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  1. Has anyone had any experience buying a wedding gown online? I know that you should try before you buy, and so on and so forth, but if I know my size in wedding gowns, wouldn't it be ok?

    I'm just wondering because I've found a dress online that I tried on at a bridal shop for almost $300 cheaper.
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  3. by   howie122832
    What will it cost you to have it altered, if needed? Will it still be worth it? If so, then go for it .. I guess...
  4. by   MelRN13
    It shouldn't need to be altered at all, just steam pressed.
  5. by   susanmary
    Can it be returned if the tags are still attached? $300 is a big difference -- but you really need to know if the company you are ordering from is reputable. I tend to order alot of items online -- but only from companies that are well known and have quality merchandise. $300 off -- how much is the gown? Pictures please.....
  6. by   MelRN13
    At the bridal shop it was $749, online I found the same dress, new with tags, for $465
  7. by   susanmary
    Figure out the difference with tax, shipping, and if you are able to return the gown if there is a problem with it. That's a big difference -- I'd just be hesitant to order a wedding gown online. Has anyone done this? You could always print out the online gown with the price & see if the bridal shop will come down a bit. I'd try it. Sue
  8. by   MelRN13
    That's a good idea, Sue, I hadn't thought of that!
  9. by   susanmary
    I am the shopping queen. I give directions like this "take a left at Filene's ... go 1/2 mile until you see a Talbots on the right & take the next right ... keep continuing straight until you see Pier One Imports then take a left ..." Seriously, I used to love to shop UNTIL my daughter became a teenager -- it's sooo exhausting to follow her around the mall. I do tend to do alot of online shopping -- especially with stores that I'm familiar with and really know the sizing. Let's see the gown.
  10. by   MelRN13
    I'll have to find it again, didn't have it bookmarked.
  11. by   MelRN13
    Here it is:

  12. by   SmilingBluEyes
    very nice. good luck!
  13. by   nakitamoon
    Beautiful dress!!!!!! Good luck,,, and congratulations,,,,, Nik~
  14. by   colleen10
    That dress is really pretty!

    I have never purchased a wedding dress online and don't know anyone that has but I would say that $300.00 is quite a bit of difference and if you have enough time before the wedding, ie. if something happens and they are unable to send you the dress before the wedding, than go for it. Especially if you have allready tried it on and know what size you need.

    The only thing I would take into consideration is how much of it you will need it taken in, etc. how much it will cost if you go through the store vs. through the internet and finding your own seamstress. I know you said you don't need that much done to it but you still may need to take it somewhere to get the bussle done. I didn't realize this til I got married but most dresses don't come with a bussle. You have to have it put on yourself. It's really easy though and shouldn't cost a lot of money for a seamstress to do it.

    Good luck, it really is a pretty dress. Not to freak you out but my best friend got married a year ago next month. She ordered her dress through a store over a year in advance of the wedding. Her dress was supposed to be in within 5-6 months but after that period of time the store kept staling her. 10 weeks before the wedding the store wouldn't tell her where her dress was and told her to quit worrying about it. She went to a David's Bridal and picked a dress off the rack "just in case". Well, it's a good thing she did because the first dress never came in, the first store never called her to tell her and she never got her money back (close to $900.00 dollars). So, I am not very trustworthy of any bridal store anymore.

    Just make sure you have enough time to get another dress or return it for another one just in case there is something wrong with it when you get it or if for some reason they can't deliver it.

    Good luck with everything!