Wednesday October 30, 2013

  1. Good Morning Dear Friends,

    Great day out there in the field doing what I love doing best, no dramas and lovely visits until office time and prep for IDG meeting which went very well.

    Steph the patient I sent to the hospital was non responsive so they could not, make their wishes known again, although the caregiver was aware of this. I believe there was just too much pressure from family over this which swayed the caregivers heart. I am not sure the patient will be alive this morning, just saddens me over dying in a clinical setting which was not what this person wanted. Some times I feel that I let that patient down but when your hands are tied so to speak!

    Will be heading off to my patient that lives way out then make my way back in from there. This patient is adorable and makes me laugh all the time, as sick as this person is will not let the grass grow under feet!

    Will take my time as I make my way around each one and enjoy their company, check them out, do a POT in the home which fills up my time nicely.

    May you all have a blessed and productive day.

    Much love to you all.

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  3. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning Sabby

    Nothing unusual about yesterday, work was fine, did some cooking for an office party on Thursday. Will do the laundry tonight. Continuing to work on details for trip to Wisconsin. If I'm able to go I've found a bunch of new things I can do there.
  4. by   TopazLover
    Good day all.
    Was busy yesterday with my neighbor. She had two appts. and we had to make another trip to order TED hose. We did find time to go out for lunch and be home when my friend brought another load of stuff from the office. This load included much that was not mine and I had left intentionally. Things that were part of the office. Oh well. I did get the table that SO had purchased for the other assistant and she got to keep the library table for her needs. It is also a very nice table. The table I got matches my desk and they look beautiful together.

    Today my neighbor has one appt. and then I am going to my DGS's final soccer game of the year.

    This morning I need to wade through some more of the boxes of stuff. I need to clean out my file cabinet to make room for some of the things I brought in. Once I get organized I need to discuss SO's book with his DD. I know the update was not finished and I did promise him I would work on it, if possible.

    This will probably be my routine for a while with the addition of writing applications and cover letters. I am not happy with my resume and may have DS help to freshen it up.

    Have a great day.
  5. by   Spidey's mom
    Good morning everyone.

    Spidey is all better and eating his Malt O'Meal. Will be heading out the door for band practice shortly.

    I did get a lot done yesterday taking a personal day off. Cooked up the apples and made applesauce and then slow-roasted tomatoes from the garden that were picked green and turned red quickly!

    Today is a technical day off but I have my hospice IDT mtg at noon.

    Sabby - our newest patient is our furthest patient as well. Glad I didn't get called out last night for this one as I haven't been there yet and trying to find it on a long long mountain road that goes into "marijuana-land" at night is a bit scary. Yes, this is Northern CA where we are in part of the grow-zone.

    Enjoy your Wednesday.
  6. by   EMSnut45
    Good morning!!

    Yesterday was a fun shift with my crew. During some down time, we walked around a department store. I tried to teach them how to hula hoop, but it was a lost cause... I guess the guys just lack the hips that make it easy for us ladies...

    I heard through the rumor mill that I got a 90% on my emergency drivers ed final. Yippee! I'm surprised I knew so much about brake systems and suspension components!

    Today I have some cleaning to get out of the way. With Halloween being tomorrow, I'm in the mood for something made of pumpkin. I have a yummy recipe for a pumpkin cheesecake that I might make. I picked up a pumpkin that I would like to carve. Gotta think of something cool to carve into it!!

    Wishing everyone a spooky Halloween-Eve!!!