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  1. Is hard to be original an write in English....looooool....when is not your native language but is so nice to read poetry in English...personally I would be much than happy to read it . All my poetry are not in English and I am afraid if I will translate them (as much as I can) will not let you know the same soul and heart state and will not have the same vibes like in my native language but I wish so much to share my poetry with you.... I will let you know instead song and lyrics that make Zuzi to dream and her soul to fly !
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    I do wish to thank you, zuzi, for being our brave little soul to post on this brand new forum. Creativity speaks from our heart....you are most correct. Yes, poetry of a different tongue or language may lose some of the nuance during translation....in this, you raise a very good point....but, be not afraid. If you have created a poem or song lyrics that you wish to share....it is fine to post it here in that tongue, but you must have its translation following. If you are concerned about the nuance being lost, you can certainly make a follow up post right after to discuss your work more thoroughly. Just think....a thread devoted to your masterpiece. And the side benefit is that you can share your heart, your original piece, with others. They, in turn, can view it and share how it touches them....or how it may apply to themselves. Creativity inspires others. I look forward to witnessing you grow here.

    As it stands, this "current post" that you offer is not of your own work, but from some other person elsewhere. So, this thread will be closed as a result....with their work edited out from your post.

    Again, be brave once more....create from your heart....then by all means....inspire us by posting again, and sharing your heart through your own words, through your own songs.

    My very best to you, zuzi.

    Mitakuye Oyasin
    (We are all relatives)

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