WEDNESDAY 30th November, 2005!

  1. g'day everyone! c'mon, it's wednesday!
    it's 1600 here in oz, so i've been really good, resisted the temptation to post this earlier. don't want to anyone! :chuckle
    things going along quietly here, trying to get motivated into commencing getting things underway for christmas. will start on the cards for the allnurses friend's tomorrow. then the aussie locals. then, it'll be hit the shops to buy family gifts. keeping it simple and low key this year. even going out to a restaurant for christmas lunch! no cooking, cleaning, etc etc! wonderful!
    hope you are all well and by the time you get to enjoy your wednesday... i'll be :chuckle
    stay safe and well! :kiss
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  3. by   suebird3
    it is about time....... welcome back, gracie!

  4. by   Grace Oz
    G'day SueB! What's the time "up/over" where you are?
  5. by   babynurselsa
    Hello Grace. Thanks for not confusing me. We were busy all day long shopping. We went to the tree farm and got out tree up and decorated. Little man has had a ball. First we put this big tree in the living room and then we hung his most favorite object all over it(balls). Suffice it to say there are none on the lower 1/3 of the tree now, they are tossed all over the house.
    I am working on making goody baskets to mail to the family. I plan to stuff them with homemade candy and goodies along with a few crafts the little ones and I have been working on. It has been a hoot trying to get the one year old still long enough to trace his hand. hehehe.
    Well I think the little stinker has finally stopped for the night now maybe I can get something accomplished.
  6. by   suebird3
    grace, as of this posting, it is now about 12:30 am, "chicago time".

  7. by   madwife2002
    Morning all,

    This will be my last post from the UK as my computer goes to a new home this afternoon and I have to get ready for tomorrow.

    Just in case people didnt know I emigrate to the USA in the morning :hatparty: :hatparty:

    So long and take care from ENGLAND
  8. by   nursemary9
    Good Morning, My Family!!

    Well, It's 0145 here in Chicago now. I'm at work again--today on my own floor.

    Hope all is well with all of you.

    Kay, Good luck with the emigration. We'll see you here!!

    Grace--so good to see you this AM!! Thanks for starting the thread.

    Sue, I'm with you in Chicagoland--where abouts are you?

    Babynurse-- The goody baskets sound great!! As does the tree.

    I made my cards for allnurses last weekend & did my return address labels--now I just have the mailing labels left & then they'll get mailed!!

    Work is OK tonite--We've all ready had 2 admits --as I'm assigned 3ed admit, I'm sure I'll get one.

    Have nail appt. in the AM. My Mom has hair.

    See you guys later

    Mary Ann

    PS Hello to all who come after & have a great day
  9. by   weetziebat
    Good Morning everyone,

    Not quite morning yet here, its 11:45pm - but thats close enough.

    Grace, isn't it ~6 pm Thursday in your side of the world?
    Daughter arrived home last night. With boomerangs, cricket bat, tons of Aussie chocolate and wines - and tales of critters when they were scuba diving in Cairns, told there are pretty shells that if you touch them you've got 30 seconds to wave bye to your friends before you die. Lovely :uhoh21: - glad they didn't tell me that while they were diving! But they absolutely adored the land of Oz.

    Hi Sue in Chicago. Is it cold there? Its nasty cold in Oregon. Yuck!

    Lisa, my you sound ambitious. Good for you. Have you gotten the little ones hand tracing yet?

    Kay, you must be soo excited! Are ya nervous as well? Soon you'll be enjoying the Arizona weather. Looking forward to hearing how you like it over here. Have a good flight.

    I am gonna go have a beer and get some sleep. Reading a new book, called "The Bookseller of Kabul" - really good so far - don't want to put it down. Well, goodnight all.

    P.S. Oops! Mary Ann - you slipped in there while I was posting. I've got my cards finished but still need to buy stamps. Hopefully will do it soon.
    Have a good shift!
  10. by   suebird3
    mary....i am just south of chicago, but a bit north of i-80. is coool, baby!

  11. by   bethin
    oh, i just love chicago! only about 5 hours from it. last time i went i sucked it up and drove downtown. i'm not much of a drinker but after that i had to have a stiff one!! i'd think i'd like to live there when i'm done with nursing. don't you have an excellent children's hospital?

    grace, i missed you!! it's not the same if you don't start the day's post.

    well, i got some of the allnurses cards sent out. all the envelopes are labeled though. i think i have ten more to make and then i'm done.

    well, i'm off to bed. been up all night scrapbooking even though i have a term paper due in 2 weeks that i haven't started on.

    have a good day!
  12. by   nursemary9
    Well, nite is OK so far.

    Bethin-- Yes, we have Children's Memorial Hosp. On the North Side; also there is the U of Chicago Children's Hosp. on t he South Side; There is also Shriner's Hosp and Hope Children's Hosp.

    I think the most famous is Children's .

    I live right in the city on the NorthWest side. I work in a North Side Hosp.

    I have always lived here--60 yrs. I do want to move South tho, with in the next yr. I HATE the Winter storms--I don't mind the cold, but the Ice & snow are getting me down as I get old.

    See you later
    I have LOTS of blood to draw tonite

    Mary Ann
  13. by   elizabells
    Well, I start my peds clinical in 45 minutes. Wish me luck! :imbar
  14. by   Jessy_RN
    Goodmorning, no time to read the entire thread right now, but will do as soon as I get back from the DMV. Need to go get my address changed on my license and run a few errands nearby.

    Enjoy your day everyone