We gotta fix our Emergency Communication Systems

  1. glad to see my congressman curt weldon's days as one of the local fire company chiefs empowered him to influence support for emergency services and firefighters.

    from washingtonpost.com:

    sens. mccain, lieberman, harman and weldon:

    [color=#333366]a fix for first responders

    ...with all the technology innovations of recent years, how is it that first responders, those we depend on when disaster strikes, are still unable to adequately communicate with each other during an emergency, while we are able to watch the crisis unfold on our television sets? it's because public officials have yet to get serious about developing and funding a safety communications system for all local, state and federal first responders. this reality became all too clear during the bungled response to katrina.

    the federal government needs to develop a comprehensive, interoperable emergency communications plan and set equipment standards, fund the purchase of emergency and interoperable communications equipment, and provide additional radio spectrum that will allow first responders to communicate over long distances using the same radio frequencies and equipment...
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  3. by   Mkue
    Very good article. I lightly touched on this problem on another thread. During 9/11 firefighters had old radios dating back to 1993, they didn't work then or in 2001. Communication is so important as we all know in emergency situations. Responders need to be on the same frequency effectively.
  4. by   Jessy_RN
    Great article. A prepared person is as good as 2.