1. Good Morning All

    First time in a long time I have started the thread.
    This is open for all Premium Members!!
    We welcome everyone here!!

    This is my first nite back to work after 2 1/2 weeks!! All I can say is YUK!!
    Oh well--at least another year of this!!
    Hope you all all well.
    Haven't posted in a couple of days.

    You all have a wonderful day!!

    Mary Ann
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  3. by   leslie :-D
    morning mary,

    this gm thread is slowly but surely fading away....

    i am awaiting to be picked up by a cab.
    i was a witness (the only one) to a colleague of mine getting electrocuted yrs ago and it's finally going to trial, so i'm the first witness on the stand.

    remember that song :Melody: star of the day, who will it be...... :Melody: :Melody:

    anyway, i had to get out of my scrubs for a day and actually dress professionally, ugh. i don't care if it's daytime; i still chose to wear my aurora borealis crystal necklace w/matching earrings. but the rest of the outfit is understated.
    i remember when i gave my deposition there was around half a dozen attys and the feedback that was given to me....i don't remember it verbatum,but contextually that i was fearless.
    do you think that was a diplomatic way of being called a biitch? :chuckle

    saw tiff yesterday, bad mood but i suppose that's par for the day at a time. some of the nurses are contemptuous since there has been a full blown investigation since me vocalizing (loudly) my concerns to everyone i could think of....but that's ok. they have a new procedure of checking pts' mouths now.

    ok, going to finish my coffee.
    have a great day (if anyone comes).

  4. by   nursemary9
    Hi Again,


    Good Luck at the Court House!! Let us know how it goes.

    You know, it's just too bad that those nurses don't like it--if they would have been doing there job, it would not have been a problem. I told you, I worked psych many years ago, but things like making sure people take meds don't change much.
    Again, alll my prayers and thoughts are with Tiff & you. You have all my support.

    Mary Ann
  5. by   Tweety
    Good Morning!

    Hi Mary Ann, welcome back to work.

    Good luck today Leslie.

    I'm having oatmeal with soymilk and walnuts and off to the gym, then some fruit afterwards. Going to make a Walmart run and grocery shop, etc. What an exciting day it's going to be!

    Spouse found a dead bird's head in the kitchen where little girl drug it through the doggie door. She's always chasing birds, guess she finally caught one. Both dogs were restless last night keeping waking us up over and over again.
  6. by   RainDreamer
    Mornin' everyone

    Mary Ann, I hope you enjoyed your 2 1/2 weeks off! I hope your first night back went well.

    Leslie, good luck in court today, definitely let us know how it goes. You and Tiff are still in my thoughts and prayers, hang in there hun :kiss

    Tweety, our dogs at home have done that a few times .... chased birds then brought them in the house, yucky .... not a good thing to find!

    I went to bed at 2:30 last night and I woke up just about 30 minutes ago at 6:30 .... can't go back to sleep Yesterday was my last day of class, EVER!! I have a lot to do today .... have to go up to the school to drop off my pinning ceremony questionaire that they'll read as I'm being pinned, who I wish to thank, my plans after graduation, etc. Then I need to start packing up my stuff. And I need to get this place cleaned up ..... my parents and grandma are going to be here tomorrow! They're leaving later this morning, driving all day today, will stay the night somewhere and then be here tomorrow sometime. I'm excited, but I just have so much to do!

    Hope yall have a great Wednesday!
  7. by   akcarmean
    mary ann-- hope the rest of the noc went well. get some good rest.

    tweety-- have fun running your errands, want to come do mine? or better yet i will run the errands and you can do my homework. i have to get 4 papers written. lol

    leslie -- (((((hugs to all))))) good luck in court today. let us know. i am so glad that you got things stirred up. but it's to bad that someone had to b/c of something they should have been doing already. keep strong. i am here if you need me.
    love ya!!

    rain-- once again congradulations!!! i can't wait to get all of my goals achieved. hope you are able to get everything packed and cleaned up. what are your plans from here?

    ok all need to get busy with my papers. i have art and bus. management these next 5 weeks. papers are due on sat. and i havn't gotten one done yet. wanted to attend the classes first and try to figure out what the professors want.

    take care all will try to stop by later.

