1. what type of watch do you wear to work or daily? i have a watch that says, love (a heart) a nurse on the face with a white band. my daughter has a mickey mouse watch that i wear sometimes.
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  3. by   Rena RN 2003
    i have an acqua indiglo with a white leather band. water resistant for 30 meters.
  4. by   alwaysthere
    blue digital sports watch water resist 50m 12+24 hour time...alarm and all that other useless stuff
  5. by   Brownms46
    I wear anything I can find...and i don't really wear them, as they don't work on me! I also can't stand to have them on my wrist, so I usually keep them in my pocket.
  6. by   CashewLPN
    timex.... old, metal band... cracked crystal... never ever leaves my arm... the tan line is amazing....

  7. by   dianah
    Browns, I'm the same way! Watches usually don't keep good time when I wear 'em, and I can't stand to wear 'em for long, gotta take them off after a few hours. . . I even looked at a clock once @ work, and it stopped!! Spooky . . .

    -- D :chuckle
  8. by   nursegoodguy
    I quit wearing one, they always get misty inside as the work day stretches on...
  9. by   GPatty
    Dennis and the kids bought me one. White band, white face with little nursey pics all around the face. (steth, thermometer, etc....)
  10. by   Mkue
    hello, right now i have an old guess watch with a second hand.. someday i hope to have a cute nursing watch ! maybe next christmas! 2003
  11. by   adrienurse
    I wear my purple timex rush in my pocket. Can't stand wearing it on my wrist at work. I hate when I get water under the strap from washing my hands. Don't want to get poop on it either - nevermind all the other nasties I come across each day.
  12. by   researchrabbit
    I started out wearing little kids' watches because I am allergic to most metals and kids' watches have either elastic bands under the watch or plastic backs. Hard to find a grownup watch with a second hand that doesn't have a metal back that touches you.

    I have several because they're inexpensive and I keep losing them. Now I don't think I'd change because so many of my patients enjoy seeing which watch I am wearing!
  13. by   live4today
    I had a faithful and true Timex watch for years, but it eventually bit the dust. May it rest in Timex heaven now as it served me well! :kiss I'm in the market for another watch, but haven't gotten around to buying one as yet.

    I don't really like to wear them anyway. Only wore them to work. Sometimes I just put it in my pocket rather than wear it.

    I, too, am allergic to the backings of watches. A good remedy for this is to glue a piece of felt material on the back of the watch. That way it doesn't come in direct contact with the skin.
  14. by   SmilingBluEyes
    ok does anyone here have trouble w/battery watches? i kill batteries like crazy. someone told me it's a chemical thing w/me. so i find a hard time finding watches for work...usually wear a necklace type for work for that reason. i know, i am weird. that is a given.

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