Wanted: your awesome recipe

  1. I need some help...maybe in more ways than one:roll !
    I am asking for you kind people to share your awesome recipes/meal ideas... with juggling so much during the day I run out of ideas for meals, snacks, etc. Since I am asking, I should also supply one for you. I will return with a recipe to share

    Hope to hear from you all!
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  3. by   NurseDennie
    This is expensive, but it's SOOO good, it's totally worth it. It's a meal in itself. My father, who HATED good nutrition, called it my "super salad" and requested it often.

    - Couple of heads/stalks? whatever of broccoli
    - nice head of cauliflower
    - couple of bunches of green onions - snipped all the way to the end
    - As much "extra" garlic as you like
    - Fresh mushrooms, sliced or cut into half
    - Small tomatoes - I used to use cherry tomatoes, butthe "grape" tomatoes are much more flavorful
    - Really, when it comes down to it, any veggies you care to add. Carrots make a pretty color, some green peas are nice and sweet in there.
    - 1 can of black olives, drained really well so the salad doesn't get dark
    - A bottle of some brand (but not Krogers - ick) of a Zesty Italian salad dressing. Or your own. Mine is good, but that's more work.

    It does get dark in the fridge - at least the mushrooms do and the juice gets a little dark, but it's still very delish.


  4. by   passing thru
    How about rinsing the olives several times? And some sprinkling of fresh squeezed lemon juice would help with the discoloring. Sounds good...it wouldn't darken at my house ! Some red peppers would give it some color. And some red cabbage. I hate salads with raw carrots. I always steam them enough to let them soften a bit. And add to salad after they steamed.
    Have you tried the 5 ingredient cookbook?
  5. by   Sleepyeyes
    This is easy and doesn't take very long:

    you need:
    Bag of frozen chicken breasts
    one of those Glad takealongs 8X8 pans with a lid

    Cook the rice on the stove. While it cooks, put a few chicken breasts into the microwave pan. Pour salsa over them. Put the lid on loosely, and nuke.

    When the rice is done, give each plate a scoop, add the chicken and put some salsa over all. Voila!

    My fam loves it.
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  6. by   tabbeycatt
    cheeseburger pie


    1 lb hamburger (ground round)
    1 small onion (i use only about 1/3 of it)
    12 oz. can tomato paste
    1/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese
    1/4 cup shredded mozerella cheese
    pillsbury crescent rolls

    dice onion and sautee'. brown meat and add onion and oregano. drain grease. add tomato paste.

    use an ungreased pizza pan and make a crust with the crescent roll triangles. scoop meat onto the crust and top with cheeses.

    bake at 425 for 20 minutes or until crust is brown and cheese melted.

    hubby loves and it's quick an' easy.
  7. by   luv-my-dal
    thanks for your wonderful ideas! here's one for you...

    chicken and broccoli

    2 bunches of precooked broccoli
    approx. 3 cubed cooked chicken breasts

    place into 9x13 pan.

    1 can cream of mushroom soup (or cream of chicken, or celery)
    1 tsp. curry powder (optional)
    1 tsp. lemon juice
    1/2 cup mayonaise or sour cream

    mix together and pour over chicken and broccoli. sprinkle approx. 1 cup grated cheddar cheese.
    bake uncovered at 375 for 30 minutes.
    serve with rice.

    really delicious and easy to make.
  8. by   gwenith
    I am an awsome sweets cook. My specialty is chocolates and other sweets - I posted a chocloate recipe here the other day for one of my favs - Drambui orange creams but no-one responded. I was going to not post anymore (like my Tropical Cointreau Truffles) or my recipe for easy home made Easter Eggs but I didn't think anyone was interested.
  9. by   WalMart_ADN
    anybody know how to make chicken parm?
  10. by   rreed
    if it is to be ate, then it goes in the crock pot about 10 hrs before eating.
    I cook chicken, roast, ribs, beans, meatloaf, stew.
    best is ribs, place in crock pot frozen out of freezer and 12 hrs later the meat will fall off the bones, heat up outside grill, place ribs in bowl and pour BBQ sauce over them and place on grill for 3 or 4 mins and brush with sauce, so tender and finger licking good.

  11. by   luv-my-dal
    Slow cookers are great, I just don't have enough recipes, so I tend not to use it very often. Gwenith, I love sweets too. I'd love to see some of your recipes.
    WalMart_ADN, I have a Chicken Parmesan recipe; I hope it's similar to what you are looking for:

    Mix together:
    1 cup bread crumbs
    1 cup parmesan
    3 tsp. parsley
    1 tsp. salt

    Mix together:
    1 tsp. dry mustard
    1/4 tsp. garlic powder
    1/2 tsp. worstershire sauce
    1/2 cup melted butter

    Dip chicken in butter mixture, then into crumbs mixture to coat.
    Bake for approx. 40 minutes (depending on thickenness of chicken and whether there are bones) at 375 until cooked.
  12. by   kids
    Another Chicken Parmesan Recipe:

    boneless, skinless chicken breast halves cut in half (1/4s), figure 1-3 (1/4 pieces) per person depending on how big of appetites they have.

