1. just wanted to let you all is 1degree and we got a foot of snow between 10:30pm and 5am...:stone <<--my freezy-face after shovelling....jay snowblowed/snowblew this am before he left for work..but there was some shovelling left to be done....
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  3. by   Rustyhammer
    It's snowing here this morning too. WOO-HOO!
  4. by   hapeewendy
    no snow here to speak of ....

    but its freakin -25 degrees celsius! (well -7 but -25 with wind chill)
    freezing .. cold, cant type now , frozen
    I'm a wimp I know haha
  5. by   Mattigan
    (sigh) No snow. Still wearing flip-flops here. A cold front is suppose to come today but that's what they said yesterday also.

    I shouldn't get exicted - cold fronts here usually just bring ice then everyone calls in and I work because I live 0.9 miles away.
  6. by   CMERN
    WOO HOO...I AM jealous... I want snow for christmas..or NOW.
  7. by   shygirl
    It snowed here too. Lightly all night and then this morning,for about 15-20 minutes, it snowed really hard. Everyone thought it would be a snow day there for a while!
  8. by   Beach_RN
    They are telling us we might get zonked tomorrow and Thursday! Because of the nature of the storm..... the coast might get just as much snow as everybody else! I hope so..... I want to build a snowman....go sledding with the kids! We had not an inch of snow last year..... Nothing, NADA!
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  9. by   CC NRSE
    65 and sunny here today!! the high is suppose to be 72 today and 79 tomorrow!!!!:d :d

    only one problem,.....sure doesn't feel like christmas.......
  10. by   delirium
    We're supposed to get snow Wednesday and Thursday.

    In the meantime, its cold... 32 and windy today.

    I'm moving to Miami.
    We got pelted yesterday. Not alot, but it came quick enough to freak out the people that aren't comfortable driving in the winter!

    It's cold. I think it was -10 witht he wind chill this morning. The sun is out though, melting it pretty quickly.

  12. by   RNforLongTime
    Yeah, I live in Northeast Ohio and we got a lot of Snow too yesterday! I hate snow!
  13. by   Mkue
    We got snow, ice and school I think it was 5 degrees this morning when I left for class.

    But like Heather said, the sun is shining !!
  14. by   emily_mom
    It was 1 degree when I got up this morning, not including wind chill. I wish it would just snow and get it over with. We're going to get our tree tonight (where you go and cut your own), and I wish there were snow to trudge through. It's just not the same. Besides, I'm tired of Emily saying, "I want to make a 'no-man' every time we get a dusting of snow!!!"