ribbing she got about this... but was found to be PG again with#3... Poor girl's got 3 healthy boys all in diapers now...she IMMEDIATELY demanded a tubal after delivering #3...LOL!!
  11. by   eldernurse
    I need help, too. My last period was 4/7/01. Then on April fools day this year, it came again. Am I in menopause or not? I had all the pre period symptoms. I even commented to my hubby on how sore my girls were. I even have CRAMPS! Man, I thought this crap was over.
  12. by   prmenrs
    After my hys, I took great glee in cutting out any coupon I found for sanitary products, and handing them to co-workers!

    Whenever I find someone w/cramps, I heat up an IV bag in the microwave (I like the 100cc ones) and bring it plus a bunch of motrin to the victim.

    Elder nurse, you have my deepest sympathy.
  13. by   micro
    what does this mean to me..........
    when i think it has come and gone.........
    it revisits me.............



    but you are so correct, there are certain things I do not miss.........

    but don't believe all the myths.........

    for a correct check of menopause levels........get FSH level checked..................demand it
  14. by   Zee_RN
    What are the "norms" for FSH level? What would it be to indicate pre-menopausal state? (Guess I could look this up myself but I'm off to a meeting in a couple of minutes and just blew in to check the boards!)