Weight Loss Support Group

  1. Hi, this is just an invitation to join us at my BB (which is pretty slow), on which I have set up a forum to share weight loss ideas and support. It is an ezboard BB, so you do have to register, and it is extremely similar to the way you must register and post here, emoticons, editing, etc...

    For anyone who wishes to join us (so far it's only 2 of us participating) here is the link:

    Weight Loss Support Message Board

    Hope to see you there (actually maybe I should hope to NOT see you there! )

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  3. by   BlueBear
    Hi Hoolahan, MargaretH, njhhrn, etc!!! Didn't want you guys to think I was ignoring you so I figured I'd better post this reply. I've tried to post a number of times at your site and as you know have had luck only once. I went and reregistered using a different name and still it wouldn't let me post. So anyway, I just figured that I am not meant to join that board! Anyway I wish you guys all the best in your weight loss. I will be right there with you all in spirit!!
  4. by   hoolahan
    Hi bluebear,

    Not sure when the last time you tried was, but I myself even had trouble getting to it the last 2 weeks. That is because all of ezboard, and there are thousands of BB's under ezboards, were all moved to a new server. I have not had any trouble since them.

    Maybe once people get used to this style of BB, which is very different from the NSBB, they will be more comfortable registering and loggin on. If anyone has any difficulty registering or posting at this point, please let me know, and I will nag ezboards again.
  5. by   Hum'nbird
    Hi hooly-hoo.......just posted on your site. 2 + 1=3 now. Come on Allnurse people, join us!~ I know us three aren't the only ones asking Santa Claus for a new dress size!!!!!!!
  6. by   Zee_RN
    OK I joined! Been looking for a place like this; even thought about starting my own. Thanks!
  7. by   Janet Barclay
    Hi Hoolahan,
    I'm with you, all extra 50lbs of me. I started a "chub club" at work and the only member that didn't participate was me!
    I'm willing to do anything (short of dieting and excersizing) to lose weight!
    see ya there.
  8. by   Louie18
    We took off 2 ton a month if you need some input
  9. by   Ellen in Ont
    I have just come from the site and I like what I saw! Unfortunately, every time I tried to register, it said that the user name was already in use ( and I tried many different ones)!!?? I will try again tomorrow when I am less tired. Is anyone else having this problem? I'd like to join your group - it sounds like great support.
  10. by   hoolahan
    THanks for the input, and Louie, if you have some words of wisadom, by all means, sign on and post!! or e-mail me at vnarn_nj@yahoo.com and I will be hapy to cut and paste it to the BB!!

    Ellen, I had the same problem myself! When you are choosing your name, you can choose the option for a "local" account, this means you are registering only for my ezboad BB, so since no one is using Ellen, it will probably work. If you are trying for a Global account when you register, then it is very, very hard. A global account means you can post on any ezboard BB, and there are thousands, but who has the time to post on too many BB's? If you want the global acct, you can keep trying names but add numbers after them? or add RN after it, or RN or LPN and a number that is meaningful to you? HOpe you make it. IT slows down dramatically over the weekend, esp with mother's day this weekend. It has been absolutely gorgeous in NJ, so even I didn't log on yesterday!

    Janet, looking forward to hearing from you, if I haven't already
  11. by   Maureen007
    hi MargaRET h AKA hOOLIHAN-hate cap locks from hell! Just wanna say happy Mother's Day ! tatoolady aka Maureen.