Wedding Bloopers

  1. Does anyone have any funny "wedding day blooper" stories to share, thought this might be interesting... :chuckle
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  3. by   June55Baby
    I don't know if this would be considered a blooper, or just ignorance on the part of an officiate, but here it goes...

    When my husband and I married in January of 1976, we asked the preacher if he would like for us to pay for him a rental tuxedo. He said no that he had a "dark" suit that he wore for weddings. Well, it turned out that his idea of a "dark" suit was a red, white, and blue plaid sports jacket...... Urrgg.... :angryfire

    In February 1999, when our daughter got married, she was coming down the aisle on her daddy's arm when suddenly she paused and said something to her daddy. They came on down the aisle and as she got close to me she mouthed, "I forgot my flowers". She was SO BEAUTIFUL and gracefully flowing down the aisle we (nor anyone else, apparently) never noticed. Fortunately, the photographer saved the day by retrieving the bouquet and slipping it into her hands during the prayer.

    Now her twin sister is getting married in 2 weeks and we are doing all we can to prepare for a perfectly beautiful wedding, but we know that it's the bloopers that you laugh at for years to come!
  4. by   Whisper
    I was in a church choir and went to tonnes of weddings once...

    we had a groom whose best man stuck help to the bottom of the grooms shoe

    a pregnant bride (white dress) who went into labour during the blessing

    A groom who said the wrong name, said the maid of honour not the brides name

    a bride who showed up two hours late, the vintage car broke down

    once a woman stood up to object, and then said 'sorry wrong wedding'!

    Thats all I can think of for now, for the majority of the time weddings were un eventful!
  5. by   Jay-Jay
    Talk about getting you marriage off on the wrong foot! My hubby broke his baby toe on our wedding day!

    He and his best man were awaiting the 'big moment' in Roger's condo apartment. Roger was lifting a heavy dumbbell to work off some stress.

    "Put that dumbbell down, you dumbbell, and get into the bathroom and have your shower," Art, his former classmate and best friend ordered. Art is CEO of a large engineering firm, and when he gives orders, you listen!

    Roger went into the bathroom, but took the dumbbell with him. Well...can you see it coming??....he tripped over it when he was getting out of the shower.

    He never said 'boo' to me about it until the wedding was over, and we were undressing for bed. Then, he showed me the foot. It looked really bad...swollen and black and blue, even part way up the side of the foot. I was very disappointed, because we'd planned some heavy-duty hiking in the mountains for our honeymoon. He asked me to pray for the foot to be healed, and I did.

    The next morning, I could hear him moaning and groaning as he tried to get into the tub. The foot was so painful that he couldn't bear to leave it in the hot water for long, so he propped it up on the edge of the tub for most of the time he was in the bath. I prayed for the foot yet again, while he was in the tub.

    We got dressed, took a limo to the airport, and flew to Calgary, then rented a car and drove to Banff. It was after dark when we checked into our room, and we were so exhausted, we just flopped into bed.

    The next morning, he was wandering around in his stocking feet, eating a bowl of cereal and sipping his coffee.

    "How's your foot?" I asked.

    "I'm afraid to look," he said.

    I finally persuaded him to peel off his sock. I stared at the foot in amazement. It was totally normal. All the bruising had vanished overnight!

    We hiked all the way up to the restaurant at the top of Sulfur Mountain that day, and he never had a moment's discomfort!

    Thank you, Jesus!
  6. by   pwp1289
    this is second marriage for us---both having adult children and even some grandchildren. During rehearsal at the church,I pleaded with the pastor--"Don't you dare say --GO FORTH AND MULTIPLY--!!!!!!!!!!during the ceremony" and during the ceremony, while the soloist started singing "Our farther,who art in heaven" there was such a loud thunder clap , that there was complete silence in the church and the pastor's eyes looked upward. We have this on tape and playing it back ,it sounds like a bomb goes off!!!!!!!
  7. by   heart queen
    Our bartender practiced "one for me, one for you". Two hours into the reception, he was slurring and spilling drinks. I went into the kitchen to complain to the owner. "The bartender is Plastered!, where did you find such a looser, I demand he be removed immediately".

    Owner replied, just give me a few minutes and I'll send MY HUSBAND back to the house."

    :imbar :imbar

    -mind you that in '89 this was a $30 a plate establishment