Weekend supervisor going to report me...

  1. Had a little run in this weekend with our house super. Complained about not being able to get any help from the super when our department needed it, but every other department got help. Didn't go over to well. Told me that she was going to report me. My response "Go, ahead. Report me." I don't really care. When I have 9 patients, (including 5 diabetics, 1 admit, and the discharge from hell) I think I am entitled to a little help....Just had to get that off my chest....Feel better now...
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  3. by   Stargazer
    She's going to "report you" for daring to criticize her? THAT really merits disciplinary action? Could the DON not see how self-serving and obviously defensve this would be? Or are you just not allowed to voice an opinion, ever? Cripes.
  4. by   emily_mom
    Tell her to kiss your patootie....

    As you can tell I'm a tad crabby today and don't want to hear about others being mean....I may go postal yet today....

  5. by   casperbjs
    That's exactly how I would have felt in the same position, and would have said the same thing, ha! Sometimes supervisor's can't seem to remember being in the same shoes at one time.
  6. by   shrek
    Forwhat...are you not aloud to voice an opinion?? She's bluffing,all she would make herself do is look stupid. Noway!!
  7. by   deespoohbear
    Talked to my manager today and the weekend super did call today and talked to another one of the managers. My manager didn't seem to be too upset about the whole deal, she is usually pretty realistic. So, we will see what happens tomorrow when I return to work. I already have a reputation for being a rebel and difficult. Why? Because I dare to have the guts to stand up for my rights and the rights of my patients!! I don't like to be crapped on and don't usually stand still for any nonsense...It is really frustrating to me to not be able to provide quality care to my patients because I have too many or the acuity is too high. Plus, I like to have "all my ducks in a row" before the next shift comes in. I hate to leave stuff for them if I can't help them. Most of the night shift tells me I am their favorite day nurse to follow because I usually tie up all the loose ends and don't leave stuff for them except in the worst case scenario: crumping patient, family/pt from hell, etc....I better not get a verbal warning put in my file because my response to it would not be nice and that would be followed by my notice of resignation...Thanks for all the support...
  8. by   kristi915
    Oh wah, tell her to kiss your bootay! Some people.

    I'm just gonna start living in a bubble.............with tinted windows.......

    Sorry, people are just so stupid........
  9. by   Dr. Kate
    One of the first things I learned as a house mouse was that I really didn't have that much influence on what the managers thought and did. Being the house sup is a funny position and I think if you're wise you get a realistic picture early on of what is really important and what isn't. Making threats of any kind is just dumb. When something big happens the house sup needs to be able to mobilize people to meet challenges they don't know they can meet. That doesn't happen for people who make threats and tattle.
  10. by   Stargazer
    I was wondering about that, Dr. Kate. At my hospital the house supes were really just roving troubleshooters. I can't imagine that a complaint from one of them about a particular nurse would carry any more weight with a manager than a peer complaint would. Less, actually, I would think, because how much time does the supe spend with any one particulr nurse anyway?
  11. by   Tweety
    Wow! Your house super helps??? (Obviously didn't help you but you said she/he helped other floors????? That is amazing!)

    I never ask for help from the super when I'm in the weeds. What can they do for me? Not much. Perhaps get a CNA (when I already have two). Then I scream "YOU CAN SEND ME 10 CNA's I STILL HAVE TEN PATIENTS UNDER MY CARE!".

    There, I feel better too.

    Sorry you're having a crappy weekend.
  12. by   LasVegasRN
    The one house supv I remember was a total airhead. I would have received better help from a wad of gum on the floor than her.
  13. by   night owl
    We've got a dumbazz stupidvisor who left one RN alone with 60 residents from 12MN to 6am until another nurse came in at that time. Yet the same night left a unit with 30 residents with 1-RN and 1-LPN. I never could figure that one out, but I always wonder where they get the help from when you have a 1:1? They just pull them out of the air or somethin. Had you not had the 1:1 but needed the help, they can't seem to find that other nurse.
  14. by   plumrn
    You should have told her that YOU were going to report HER, for lack of support, leaving pts and yourself in a serious situation.
    We have all ranges of supervisors at our hospital. Some come around and actually ask if you need anything! Others you're lucky to ever see them, and certainly won't see them if you tell them you need their help.