Wednesday, December 14, 2005

  1. No morning thread yet????

    WOW! Well, I'm surprised that it's 1:20 in Texas and the GM thread hasn't been started!

    I'm still up studying. DH and the kiddos are snoozing.

    It's really too early for breakfast, but how about some fruit, crackers, and cokes for those needing caffeine!

    This is the Good Morning thread open to all Premium members! Come on in, don't be shy!!

    I'll check back in later! Everyone have a happy Wednesday!!
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  3. by   Spidey's mom
    I'm awake . . . watched "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" with dd earlier. Listened to Loggins and Messina on PBS and now Charlie Rose.

    Not hungry - had a big dinner.

    Hi to everyone


    p.s. I'm also looking at a website with photos of children in our county who need adopting.
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  4. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    I've never seen that. Was it good? What's it about?

    I think I'm going to bed now, gotta get up at 6 AM....unless DH lets me sleep in again. lol

    I'll be back! To all that come in while I'm getting a little shut eye, have a wonderful day! (or night's sleep!)
  5. by   Fonenurse
    Good Morning! I am feeling a little better - just need to get those parcels finished - it's taken me 3 days so far and I am still knitting one present! Kids have gone off to school and hubby to work so I should get some peace and quiet now (Famous last words - I may live to regret writing that...)

    Hope you all have a great day!
  6. by   GPatty
    Good morning!
    I'm up only cause I had to take dh to work cause his car is still in the shop (it's second home), and I need mine today.
    MedSurg final is this AM. I feel pretty good about it, but I'll let everyone know when I get back home around noon or so.
    When I get home, I still have a bunch of gifts to wrap today to get under the tree...cause another layaway comes out tomorrow and my trunk is still full! LOL!

    Hope you all have a great day!
    Talk to ya later on! :Ball: :Snow: :Santa3:
  7. by   nursemary9
    good morning

    i'm rushed again; i'm charge again tonite & this is the first time i've taken a little break. wow--busy!!

    2 pt's at once with chest pain--ekg's cardiac enzymes, everything stat, stat, stat!! we do all the stuff as quick as you can say it & then i wait 1 hr & 40 min. for the results-----------i ask you--how stat is that??????

    to me that's just not right--something wrong here!!
    well, it ends up--the other nurses's pt will go to telemetry & my pt. will stay here.
    well, that's good;

    only one blood running tonite--better then last nite's 4.

    there are many changes about to take place on my unit within the next few weeks--i'll let you know about them later--we are just finding out about them this week.
    not sure if they'll be good for us or not--something has got to improve this floor, tho.

    well, we are expecting a big snow storm again today--hopefully it will miss us, tho.--doesn't look that way, tho!

    well, i'd better run.
    i never did finish reading the threads from the last few days. just not enough time in the day for everything!!

    you all have a nice day.
    i'll join you all later when i'm nice & warm & in my house!!

    see you

    mary ann
  8. by   bethin
    Quote from stevielynn
    I'm awake . . . watched "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" with dd earlier. Listened to Loggins and Messina on PBS and now Charlie Rose.

    Not hungry - had a big dinner.

    Hi to everyone


    p.s. I'm also looking at a website with photos of children in our county who need adopting.
    What's that website? Even though it's for your county, I'd still like to look. I've always wanted to adopt a family--I hate seeing brothers and sisters seperated and put in different foster homes. I would love to be a foster mom, but I think I'm too young, I'm not done with school and I have no husband, don't have my own home, etc. Someday though. Definitely someday. Saw an ad in the paper today needing CASA volunteers. In case no one is familiar with it, it's child advocacy. Basically you serve as a voice for a child in a courtroom. You speak with the child, family members, friends, teachers, etc. I'm a BIG advocate for children. That's why I want to do NICU or peds.
  9. by   bethin
    Men are scum I tell ya. Scum, scum, scum. It's about that guy who was supposed to call. I am so upset right now that I cannot think straight.

    I'm calling the convent today. Seriously.

    Hope everyone has a great hump day!
  10. by   Jessy_RN
    [FONT=Impact] Goodmorning everyone :kiss
    [FONT=Impact]Woke up to a bone-chilling 2 degrees . Had to catch my breath before going outside. My poor joints are feeling it
    [FONT=Impact]Class went well last night. I turned in my research paper for Lifespan and did my exam. Tuesday is my last and final class Yay!
    [FONT=Impact]Will continue to prepare for my upcoming 2 exams and final for tomorrow
    [FONT=Impact]Have a wonderful day everyone.

  11. by   Katnip
    Good morning, everyone.

    Fun, have a great day and thanks for starting the thread.

    Steph, I never saw a website like that. Interesting. I can't look. I'd want to take them all home with me.

    Fone, have a wonderful, peaceful day.

    Mary Ann, changes on units are realy hard to implement. Even good changes are resisted. Good luck. We'll be interested to see what those changes are.

    Bethin, 1. He's gotten cold feet and is afraid to call. 2. He's trying to figure out a decent time to call when you're both up and likely to be home. 3. He's been calling but keeps missing you and doesn't like to leave messages on a machine becaue every second costs money.

    Jess, if it were that cold, I'd go back to bed and pull the blankets up over my head.

    Not much going on here. DH is coming home from Florida this evening. DD has another swim meet tonight. DS is just himself.

  12. by   Grace Oz
    Greetings all. It's my bedtime here in Oz, so this is just a quick G'day for now. My wednesday has flown by rather quickly. Saw Dr today re the asthma/chest/whatever the heck is going on!, problem. Have been referred to a Respiritory Specialist. I'm so fed up with it. Feel lousy, tired, sick of this persistent cough. Anyway, sorry ... didn't come here to whinge!
    Hope everyone is well and enjoy your day!
    Catch up later......... I'm off to get some zzzzzz!
  13. by   weetziebat
    Good morning everyone

    I got up to take another pain pill, but its not kicking in (two hours later) and now too late to take another and hope to be clear headed in the morning. Man, I know burns are painful - but OUCH! Doctor thinks part of it is 3rd degree, but it hurts so bad my knees are wobbling and my innards are shaky. And the Percocet makes my nose itch soo much I'm about ready to rub it off my face. Have a class for work in the morning but no way am I gonna be able to work after that. Plus have indigestion from the onions we put on the sandwiches last night. Waaaahhh.....
    O.K. - will try to stop complaining, at least for awhile.

    Gonna go take some Maalox and try to read for a bit. See y'all later -
  14. by   Katnip
    Grace, I do hope they get you straightened out soon. It does not sounds like fun.

    Weetz, can you take Benadryl for the itching? You poor thing.