    roll in packaged parmesan bread crumbs with some extra parmesan added and brown in a skillet with some oil in it.

    when browned on all sides take the chicken out of the pan, pour off the grease and add a jar of spagetti sauce, sit the chicken pieces in the sauce, cover and cook on medium heat until the chicken is cooked thru.

    cover the chicken with slices of mozzerella cheese, cover with the lid to melt.

    serve on linguini or spaghetti noodles with extra parmesan.

    takes about 30 minutes if the chicken is thawed. I start the water for the pasta boiling when I drop the last piece of chicken in the pan and make a salad while it is doing the cook on medium part.
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  13. by   gwenith
    this post is a litlte long but it gives several loverly variations on a very easy and scrumptious recipe

    truffle recipes

    basic mix

    1 packet of biscuits
    tin of condensed milk
    1 cup coconut to thicken mix
    cooking chocolate (at least i packet of nestle melts)
    2 tablespoons copha

    grind the biscuits to fine crumb stage. this is possible the most difficult step. if you use a blender either lean on the lid or be prepared to live with "flocked" look on your kitchen ceiling. a hand held blender such as a "bamix" is almost lethal as it will send biscuit frisbees spinning out in all directions. by far the best and most therapeutic is to get a round bottomed glass bottle (appletise is good) a firm bowl and then using a "thump and grind" action reduce the biscuits to fine powder. not only does this method provide good aerobic exercise for the upper arms but it also assists in venting frustration.

    add the condensed milk and coconut until you have a "sticky" consistency that will hold together when rolled into a ball. remember the coconut will "soak" up the condensed milk gradually so they do become firmer with age.. if the mix is too dry - add more condensed milk - if it is too wet add more coconut.

    add extra ingredients depending on the variation (see below)

    take half a teaspoon of copha and rub between your hands until your palms are wet. this might sound gooey but it is the secret of being able to roll the truffles into a ball without getting the mix stuck to everything from your eyebrows to your toenails. roll mix into small balls re-wetting palms as necessary.

    melt chocolate into a bowl. if using a microwave remember to melt the chocolate in short "bursts" i.e. 30-60 seconds and then remove to stir between each "burst". if the chocolate is too dry - add more copha.

    place the balled mixture in the chocolate and push around with a spoon until the ball is coated. remove balls and place on tray to set.

    variation 1 possibly the most popular of all the variations.

    tropical cointreau truffles

    use plain maree biscuits

    coat with white chocolate

    to the basic mixture add:-

    - cup finely diced dried pawpaw
    - cup finely diced dried pineapple
    - cup finely diced dried mango (optional but give a real zip)
    - cup finely diced macadamia nuts

    place dried fruit in a small bowl and cover with cointreau. leave. the longer it is left the more cointreau is soaked into the fruit. - best done 1-2 days before. you can cheat by quickly "zapping" the dried fruit in the microwave (10-15 seconds to heat the fruit - this will cause it soak more liquid.)

    add a touch of cointreau to the basic mixture

    may substitute lemon juice for coinreau if wanting to make non-alcoholic mixture.

    variation 2
    plum and port

    chocolate biscuits for base
    dark chocolate melts to coat

    soak packet of pitted diced prunes in port. add to basic mix above

    variation 3
    ginger rum and raisin

    gingernut biscuits for base
    milk or dark chocolate to coat

    soak 1 cup of mixed fruit in rum
    add in cup finely crushed nuts
    cup finely diced ginger

    variation 4
    apricots and muscat

    plain biscuit base
    milk chocolate or swirled milk and white chocolate to coat

    soak 1 cup finely diced dried apricots in muscat, muscat liqueur or other white wine add to mix

    variation 5
    berry caesar

    plain biscuit base
    milk chocolate to coat

    a little exotic i used a mixture of dried cranberries soaked in boysenberry liqueur

    odd reaction - people kept grabbing them and eating them but not one word of praise and when i asked why i was told

    " we came to seize your berry not to praise it!"

    truffle recipes
  14. by   Nurse Izzy
    Pasta al la Chicken & Garlic (serves 2-4)

    2 Boneless Chicken Breasts
    1 Yellow Onion
    1-2 cups sliced mushrooms (to your taste)
    1 clove garlic (also add more to your taste)
    1 can cream of mushroom soup
    1 can peas & carrots
    smoked cheese (I prefer Gruyere)
    1/4 lb smoked ham
    Farfalle pasta - cooked, of course!

    Sautee two chicken breasts until done

    In another pan, sautee white onion, garlic, mushrooms and ham until onions are clear and mushrooms are tender. Add soup (do not dilute!), cheese and peas/carrots. Heat until cheese is completely melted (stir occasionally). Stir in chicken. Serve over Farfalle pasta. Goes great with a Pinot Grigio, Chenin Blanc or White Merlot!