Wednesday January 30, 2013

  1. Gooooooooooood Morning,

    Come on it is time to get up, well for most of us and getting a wiggle on to start the day. Now stop ya moaning and just do it LOL

    Up earlier although I feel ok my night's sleep was lacking due to trips to the bathroom or settling the dogs down. Went to bed with Newly between us, Banjo stretched out further down between us and the kitty curled in a ball at my feet.

    So glad Banjo or Peekaboo did not wake up as at one point they were nearly nose to nose, LOL, that would have been interesting hahahahaha

    Sooooo excited I will be leaving out for work a little later today as our new furniture is being white glove delivered this morning, they literally wear white gloves, carry the stuff in unpack, remove all the packing material and take it with them. Woooooo Hoooo what great service that is.

    After that I need to hit the road and get my visits taken care of pronto before this nasty weather hits us this afternoon, I really want to be home for the pups before this happens.

    What is up with this crazy weather we are getting is beyond me. Very mild past few days, it is already 63F out there right now then this wild storm comes in with winds, thunder and lightening before the temps drop again. Never know what each day is going to be like. LOL

    Hope you are all doing well and feeling up to par. Have a blessed day no matter what you get up to.

    Much love sent your way.
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  3. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning Sabby

    Yesterday went OK, was quite warm. Headed off a migraine, but the caffeine I used to defeat it gave me some sleeping problems last night. Took a while but did get to sleep. Thinking today should go good as well. Did a little shopping last night, otherwise a quiet night.
  4. by   TopazLover
    Good morning Sabby and Joe. Good day to all who wander through.

    I did not sleep well last night. Life was complex enough. Yesterday the boss comes back from the bank with the news that the bank claims his mortgage account had been closed. He was beside himslef. I got the copies of the checks he has paid and we headed over to the bank. They still have not found his account but at least now they know it is their issue. They were to call back yesterday afternoon. They did not so you know I am waiting for the bank to open so I can get after them. So I think some of my sleep issues were due to the concerns and frustrations that have been increasing lately.

    I was informed by my DS (via fb) that yesterday was Curmudgeon Day. I feel like I am celebrating it all week. If I were a dog they might call me rabid. My tolerance for bs has come to an end. Fortunately for our clients they are like my old patients, I have lots of patience for them. It is the systems that get to me.

    Oh well. It is hump day so it will all be better from now on. My youngest son, not the curmudgeon, turns 44 this weekend. He and his son (age 15) can wear the same size clothing. I don't think he will ever age except for his loss of hair.

    At work and responding to emails. Best get back to it. I have a few things I want to do before the phone starts.

    Have a great day. We are in for the same weather as Sabby so am hopeful we get through the day with no drama. So far I think the mountains where my family is is doing OK and minor flooding only. Thanks for the prayers.
  5. by   TheCommuter
    Good morning!

    I awakened about 90 minutes ago after taking a light nap. I will be trying to take another nap later this morning or early this afternoon, as I am scheduled to report to work this evening.

    Right now I'm going to fix a cup of coffee and start reading. Hopefully I'll get to workout today.

    Have a lovely Wednesday!
  6. by   BCgradnurse
    Good afternoon!

    It's unseasonably warm here, with temps in the 50s. I'm hoping all that have been affected by weird weather stuff are safe.

    Not a lot to say today. It's just a regular workday. Maybe it's good that there's no drama to

    Take care all.
  7. by   FranEMTnurse
    Good afternoon eveyone. I just got home from having a nerve block in my back. Hopefully it will resolve some of my pain for a couple of months.bye-gif
  8. by   TopazLover
    Fran, good to see you. Prayers that the block works. Chronic pain is tiresome.
  9. by   FranEMTnurse
    Thank you hon.