Wednesday October 23, 2013

  1. Good Morning one and all,

    Another great day with D who is coming along nicely and should be able to go to her office to do the job she has been employed to do.

    We will be heading off from my home around 7:30 to get to my first patient then make our way back from there, hoping to finish off some stuff with D when we get back to the office and have her go out with my colleague tomorrow to see nursing facilities.

    Hope you are all doing well this day?

    I received a most wonderful surprise yesterday after going to the post office to pick up my parcel. My dearest BFF and made this glorious cross stitch of a woman with a long dress on and holding roses sitting in a chair. It is breath taking and a work of art. I am going to get it into a frame and up on the wall then I will take a photo of it. I cried when I opened it. This cross stitch is called Sabrina which is why she wanted to do it for me. I am truly blessed with such thoughtful and caring friends.

    I have to fun but may you all have a most excellent and blessed day.

    Much love to you all x x x x x
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  3. by   Joe NightingMale
    Sabby I hope we get to see the photograph

    Was in a foul mood yesterday. The training was chaos, full of technical glitches and delays. Not unexpected...where I work one employee took months to get a working phone. Meanwhile there was work I could have done but the half day of training insured I didn't get to all of it. Was nearly in a rage by the end of the day

    Wonder if it was a sign of a developing migraine, they sometimes feature mood swings and this was unusual, normally I don't get that angry. No migraine yet, we'll see.

    Didn't do much when I got home, did some shopping for cleaning supplies and did the exercise bike and that was it. Didn't sleep that well, wonder if it was the anger. Or the wine I had before bed, I figured tonight I needed a drink.

    More training today and I think for most of the rest of the week. Nothing else going on that I know of.
  4. by   Ted
    Good Morning -

    Recently got home from work, just ate breakfast. Getting reading for slumber-land. It was c-c-c-old outside this morning. Found frost on the car windshield when I walked outside after work. In a couple of months it will be winter. Ugh. Work was not "Q". Spent two hours on the med/surg floor doing lots of tasky things. Was asked to help out in the ER, So, I ended up caring for a patient there who ultimately came up with me to the ICU for the rest of the night. She could not get comfy, unfortunately. Lots of yucky nausea. Zofran didn't help. My trick of putting a cool wash-cloth on her forehead didn't seem to help too much either. Finally, a little Ativan did the trick and she finally got a few hours sleep. Nausea reared its ugly head for her this morning. Went straight for the Ativan which seem to stop it in its tracks. I never know what's going to work for persistent nausea.

    Sabby_NC - Would like to see a photo of the cross-stitch that your dear friend made! I love hand-crafted anything! What a nice gift to a receive!

    Joe - Hope things are better for you today than yesterday. It's no fun feeling foully angry from work stuff.

    AKY - Looking forward to firming up plans for Sunday. Let me know of your wishes.

    Well. . . sleep time cometh. Peace. . .

  5. by   dianah
    Sabby, what a beautiful gesture from your friend!
    I am anxious to see the photo of it, all framed and purty!

    Joe, hope the migraine didn't happen.
    Yesterday a co-worker was working on a migraine, and she just did NOT feel well all day.
    Hope today is better (no rages!!).

    Ted, I always apply a cool wet washcloth for nausea too!!
    Most of the time it helps (I wipe forehead, ears, cheeks, back of neck and then leave it on forehead, refreshing the coolness frequently).
    Another: sniffing an alcohol swab! Works sometimes (used to use this trick when ppl got nauseated when I injected IV contrast).

    Dh and I are preparing music for a friend's wedding.
    Will do 30 min pre-ceremony (quiet stuff), as ppl are arriving, and one for the service (lighting the unity candle) and some for reception.
    We chose "If" for the service, worked on it last nite.
    Yup, banjo and guitar!
    Will practice tonite with our bass player, see if he can pick it up (I'm sure he can!).
    Wedding is Sunday
    Yah, a little last-minute.

    Today I am in the "hot seat," at the Work Mate for an ablation procedure (cardiac electrophysiology).
    I prefer to do angiograms but am the only one available for this, so that's where I'll be.
    Hope we can locate and ablate the errant electrical pathway for this pt.

    Y'all have a good one.
  6. by   Spidey's mom
    Good groggy morning to you all.

    I too love gifts from the heart like that Sabby - hope to see it someday.

    Sorry for the bad day Joe - I've got a caffeine withdrawal and sleep-deprived headache right now. Hope your day is better.

    Ted - I almost wrote the "Q" word on yesterday's thread to prove it doesn't work but decided that would be mean. Good thing I didn't do it.

    Dianah - I'd love to shadow you at your job.

    Got a call about 11:30 from a frantic family member who had come up to help the caregiver get a break from 24/7 care of her aunt. Family member is a bit fragile emotionally and last night Auntie lost it in a rage - hitting, biting, "twisting my boob!" . .. I couldn't calm her down but found out Auntie was in bed, safe. After 10 minutes of trying to talk her down and help her solve issues, another call came in and I had a hysterical daughter sobbing that her dad was dead. Fortunately I called my boss and she took over with the niece and I headed out for the patient death. I stayed with that family until the mortuary came and got home about 3 a.m. Took a hot shower, cooked myself some eggs, headed to bed.

    I'm still not thinking clearly - waiting for the caffeine and ibuprofen to kick in.

    The gentleman who died was a sweetheart. His daughter (she's about my age) wanted him dressed in his best suit with a tie so we bathed him and put the suit on. He looked amazing good - more like he was gently asleep, not dead.

    Ok - more coffee, a shower and off to work.

    Hope everyone has a good day.