Wednesday Sept. 20, 2006

  1. Good morning and happy Wednesday to all of you! As always, here is my sincerely good morning kiss..... :kiss

    My plans for the immediate future are to go to sleep, as I have two classes to attend in the morning at the local community college. I better catch some quality rest because nothing is worse than going to school with that groggy, half-sleepy feeling. My other plans include catching up on the horrendous amount of reading that I'm required to do. Actually, I am not truly required to read my textbooks but I'd fail all of my classes if I just refused to do the reading.

    Have a truly glorious day. I'll likely check back in much later.
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  3. by   babynurselsa
    Good morning commuter, and all to follow.

    Just got in from work, eating a little bite before I go to bed myself. I am pooped.

    It is a chilly 55 here right now. Yesterday (at least what I saw of it) was beautiful.
    Have a good day may check in late rafter some sleep.
  4. by   Roy Fokker
    Mornin' y'all

    Song for the day!

    About to head to bed myself. Intervention with cousin went so-so last night. Could've been better - but we expected it to be all violent and angry and all that.

    None of that happened. He isn't communicating as much as we expected - but atleast he said something.

    Oh well. Gotta go to bed. I might have to wake up early incase I might be a "standy by" driver to drop him off tomorrow...

    Have a great day y'all!
  5. by   nursemary9
    Good Morning, Peeps

    I'm at work; Not at all in a good mood since I got here.
    Kind of busy--waiting for an admission coming to us from another hospital; I've been waiting, tho, for 2 1/2 hrs---2330. Oh well--I guess in there own sweet time. I just don't understand how these people make out assignments!!Is there some reason you can't give people the same assignment two days in a row???And is there some reason that I--the ONLY OCN RN on the entire floor on all 3 shifts can't be assigned the oncology pt's.??? Honestly, it makes me so mad!! I really get upset about this.
    You know, we have to re-certify every four years and besides the continuing education or retesting, we have to have 1000 hrs.---Well, I can't get that unless I get assigned oncology patients!!DAH!!! Is that a hard concept????? Oh well--won't bend your ears on that any more.

    DH has PT. again this AM. He is making progress & most likely will not need surgery--just the therapy.

    We still have our little doggy visitor. Have not found his owner yet.

    Still waiting for the admit!!

    Commuter, thanks for starting our thread.

    It's also quite cold here--going into the 40's here. This is really pretty cold for this time of the year in Chicago!! We even turned our heat on!!

    See you all later.
    Hope EVERYONE has a great day!!

    Mary Ann
  6. by   Corvette Guy
    I just returned home from a 1500-2300 shift. I have the next two days off, yipee! I'll do some surfing on for a little while before going to bed.

  7. by   RGN1
    Morning all!

    Mary - does seem more than strange that you don't get ONC patients when you have the right skills to nurse them. We nearly always get pateints on consecutive shifts - unless the nurse in charge happens to know they are heavy/difficult/awkward & no-one should have to suffer them more than 1 shift in a row! Also I hope your DH continues to do well.

    I'm sitting here waiting for my DH to come back home & take me to the ER because I'm almost certain that I've broken my 5th metatarsal. The kids were messing around going to bed last night so I went up to sort them out - apparantly dear middle child thought it funny to stop little sister getting to the toilet! I sent him upstairs to 2nd bathroom but dd came flying out the toilet with tremendous speed crashing the door against the outside of my foot. It's swollen, bruised, painful, incredibly tender to touch & when I try & rotate it inwards it has that sickening, knife-like pain that you'll know if you've ever had a break. All I can think of is that I'm going to miss my karate grading & competition & goodness only knows what it might mean for work!! Also any time off is going to look awful on my CV for my future US employer :angryfire I really hoped it was a soft tissue injury last night but I think I was deluding myself big time! I can but hope though!

    To all who follow hope your day is a really good one & don't stand in front of doors that open outwards - even for a split second!
  8. by   Tweety
    Good morning!

    I'm off today, but got up early. Guess I'm all slept out. I'm going to the gym here soon. Just the usual day off today.
  9. by   compassion1
    Good morning. Still having panic attacks (see last night's GM thread). Please keep me in prayer. Thanks.
  10. by   DDRN4me
    Morning friends!
    Roy, thanks again for a trip down memory lane with your song!
    I will have to have dh start coming on to allnurses, he would love your selections!
    Tweety, enjoy your day off. I need to get myself motivated and go to a yoga class.
    MaryAnn, hope your nite got better.
    Commuter, Babynurse, Corvette Guy, morning! have a great day
    RGN, hope the toe is better!
    Compassion, prayers being said for you!

    found out yesterday that dh is off to Korea on monday...for 3 weeks. with his job it is either tons of travel at once or few and far between.
    also booked our flights to DDNA conference in Albuquerque in May! i
    not much exciting for today...dd has PT, work for me after ward.

    hope everyone has a happy, productive day! Mary
  11. by   jmgrn65
    good morning
    hope everyone has a good day here is ((((hugs)))) for everyone that needs or just wants one.
    yesterday was a crazy and chaotic (sp) day at work. patient went bad, charge nurse said for me to come and look at a patient with her, i swear if i hadn't known any better i would have thought the woman was dead already, her color was soooo gray. we thought she may have had an anurseym. but no, she is a very thin woman, and they think that on of or many of the heparin inj she rec'd had entered her peritonem and caused bleeding and perforation, i know very weird and i don't have all the details. anyway she is a jehovah witness so no blood and needs surgery but without blood they won't do surgery so she was expected to make it through the night.
    our telemetry computer of 2 crashed so we weren't able to monitor half of our patients.
    ok enough, bye for now.
  12. by   rninme
    Morning all !

    Got to take call last night...was an OT night for me anyway... !

    Busy day today....wish me luck called back for a 2nd interview for job I applied for....9am this morning. Hope things go well and I don't make a complete and total fool of myself! Oh well....if it is meant to be....

    Have a wonderful day all.....chilly and rainy here....WOW....colder in my home state of IL than it is here....that is unusual! Leaves starting to turn....hope we don't get a huge rain/wind storm again this year before they reach their peak colors....will have DH take some pics and post them here for you to see.

    Back later this am to tell you how things went...
  13. by   wonderbee
    Good morning. It's gray and chilly here in the 'Burgh. I'm wearing my fuzzy slippers and robe looking like a pink blonde Big Bird. Breaking out the jackets and sweaters and pumping up the heat. I'm on tonite so intend to take the day easy, sipping on some hot chocolate and napping... maybe take a quiet walk in the woods behind the park. I'm hoping tonite's shift will be a boring one. We've had a high acuity level on the unit over the lasts two weeks and it's been spanking all our behinds.

    Good luck on your interview RNinme. Have a nice day peoples.
  14. by   sirI

    rise and shine, days a breakin':wink2:

    hope things improve, mar. thoughts/prayers with you, hon.:blushkiss

    good luck today, rninme!!!

    i'm having some good old black stuff, the staff of life, that eye-opening goodness, yessiree.............

    everyone have a splendid day!