Wednesday November 27, 2913

  1. Good Morning to you all,

    Brrrr still very cold outside and windy although I think the rain has stopped for now. Dreadfully wet and miserable day out yesterday although I still got around my patients in a timely manner before attending IDG which went well.

    Dashed off to the dentist for my annual check up and he had the cheek to tell me my teeth were boring, nothing again but a nice cleaning and sent back out the door again. He will never get a new Mercedes out of my mouth. LOL Love chatting to him each time I go. Been going for over 13 1/2 years and he has done nothing to my fangdangles.

    Today I shall head off from home around 7:15 to get to my first patient around 8A so I can start my day, will have 5 patients to visit then finish for my day, will need to drop the INRatio machine at the office and collect some supplies for Monday.

    Our office is closed Thurs and Fri for Thanksgiving although I am on call from 8-5 on Friday. Am so looking forward to cooking our l'il turkey tomorrow and spending a quiet day with my honey.

    Wind sounds dreadful outside as the wind chimes sure are making their sweet noise a heck of a lot. LOL Oh well not much one can do about the weather but embrace it.

    May you all have a most excellent and satisfying day no matter what you get up to. Stay safe and warm.

    Much love to you all.
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  3. by   Ted
    Good Morning -

    Sabby_NC - The weather here is "wet, wet, wet". It's pouring outside (whereas yesterday it was snowing).

    Currently drinking First Coffee. It tastes soooooo good!

    Took the dogs to the vet, yesterday, for their yearly check-up. They need to lose a pound or two, otherwise they're both healthy and happy dogs (except for the "going to the vet" part which they didn't like at all. LOL!). Me? I did a little music-writing yesterday, too. I'm working on a couple of different ideas and options on where this piece will be developed. It's a slow process for me which is why I should be doing this music-writing thing more often. But at least I'm writing (and exercising those atrophied music-writing muscles). I plan on doing more writing on this wet, rainy day. I have no plans to go outside, that's for sure.

    Tomorrow? It's a work night. Amy and I don't usually celebrate Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving Day. Our "Thanksgiving Day" is this coming Saturday. LOL!

    It seems that the weather is kind of miserable for most. If you have to drive, please drive safely.

    Peace to all who travel here. . .

  4. by   BCgradnurse
    Good morning! It's like Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day out there! We are having torrential rains, but I'm thankful it's 60 degrees and not snowing. My practice closes at noon today, so I will spend the afternoon baking for tomorrow's feast. We'll be going to my mother's hosue, who lives an hour north of me. It should be a fun day.

    I had the contractor at my house all day yesterday working on my bathroom. It looks great. There were a few minor glitches, but hopefully they'll be able to finish up Friday.

    Be careful today if you're travelling, and enjoy your holiday.
  5. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning Sabby and Ted

    I'm staying home today, was quite sick last night with headache, chills, sweats, and vomiting. Not sure it was a migraine, but took the prescription medication anyway. I'm feeling better now though my stomach is still unsettled, even though I've only had toast.

    It's probably a good thing I'm off work today. Yesterday I got home an hour late due to dealing with a confusing and stressful situation near the end of the day. Wasn't able to resolve it...wasn't really my problem but I tried to help anyway...but spent several hours on possible solutions. And I found out yet another co-worker is leaving.

    I think this is perhaps my body's way of warning me that I need to start looking for new jobs quite soon, or at least to worry less about getting behind at work.

    This is actually a pretty good time to get sick, as we have both Thursday and Friday off anyway. If my stomach settles down I'll try and get the laundry done later.
  6. by   Spidey's mom
    BC! Send that contractor my way! Our bathroom needs renovating so very badly.

    Now that I got that *whine* out of the way, Good morning to you all.

    Joe - sorry you are sick. Glad you are taking the day off.

    It will hit the high 50's again today with sunshine. We will leave shortly for Oregon and my son and daughter-in-laws' home. Her parents arrived from Texas last night. My other son will also be heading that direction and will stay at his sister's place tonight. We did find a fairly good price on a hotel near their home for the next 3 nights.

    I'm taking my new computer with me so my oldest son can help set it up. It is still in the box.

    Not much else to report. I'll take my work laptop with me just in case.

    A sweet woman showed up at my doorstep yesterday with a homemade pecan pie - it is beautiful. Taking it up with us.

    Enjoy your day!
  7. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Test test! changed my password and it took a couple days and a change in browser to be able to log in! Anyway howdy, hope you all have a great day!! and don't stress!!! xoxo Liddle
  8. by   dianah
    Hello to all.

    Joe, hope your "bug" leaves soon -- quickly and entirely.

    Sabby, stay safe driving!
    Scratches and pats to "the boys."

    Liddle, congrats on the successful password change!

    We are going to a local restaurant tomorrow with the ds's.
    Oldest works at 7pm (music store, getting a jump on Black Friday. Ugh.)
    Planning on relaxing when not eating.

    We only have Thursday off (dh gets both Thurs and Fri), so I will be at work on Fri.

    It's clear out, with temps in the high 60's.
    Leaves all over the lawn.
    Yup, it's getting to be winter.

    Y'all have a good one.
  9. by   Spidey's mom
    We made it to Oregon - after a two hour delay before we got to Albany. Funnily enough Viva Las Viejas was on the south side of I-5 going home and got caught in the rubberneckers looking over at the northbound slow moving lanes.

    Had a nice dinner - my son made chili and cornbread. Left Spidey with him and sis-in-law. We are staying at one of those extended stay hotels with a small kitchen. Hoping to get some sleep but I had an Americano from Dutch Bros about 3:30pm . . . . caffeine after noon is a bad idea.

    I'll check back in tomorrow and wish you all a good night.