Want to see something cute? (Rated G)

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  2. OK, I have to share this...my little angel. See why when your kids become teenagers, you can still enjoy having a baby in the family?

    (Thanks for indulging me! Anyone else have one to share?)
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  4. by   night owl
    ohhhhhhhhh, how cuuuuuuuuuuuute! What is your little angel's name?
  5. by   kaycee
    Very cute!!!
  6. by   hoolahan
    The little angel's name is Shelby Elizabeth! (That's what I call her when she chews up my $90 gorgeous pumps I splurged on last year!!! Arrrggg!!!

    You can really see her one blue eye and one brown in this picture.

    I just wuv her!
  7. by   night owl
    Shelby is a pretty name. I wanted to name my daughter Shelby, but the hubby hated it. My brother had a very large cat named Blanco and he had a blue eye and a green eye...
  8. by   hoolahan
    That's the great thing about dogs, you can give them those "soap opera" names your husband objected to!

    Shelby is my Steel Magnolia. She's been turning into a little monster, she must be in her toddler phase! She should be wearing little devil horns! LOL!
  9. by   ton
    leuk, geinig, gaaf, oftewel,: nice

    What a sweet angel you have hoolahan! I used to have a dog named Shelby too! I had had her for a few days, but couldn't think of a name. We were curled up on the couch watching Steel Magnolias one night, and I decided she was a Shelby!

    We just got ourselves a new little angel. A cute little Jack Russel that my son (7) is absolutely in love with (I may be too)

    Here's a pic of both of my angels (the human and the canine)!

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  11. by   hoolahan
    AAAaaaawwwww!! They are BOTH sooooo cute!!!

    Thanks for sharing such a great picture!
  12. by   aimeee
    Oh, they are just darling! I've got a cute one of two of my babies somewhere. I'll see what I can find.
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  13. by   aimeee
    Found it!
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  14. by   aimeee
    A very tolerant kitty:
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  15. by   cargal
    I love looking at all your gorgeous kids and pets! Thanks!