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  1. G'day all. Wed am here in the big smoke. 3 sleeps 'till my adventure to the Pole. Trusting people will be able to understand me on my return----I may be speaking with a Pole-ish accent!!
    Boy, Annies house is HOT. No air con just a couple of fans.
    You have to be careful here at scotch o'clock time. Grab the wrong water out of the fridge and you will have an Axolotol in your scotch!!! She puts them in the fridge as their water gets too hot.
    Bartender to me. 'Will that be with ice or axolotol sir"
    School starts in 2 weeks so I bought the ferals new books, pencils and all the "necessary?" other stuff. Computer equipment for grade 3s?? Puleeese.
    These kids cannot add up a simple column of numbers, they need a calculator!!!
    No generators to check so I will await my chauffeur, Annie, to take me shopping. Scary, she is a lousy driver.
    I shall take you all on my trip in my head. Better do a head count before we return, might leave Liddle or AKY with the penguins.
    Hooroo al Michael
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  3. by   dianah
    Michael, I'm looking forward to hearing all about The Pole!

    eta: I had to look up atolotols.
    My dh used to keep a 3 1/2 foot-long iguana, who came with us on our honeymoon (who ya gonna get to iguana-sit???).
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  4. by   Spidey's mom
    Hey there Michael! Glad to hear from you. I had to look up Axolotol too - what an odd looking thing - "water monster".

    Hi Dianah.

    I'm having a bout of insomnia - bit of a headache and screaming tinnitus.

    Took a Benadryl - some milk - back to bed.

    See ya in a few hours.
  5. by   Sabby_NC

    Goooooooooooood Morning Michael, Dianah, Stephanie and all that pop in,

    For some reason I thought you would have done your fly over but forgot you were popping into Anna's first. Please do say hi to her and how the heck is she doing these days?

    You are a great Granddad getting those supplies for your ferrals. LOL I was actually hoping you could learn penguin for me. hahahahaha forget the pole-ish ya dill. LOL

    May you all have a great day when you start getting movin' and a groovin'. Come on stretch out, swing those legs out of bed, ruffle your hair and open your eyes. There ya go you can do it, now get that toosh moving to the end of the bed. No No NOOOOOO don't lie back down that will not be a good move. Darn it they fell back to sleep!! hahahahahahaha

    Brrrrrr brrrrrrrr brrrrrrrr it is frigid out there right now, pups ran out to P&P but did not dally came straight back in, had their breakfast and went straight back to bed. LOL I have got to see if Petsense can deliver a kennel for me this afternoon after they finish work as I cannot get the thing in my vehicle. Pups are just getting too big to get into one now and I want them to be comfy.

    Another great day out in the field of hospice yesterday checking on my dear patients and spending some time chatting with them. I got a new patient, one that had me laughing so hard what a joy.

    Hubby did not get home until late last night from a business meeting at a very nice winery where they were fed very nice food. He will be going in late today so he can catch up on some sleep after his 14 hour day. I was very relieved to see his car come down the driveway last night. I cannot rest until I know he is home safe and sound.

    There is some talk of two winter storms to come through by the end of the week, talk of snow and freezing rain but I am just going to wait and see as no snow last time so I do not believe all that they say now LOL

    Hope you take care when out on the roads, rug up and keep warm.

    Have an awesomely wicked Wednesday.

    Much love to you all.
  6. by   TopazLover
    Michael, thanks for the offer to leave me at the pole. I would love it. I often dreamed of nursing down there but was raising kids. Once they were grown I did not want to spend time away from DH. Instead we went to the arctic, so I do know the beauty of the cold.

    Good day all. I don't have time to check out the water monster but if you can post a pic I would appreciate it.

    Very busy yesterday and will be again today. My desk is full of things that have to be done and sticky notes of things I am putting off to do this project. 11 hour days all this week and I doubt that this day will be different.

    Have to get going. I will stop by later if I get a moment.

    Have a good day.
  7. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning AKY Sabby steph Di Michael

    Very tiring day yesterday, lots of messages from the weekend and the phone just kept ringing. Things slowed down by the end of the day and somehow I got everything done, but I was exhausted. Was trying out a new diet too so that didn't help. Today should be easier, not as much to do and shouldn't have nearly as many messages.

    Did some more cooking yesterday too, picked up some groceries as well. Today I'll take some time to choose benefits for my new position, been trying to find time for that for a while.

    Am going to have to see about time off too, I was hoping to go to Wisconsin in March but since I'm starting a new position I might not have accumulated enough time off by that point
  8. by   BCgradnurse
    Good morning!

    Frigid weather here, too. I'm grateful for my heated car seats today. I am not a fan of the cold and wouldn't last a minute in the Arctic or Antarctic. Give me a tropical island any day!

    Michael-have a wonderful trip! I'll be sure to pick up a Pole-ish dictionary so we can understand you when you get back. Please say hello to Annie from us. Hi Dianah-how have you been? Hope you got back to sleep Steph. Sabby, be safe driving around today. AKy-I hope you get a lot done today. You too, Joe.

    Time to do some work. Have a wonderful Wednesday!
  9. by   Spidey's mom
    BC and I will see the rest of you folks later as we are headed to a tropical and warm island somewhere for R&R.

    I did fall into a fitful sleep that got deeper as morning arrived - all of us slept in until 0800!!!! Hectic few minutes getting Spidey ready for school and for once in my entire life I said "eat breakfast at school". I'm one of those moms who think mom or dad should make their kids breakfast - a nice hearty healthy one at that. But . . . . guess there are exceptions to every rule I make (especially when I'm the one who has to break the rule).

    Coffee is ready (my son asked me as I was grinding the beans "Mom, why don't you just get your coffee at the mini-mart like Dad and I do . . I get the mocha!". Well, for one thing gas station coffee tastes horrible and for another that mocha your dad lets you get is loaded with sugar.

    It is my day to be with the diabetic kiddo at my son's school. I love these days.

    Joe . . .you got a NEW job? I thought you finally were through with probation on the job you've been doing this whole time?
  10. by   nursefrances
    Good evening.

    Joe, I was wondering if you have a new job too but haven't had a chance to check back on past threads. Today was a long day. I worked at two offices today. It makes it easier because I love what I do. But I am still tired. My brain is tired , will probably be asleep by 9pm tonight. It is not even 7pm but it feels so late. Sipping on some hot tea and watching tv. With the last two weekends being so busy with moving and a yard sale, I think we are going to take it easy and relax this weekend. looking forward to it. Wishing all a good night, sweet dreams.
  11. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Quote from bushambo
    might leave Liddle or AKY with the penguins.
    Hooroo al Michael
    Liddle likes!!

    so happy to hear from you - thought your departure was imminent - enjoy Annie - as to that axywhatsis, what IS that?
  12. by   sharpeimom
    It's soared all the way to a balmy 11*F today but is down to +1*F now, but with the wind chill factor factored in, it feels as though it's below zero. I had an email from my cousin who was complaining that it ONLY got up to 34*F today. That sounds like July to me right about now.