Watching the War: How Much is Too Much?

  1. by Margaret Hawke, RN, MA
    Nursing Spectrum
    Masthead Date June 02, 2003

    Throughout the last several months, we've watched a war in Iraq-the tanks rolling across the desert and missiles exploding in Baghdad, followed by scenes of looting, anger, starvation, and violence. And now the grim reality of the aftermath-devastated hospitals and wounded children. Add to that the constant worry over chemical or biological reprisal attacks. Coverage is 24/7, with the most violent and disturbing scenes shown repeatedly.

    None of us escape unscathed, not even those who sit in the relative safety of home, watching events unfold on TV. Whatever our politics, seeing it live is personal and affects all of us-from young children to veterans of past conflicts.

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  3. by   Ted
    Interesting article.

    I've stopped watching the news on war and the "post-war" a long time ago.

    Hated having my blood pressure and pulse rise to unhealthy levels.

    It's important to keep a balance in life. I know that I can be way too obsessed with topics like war. . . or "Income Gaps Between the Rich and Poor". . . .

    Sometimes, the healthy thing for me is to just walk away. . . and not give into that temptation to "have the last word". . . . especially during debates! :chuckle

  4. by   Mkue
    or gasoline prices ! ugh..

    Interesting article Karen.
  5. by   CATHYW
    I don't think there is "too much of the war." Although the airwaves and print have been saturated with it before, during, and since, we can limit how much of it we see or hear. Do not forget that there are American soldiers still dying over there, weekly, sometimes daily! Neither should we never, ever, forget 9/11. So what that it is coming up on 2 years ago? The minute we get calm and complacent, the terrorists will be back. Witness the man who was arrested in the US this week whose assignment was to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge, or cause some other loss of huge numbers of Americans. Do not EVER doubt or believe that it could not happen again.