  8. by   DDRN4me
    hi all!

    i am at work, so we will see how long i can type without someone coming in to see me!

    leslie, good luck tell 'em ! hope things start to improve for tiff.

    rain, congratulations!! i will be thinking of you this weekend! whats next?

    maryann, hope work goes quickly, i am in the i want to be out of here mood soooo badly this week, i think i just need some gardening time ! have 2 conferences planned in the next 2 weeks, will be a good diversion!

    tweety, enjoy your errand day!

    angie, hope your paperwriting goes smoothly!
    see you all later..kiddo at the door! mary
  9. by   ERNURSE4MS
    Mary-hope you have agood shift, and I agree with YUK.

    Leslie- Good luck in court. May God be with ya'll. :angel2:

    Tweety- I think birds are better than moles( in about 3 piece) Man are they UGLY.

    Rain- CONGRATULATIONS And heres to a great future. :hatparty: :hatparty:

    Angie - Good luck with your papers, That was my LEAST favorite part of school.

    MGALLANT- Have a great day at work.

    Myself I plan on just vegging out, they worked my tail off at work this last 2 days, so I will recoop today and maybe do some housework tomorrow( if they don't call me in)
  10. by   CHATSDALE
    rainy see if you wait long enough all the pieces fall together..congratulations from the bottom of my heart
    leslie i had to testify when i was in an accident...i was scared to death..totally unknown territory
    tweety once i saw what looked like a piece string on the floor and picked it up [with bare hands] then i noticed that it was a mouse tail...i guess gourmet cats eat everyting but the tail get in high gear and you will be like rainy
    please oh please everyone don't let this thread fade away ... it is the first thing i look at every morning
    mary thanks for the opening
    everyone have a good day
  11. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Hello to all! Just poking my nosy-posey head in here to say "HI".....

    Leslie, special thoughts with you go, girl.

    Angelia how are you doing, lately??? I know you have had your challenges, too.

    Tweety, good to see ya, love that flame thread of yours, rofl.

    Chats, nice to see you, you are always so cheery!

    ERNurse, hello and nice to meet you.

    Mary, good to see you around, too!

    Congratulations to you, Rain!!!!

    Hope I did not miss anyone. Take care and have the best day you can----esp those of you facing personal and painful challenges. HUGS all around.
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  12. by   Tweety
    Chats, I hope this thread doesn't fade away. It's up to the newbie premium members to join in!!! Frankly, I figured after it went premium and several people left in protest that it wouldn't last. But like you I look forward to it, as evidenced by my daily posts! Also, just because one day it's only one page long, or only has a couple of us posting, doesn't mean it's going to die. Let's you and I keep it going, even if it's just the two of us.

    ERNurse, you certainly deserve a vegout day, enjoy. Love your avatar!

    Angie, sorry I can't help you out. But just think of the self-satisfaction you'll get when you're all done.

    Rain, congrats! Enjoy this time, it's memories that will last forever.

    We're having thunderstorms, which rather than make the dogs timids, makes them bark at the thunder. Weird bird-eating dogs I have.

    Where's Jnette!!! Where's PresC!
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  13. by   Spidey's mom
    Good Morning!

    My impression is that this thread is going strong - sometimes we do work though and can't get online.

    Rain may be coming our way . .hope not .. my son wants to go on a picnic.

    I'm off until Sunday - busy cleaning up what 3 days in a row working caused . . . (mess).

    My oldest will be flying home this weekend from college. He has many plans to help around the house - finish painting, build a sidewalk, get things ready for our new fence. Gotta love kids who like to help around the house.

    Hi to everyone!

  14. by   leslie :-D
    ok, i've done my part.
    the defense atty hated me.
    whenever he said "objection" i would continue to talk over him so i could get in some vital facts.
    the judge kind of warned me to stop when a lawyer says "objection".
    i just told her that the defense atty had a soft voice (which he did) and i didn't hear him.

    every time the nurse's atty asked me something, the defense atty would object and the judge sustained the objection.
    so i took advantage of one question where i got all the pertinent info in and the judge told the jury to strike what i said.
    i was only naughty twice.
    the prosecuting atty winked at me and then at the end he shook our hands (i was w/2 other witnesses who work there), thanked us and jokingly asked me if i was this difficult to handle at home. i think he was joking.

    i'm wiped, got very little sleep last noc....we'll talk later.
    i just wanted to ensure that this nurse, who has lost her livelihood, to get what is due her. so even if it was struck from the records, the jury still heard it.
    and her dtrs both came to me at the end, crying and thanking me for putting my neck on the line to defend their mom. it was extremely horrific to witness, i'll tell you that. i had nocmares for months after. glad it's over.

    time for coffee.
    thanks for everyone's support.

    leslie xo