Wednesday February 12, 2014

  1. Good Morning Dear Friends,

    Worked my toosh off again yesterday but managed to get all my patient visits taken care of so now we wait and see how much snow we get today and how much ice we get tomorrow. Talking about double figures with the snow and so far 1/4" of ice.

    Hubby asked me yesterday if we have all that we need food wise, I checked and said we could do with a little more broccoli but stated we should be fine, I got a text from him saying 'I have the broccoli' LOL I laughed so hard most people go for the milk bread etc but not my hubby. I bet he got some strange looks. LOL

    Did not sleep so well last night, tossed and turned since 2am but finally gave up and got up around 4!

    Let the dogs out and copped a whiff of Mr Skunk, they ran and barked so I had to get them back inside with me yelling 'tucker time' that always has them running back inside. So I fed them and would not let them back out until that odor disappears. LOL

    Brrrrrrrrr sure is cold out there, but nothing we can do about it apart from wait and see.

    I will go to the office this morning and do a tuck in call to all my patients then we will head home before the snow starts piling up.

    I will be anxious to see how the dogs play in the deep snow so I shall be rugged up and have my camera in my hand.

    Hope you all have a most excellent and happy day.

    Much love to you all.
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  3. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning Sabby

    At home waiting for the cable guy to come and install my work line. Should be done this morning, then I'll go to work. Tried to schedule as little as possible today since I don't know when I'll get in.

    It's good that I'm coming in late: Yesterday starting off OK, but then a migraine (and a persistent one) hit along with a bunch of work. Which made me very angry. The heavy workloads I experience are frustrating and the migraines cause my moods to be very volatile. I managed to keep my temper under control until I left.

    Going to have to find a way to approach that anger differently. The only way I deal with work-related anger now is to plan to change jobs. While that may be a satisfying revenge against an employer that angered you it's not always the smartest move. And I have some good reasons to stay where I am.

    Should be nothing else unusual going on today. Planning to do the laundry after work.
  4. by   TopazLover
    Good morning all.
    My neighbor will probably be sent home from the hospital today. I am waiting for her call. They want to empty out as many as possible before the storm. I do expect to be snowed in for a time and will be glad she can deal with her little demon. He lifts his leg on every piece of furniture. I am really glad I have wood flooring and not carpeting. he would have ruined it by now. As it is I feel like a witch carting my mop instead of a broomstick. I am sure the dog thinks I am pretty _itchy because I tell him repeatedly what to do, and end my rant with go to your bed. I don't stay mad very long. Good thing, my dog is jealous and quite frustrated that she has not been able to teach him much. He has learned to sit on command and is beginning to act a great deal like her, except he is not really housebroken. He is supposedly paper trained but misses the paper more than hits.

    Enough complaining first thing in the morning. I think I will go and get my blood work done this morning. I keep forgetting and eat something, so today is the day.

    I have soup in the freezer so if the electric goes out, it is full and will stay colder longer. As it thaws i will have beef barley soup to heat with the sterno. Nothing else I can do in prep. I can appreciate Sabby's DH's need for broccoli. That is not the first thing on my list, but I can appreciate it.

    Well, be safe out there. On my way before I forget and grab something to eat.
  5. by   nursefrances
    Good morning Sabby, Joe, AKY and all who will visit today.

    I came by to say hi before I get ready for work. Today is my late day. I don't need to be there until 8:30am. We only have one surgeon today. He has quite a few surgeries but I am feeling optimistic that it will be a good day.
    And it's Wednesday. Almost time for another weekend. Woo hoo!

    Well, time is flying by. I better go so I am not rushing out the door soon. Wishing all a great day.
  6. by   BCgradnurse
    Good morning all. It's sunny and very cold here, but temps are supposed to rise, so we don't know if we'll be getting snow, rain, or both. I have my fingers crossed for rain. Work has been very busy. Lots of sick visits, and I think more people have insurance and are dealing with their asthma/allergy issues. That's a win-win for everyone. I came in early today to put rubber snakes in my co-workers office. He comes off as being all cocky and macho, but he let it slip he's afraid of snakes. He'll find his gifts tomorrow, and I'll be 35 miles away at another office. I can't wait to hear how he reacted. DD is still impatiently waiting for college acceptances. She should be hearing soon and I hope she gets in to her first choice. She's nursing some severely bruised ribs right now. She went snowboarding last Sunday and some very large man crashed into her. She is bruised on one side from shoulder to waist. Maybe she can convalesce with Viva and her bruised toe!

    I hope all are well today and safe from the storm. Spring will be here soon.....really......
  7. by   herring_RN
    Good day.

    I pray you all keep warm. And that power stays on.
  8. by   Ted
    Good Afteroon -

    Seems like all have been busy at work. Same here. Someone said the "Q" word. LOL!

    Just rolled out of bed. Avoiding First Coffee until later. I want to crawl back into bed by 2:00 PM in hopes to sleep three more hours. THEN, it's time for First Coffee.

    Gonna make some lunch now. . . then back to slumber land.

    Take care. . .

  9. by   Spidey's mom
    Morning all.

    Off to the big city for my monthly meeting with school nurses and public health nurses.

    Only one call last night - pancreatic cancer patient c/o burning pain above his right knee.

    Not much else to say . . .except I'd lose my best friend if I ever put snakes in her office. She truly hates them.

    Good luck BC.
  10. by   Sabby_NC
    Snowmagedon has hit here, we have snow pouring and getting approximately an inch an hour, It looks like fog out there but it is how heavy the snow is. We were let out of the offices before 2PM so we could all get home safely. The dogs have been out rolling and eating the snow now they are sound asleep.

    This will be the pattern until tomorrow then we have ice coming in, I am concerned with just how much we are going to get so if it is significant I may not be online for a while and no AN fix which will suck. Praying all are safe on our roads, I see the occasional car crawl past the house but that is all.

    We are looking at snow into the double figures and the way it has been snowing for 2 hours and we have more than 3 1/2 of snow so far I think I believe them.

    Hubby is snuggled up downstairs in his man cave enjoying his warmth of the gas heater and checking out his games etc. I am sure he will be up as soon as his tummy gets hungry.

    Hope you are all safe especially those that are getting hit by this storm on the East Coast. It sure is a doozy!!
  11. by   Ted
    Sabby_NC - Wow! Ice storms really suck. The prediction for us is "just" a nasty snow storm. For all who might/will get this nasty snow and ice storm, be safe and take necessary precautions.