Wednesday 19th September, 2007

  1. Greetings from across the billabong and to WEDNESDAY!

    Wishing everyone a smooth and trouble free day.

    It's evening here "Down Under", and we're receiving some medium rainfall.

    Don't know if you've read about the dear little girl who was abandoned by her father in Melbourne. He'd flown from New Zealand to Australia, abandoned his 3 year old daughter at a train station, then caught a plane to the USA. Now they've found her mother dead in the boot of the family car in New Zealand. It's a dreadful series of events and so tragic. The little girl was nicknamed "Pumpkin" by our police. The name is because she was wearing "Pumpkin Patch" clothing when found. This story has filled our TV and print media ever since she was found at the train station a few days ago. How any parent could abandon a child at all is beyond my comprehension, but to bring a child of three (3) to another country and then abandon her like this is simply unimaginable!
    Praise the Lord she wasn't picked up by some no good bad predator!

    Hope to catch you later...............
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  3. by   Spidey's mom
    Hi Grace!

    What a terrible man . . thank God the little girl is ok.

    Well, I have to say thank you to those of you who responded to my post yesterday. I'm home from my first 12 hour shift in a large ER. I'm very tired - gotta get to bed as I have to be up in 5 hours to get my son to school.

    We had two traumas. (Wear your helmet while riding your bike and don't drive a motorcycle while under the influence of ETOH).

    later . . . . . .

  4. by   Sabby_NC
    Hi Grace and Steph,

    That is truly a horror story for that poor little girl. I pray she is home soon with her Grandparents or some family member.
    Sounds like domestic violence or a separation that went wrong, kills the wife and delivers the child to another country so NO ONE else would get her!
    I pray they find the 'so called Father' and deliver him the kind of justice he rightly deserves.
    Hope everyone has a wonderful fun filled witty Wednesday.
  5. by   Joe NightingMale
    Good morning everyone!

    Terrible story Grace; too bad that things like this keep happening...

    Things warm around here, no classes---extra sleep!
  6. by   jmgrn65
    Good Morning/Good Night.
    I hope everyone has a good day.
    ((((((((Hugs)))))))))) to all who want or need.
  7. by   Grace Oz
    Hi Steph, Sabby, Joe, Jmg,
    Sleep sweetly, Steph. And, best wishes in the new ER!
    Sabby, when are you coming home for a visit? you can take the girl out of aussie, but you can't take the aussie out of the girl, eh?

    Well, it's now almost 9pm here. My wednesday is drawing ever closer to it's conclusion. I spent part of today scrapping the pics of us and dianah and her DH during our visit "up/over' last year. Ahhhh.... such fond memories! The page looks great even if I do say so myself! I also took myself for a nice coastal drive today. Bought a cappuccino to go and headed off down the beaches. DH was busy pottering in the garden, so I made myself scarce and enjoyed some alone time. :yeahthat: I LOVE alone time! I LOVE the beaches! Came across a very nice restaurant overlooking a marina, so pulled in and checked it out. I think I've found where we'll have christmas lunch this year! lol
    Yes folks! Only less than 14 weeks until christmas! :icon_rolleyes::icon_cheesygrin:

    *sigh* the unfortunate thing about this timezone difference is.........
    I mostly sit here :typing talking to myself!!!

    Oh well, I really should get to bed!

    Enjoy your wednesday!
  8. by   agent66
    Good Morning to everyone,

    Another sunny day in Ottawa, hard to dress the kids, as it is cool in the morning and 25 degrees by the afternoon. At least no snowsuits to haul out yet. Had a friend in the backyard last night, the black and white variety with that very special "scent" that is unforgettable. Thankfully i smelled him before letting the dog outside, really didn't need that to contend with at midnight. Crazy, we live in the subburbs but this skunk has been hanging out for at least three years and a family of raccoons in my neighbours attic have been removed at least twice. To the woods furry critters, to the woods. Guess the leftovers are just too enticing for them to leave. As I did enjoy a nap yesterday , new haircut etc, I did not get to the summer/winter clothes bins, so unfortunately that is a must for today. Fat cat continues to recuperate well, maybe too well , he is surely going to put back on some on the 10lbs he (and I ) have worked so hard to get off of him. And he is still 22lbs so you can imagine! Everyone enjoy their day, don't work too hard, life is too short!
  9. by   sirI

    thanks, gracie, for starting the gm thread. what a horrible story about the little girl and her mom. horrible.

    meetings for me today. hoping you all have a
  10. by   muffie
    bon jour mes amies americaines et australiennes [sp]

    it is a gorgeous day up here so i will do my gf duty and report back with a full critique of 66's new hair after lunch

    i imagine a bike ride is in the works as well

    tammy cat seems a wee bit forlorn and must be suitably given warm fuzzies

    well off to surf and caffeinate am i

    have a great day yall

  11. by   MLF
    Gracie: I take it he murdered his wife?? Then it is a good thing he abandoned the kid. No telling what would have happened to her otherwise but he should have made sure she was safe. Here we have a Baby Moses Law. If a mom feels she doesn't want her new born she can leave it at a fire station, hospital or other designated place. I don't know how old a child can be to be within the law. Glad she is safe. Can you imagine the trauma she feels??
  12. by   dianah
    Good morning all!

    Grace, what an awful, awful thing to do to that poor child!
    She's better now, though, than when she was with him.
    And although I know not all Moms are balanced and loving, my heart still aches for the little one left without a Mama to love and care for her.

    Wish dh and I could pop over and browse through your scrapbooks.
    Oh, and we really should try out that new restaurant you found.
    You know, test-drive it before Christmas lunch!

    And about talking to yourself?
    I feel like that every time I post!
    so I just ramble on and on and on, lol!

    Hello muffie (and Tammy ), Sabby, agent66 (nice hair! Glad fat cat is doing well!), Steph, Joe N, jmgrn and Siri!

    Enjoy your day!

    Youngest is recovering from a cold (stayed home from school yesterday).
    Scar continues to improve.
    I have high hopes for his renal labs today!
    Am taking off early to take him to the vet.
    Do NOT, however, love that "YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!" that he does, over and over and over when he's in the crate! Not much I can do to stop it, though, except sedate him, lol!

  13. by   dianah
    MLF, we must have been posting simultaneously. Hello to you!
  14. by   MLF
    Good morning all who have posted already and all who will post after.

    Beary: You made my day when I signed on and found your message. You always lift my spirits.

    Siri: I finished reading the posts from yesterday-I hate spagetti too but my hate comes from the tomato sauce. Put some white sauce on it and I don't mind. And, I love pasta.

    Better day today. I have been reading a book on woman who are divorced. Interesting. I am only seperated, planning on a divorce, but it gave some interesting insight. According to the book it can take years to climb off your emotional roller coaster even if you were in a bad marriage and wanted out. Right now, I can believe that. I am an emotional mess. Need a good laugh?? I tell my dds that I have several personalities. One is quiet, withdrawn. One is loud, always laughing. And, one is witchy. I keep my girls entertained with all that is going on in the life of my personalities. I even told them (jokingly of course) that I want to take my "friends" into a bar, buy them each a drink then sit there and talk to them. My dds just laugh at me. Can anyone relate??? (I know some of you DO have split personalities. LOL)

    Have a great day. I hope to stay on the computer for a while. If your hur is up, it is up. They don;t care if the libray is empty they still kick you off. Donna