Wednesday 4/4/07


    Good Morning, Family!!

    Another new day!! Time is sure Marching by, this year!!

    Hope no one else is posting!! If so, Maybe a Mod will join us.

    This is the place where all Premium members can gather & share a part of your day!!

    I'll be back in a bit!!

    Mary Ann
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  3. by   nursemary9
    Hi Again,

    Well, another nite at work!! BUSY!!! They took one of our CNA's away to float!! So they leave one CNA for 17 pt's. That's not great when you have the high acuities that we do!! Well, yesterday nite, I floated, so at least they kept the 4 RN's tonite.

    This year in Illinois, they are going to vote, in Springfield, on staffing ratio's.
    The Hospitals are all freaking out & trying to push for staffing by acuity--you see how well they do this now. We are supposed to be staffed by acuity now-----and according to that, we should have 5 RN's!! Plus 2-3 CNA's.
    Oh well!! Isn't it great to work in Health Care!!

    I'm not planning to do much today!! DH wants me to start packing for vacation, but I think I'll wait until I'm off on Thur & Fri.
    We;re leaving Monday, so that's plenty of time. We're only going to be gone for 1 1/2 wks, so I'm not taking all that much!!

    I work again tonite.
    Haven't finished reading yesterday's thread yet.

    I hope you all have a LOVELY Day!!

    I'll look in again, later

    Mary Ann
  4. by   compassion1
    Hello and good morning. I'm working today. Thank you, Mary Ann, for starting today's thread. I hope you all have a wonderful God blessed day.
  5. by   jmgrn65
    Good Morning
    I never pack until the night before I leave.
    It very windy here temp has dropped cold front moved in. 37 this morning yest. it was 80 suppose to get down in the 20s tonight.
    working today.
  6. by   DDRN4me
    Morning friends!!
    been awol a bit this week. work is busy i have had 1 nurse on vaca on days and 1 on sick leave at noc.. many sick kiddos... had to go back in last noc to help out from 9-11:30. chiro appt this morning or i d be on my way! the great thing is that i really love this job!!

    going to see my nana for easter... a welcome break!
    almost done with school... 3 more weeks and i graduate!!! finalllY!!! Twety, are you feeling the senioritis?? even though my last class is online I am getting excited! dont know what i will do with all this "free time""

    maybe visit my friends on allnurses more!

    hope everyone has a happy healthy productive day!! mary
  7. by   nursemary9
    Quote from jmgrn65
    Good Morning
    I never pack until the night before I leave.
    It very windy here temp has dropped cold front moved in. 37 this morning yest. it was 80 suppose to get down in the 20s tonight.
    working today.


    YEP!!! We're down to 30 this AM; The wind was so bad last nite on the way into work that I thought it would blow me down!!!
    It was BEAUTIFUL yesterday.
  8. by   clemmm78
    good morning,

    Another grey rainy day here. Lots of work to do though. One of my never-ending projects just got added to because I misunderstood something and I have to redo a few hours' worth of work.
    I have a few summaries due to the client by midnight, and I have a class tonight at 8 pm. Oh, and my dr's appt this morning.

  9. by   sirI
    good morning

    bunches of thunder boomers last night and some flooding rain. but, all gone this morning. left behind some nice, cool temps. i like that.

    i'm feeling better, but still not cured. didn't expect to be. hoping the antibiotics tighten it all. meetings all day today.

    need this as i can't get jump started without it!!

    hope you all
  10. by   Tweety
    Good Morning!

    DD, I'm feeling senioritis in the worst way. Can't wait!

    I hope everyone has a great day!
  11. by   muffie
    hi gang

    quiet recuperative muffie reporting in for duty

    grey rainy day, again

    i guess tammy will get more fussing over today, poor thing

    later dudes
  12. by   bethin
    Good morning!

    Mary Ann, hope your trip goes well. Where is it that you are going? I know you told me once before. Arkansas?

    Just got back from db and sil's house. OMG OMG!!! There are some people who should have children and then there are some people who shouldn't. I think I fall under the second category. Kennedy has regressed back to being a baby, she won't walk, she crawls at times, etc. This morning, db had a meeting at work at 0700. My sil was in the shower. My responsibility was to get my nieces dressed. That was easy. Then the babies needed fed, not so easy. So I had Kennedy attached to my leg, as it was dragging behind me like an injured limb would, a baby in one arm and the other hand is trying to make bottles. I get the bottles over to the babies, and Emma and Kennedy start screaming, asking about daddy. I hear the front door open so I have to drag them back in kicking and screaming, meanwhile the 2 babies are still screaming and at that moment I thought what the heck, I started to scream. Screaming stopped. :spin: Then daddy comes in and all hell breaks loose again. That was my que to leave.

    Want to teach your teenager not to have sex? My db and sil for a small fee will allow your teenager into their home where he/she will take on the mom/dad role for a day - any more than that and the poor teen would be rendered unconcious.
  13. by   bethin
    Siri and muffie, hope you guys feel better soon! :spin:

    Take it from someone who knows, drink your fluids!
  14. by   suzy253
    Hiya everyone! Haven't posted in a real long time. A lot of things going on and just didn't have much to say lately but figured I'd better say a quick hello. Work evening for me tonight and tomorrow. After having some lovely weather and getting psyched for spring, it's now back to being gray and drizzly only in the 40's and raw. Lots of little birdies on the lawn looking for food or berries so I have been keeping them fed with some bird seed. Kitties love watching them too.

    Catch you all later!