Weird Dreams

  1. Maybe it's because I'm still in nursing school, but geez....the weird dreams need to stop! I've found in school, we mimic what we're studying. Well, this semester we're doing women's health. This means I had my THIRD pregnancy related dream last night. First off, not possible for me to be pregnant right now (important piece of the puzzle missing there). So the first dream, I was in Walgreen's with the guy I had been talking to, and was buying a pregnany test. Apparently had already taking one, and was taking another to make sure. So this guy proceeds to start screaming at me in the middle of the store...Then I woke up.
    Second dream, I am walking around shopping, and I am about 9 months pregnant, in labor. Mild labor though, since I'm still shopping. I had went to the doctor and was told to come back later....Then I woke up.
    Third dream, last night. Was sunburnt (as I am now in the awake world), and my parents were there. We were shopping in a mall I frequently dream about (don't know where it is, and have never seen this mall in the awake world, but have dreamt about the same mall several times), and I was looking for a Chinese restaurant, which was next to Arby's. Keep in mind, in this dream I'm in labor again! (I hope when I do get pregnany, once all the pieces of the puzzle are there, that I can manage to shop and be in labor at the same time!) I stayed in a hotel the night before, and told my parents they could stay there since I'd be in the hospital that night. We then went to the drug store for stuff for my sunburn, and told my Dad I needed sometime I could use on my tummy too because it was itchy. I remember feeling the fundus during contractions...All crap we've went over in class recently!!! Then I got really dizzy and was bending over...and I woke up!
    God help me when we cover psych!!!!
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  3. by   Katnip
    That's ok. I have work dreams. I graduated a year ago, and things at my place of employment had been getting very stressful mainly due to the environment.

    Anyway, my husband says that now and then, when I had a particularly unstable patient that I'd be calling a code in my sleep. :imbar
  4. by   Aneroo
    Quote from cyberkat
    Anyway, my husband says that now and then, when I had a particularly unstable patient that I'd be calling a code in my sleep. :imbar
    HA! I wonder if I rub my belly in my sleep like I do in my dream. :chuckle Just don't start doing compressions on your dh! -Andrea
  5. by   palesarah
    I have had lots of pregnancy/baby dreams since I started working in LDRP

    - in one dream, I delivered a tiny premature baby that was going to need an IV, so I put it inside a bag of LR and carried it around on a clipboard

    - in another, I dreamt that I was about 20 weeks along and felt the baby move for the first time. I woke up and in that half-sleep stage, I felt a fluttery movement in my belly and was going to wake my husband and tell him I felt the baby move. Then I realized I was sleeping with my dog's paw under my belly!

    - night before last, I dreamt that two men were the biological parents of a Level II baby. The level II baby was a small brown puppy. My clinical coordinator asked me to find out if if both men were the father, and which home the baby would be discharged to when it was able to leave. And then she said "if it were a girl we'd just circ it and send it home anyway"

    That last one still has me scratching my head. If there's a hidden meaning in that one I'd love to figure it out!
  6. by   Energizer Bunny
    Oh my you guys! My dreams are always very vivid as well so i'm sure I'll be joining the ranks of weird dreams as soon as school gets going!