Weight Watchers

  1. If you have been on weight watchers before, please write what your experience has been like. Is it very difficult to stick to the points? I will start the program Sunday and I need to know about your success stories (or not). Thank you
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  3. by   babynurselsa
    I lost about 25 pounds using the weight watchers points system about 3-4 years ago. It really wasn't too hard. If you are a good vegetable eater it will be very easy for you.
    I never actually joined or went to meetings. I cheated and bought the books on ebay. Several of us at work were doing it at the same time so we kind of supported each other.
    Good luck.
  4. by   abundantjoy07
    WW has been the best thing I've ever done. I've gone from 183 to 153 since I started in June. I still have another 28 pounds to lose but I'm sure it will work for me. The points thing isn't that difficult. Although I don't think it would work too well for people that like to eat out often.
    But for me, it's helped me with the food aspect of weight loss. It doesn't necessarily address exercise...so going to the gym is entirely on me.
  5. by   palesarah
    Weight Watchers works very well for a lot of people, as long as you commit to it! The first time I did it I lost 24 pounds in about 3 months. When I stopped counting my points, I slowly gained back about 5-7 pounds, and maintained there for awhile. Then I started taking a certain medication and rapidly gained back the remainder of the weight I had lost plus another 10 pounds, in less than two months, and have continued to gain. I have tried to go back on WW twice, but I haven't been able to stick with it. And that's no one's fault but my own.

    When I last attemped to get back on the program, they had changed it so you could do counting points (easy, you'll learn quickly to estimate portion sizes and how many points a food has and won't need to rely on books or internet to count your points) or another program, which I thin kwas based on eating certain foods? I don't quite remember.

    Anyway, WW is more of a lifestyle than a diet. To be successful, I had to relearn how to eat. For the first week or so I felt like I was starving, because I was used to eating until I was "stuffed". After that first week, my body became used to me eating smaller (more appropriate!) portions, and I no longer felt hungry. AND I felt incredible, because I wasn't having that weighed-down, rock-in-my-tummy/I ate too much! feeling I got from eating too much. Learning to eat slowly and savor my meals was great!

    I really need to get back on the WW bandwagon!
  6. by   UM Review RN
    I must go to the meetings. I completely fall off the wagon if I don't. I think WW is a healthy, nutritious, well-balanced plan that is also very affordable.
  7. by   NurseLatteDNP
    Thank you, I need all those positive stories to motivate me. But I am ready now. I know this will work for me.