Wall Street Journal reporter confirmed dead

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    I know it wasn't realistic, but I kept hoping he'd make it out alive.

    What a senseless waste. As a political statement, this accomplishes nothing.
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  3. by   prn nurse
    but looking at the big picture.....why would a Jewish reporter named Daniel Pearlstein VOLUNTEER to go to Pakistan in the middle of a world-wide Arab-Jew war? He went as a 3rd line reporter and there was no reason for him to be there...he was hoping for a story. At best, he was hoping to interview some backwoods Pakistani's. Hello! this is the Wall Street Journal for Crissakes ! Pearlstein wanted some action on his resume. (Not much action in Manhattan.) Yes, a senseless death....but totally avoidable...he was not forced to go/ordered there by his boss. He was a wannabe Associated Press foreign war correspondent. In reality, a social/financial reporter for the Wall Street Journal. No Pulitzer Prizes here. Wrong name, wrong country, wrong war....bad decision. Don't we have to assume some personal responsibility? Would you Anglo nurses volunteered to walk into Watts at night to aid the walking wounded.....? No? ...... Well, ... point made.
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  4. by   Mkue
    I heard tonight that the reporter Pearl went to Pakistan to investigate the shoe bomber or to get a story about him on January 23rd something like that.

    It's sad, I feel bad for his pregnant wife, 7 mos pregnant, their first child.

    Yah, it was very risky to go there and he paid the ultimate price.

    I was hoping the story wasn't true but evidently a video was sent to US, enough to confirm his death.

    Is the reporting field getting so competitive that these guys have to risk their lives, it's senseless.

  5. by   Stargazer
    He was a wannabe Associated Press foreign war correspondent. In reality, a social/financial reporter for the Wall Street Journal. No Pulitzer Prizes here.
    Actually, according to CNN.com, Pearl has been doing international reporting for the Wall Street Journal for over 10 years, and political reporting for at least 2. And yes, as a political reporter, even for a business publication, presumably one understands the occupational hazards.

    However, I don't believe the guy deserved to die just for doing his job. His captors claim they executed him as a spy, which I don't buy for a second. They just wanted an excuse to torture and kill an American.
  6. by   rncountry
    prnnurse, just curious have you ever read the Wall Street Journel? It is much more than an investment paper. Much more. On a regular daily basis it is as large a paper as the New York Times.
    Any reporter looking for the information that Pearl was looking for is in danger. Not to mention just being in Pakistan itself. The simple waste of human life for reasons that cannot be fathomed by the vast majority of civilized and decent people should be enough to make anyone mourn what happened.
    Listen to NPR some, it may make you change your opinion. A man is killed in a very brutal fashion according to the reports, has a wife 2 months from giving birth, and you are flippant regarding the entire affair. How sad, not only for the situation, but for yourself too.
  7. by   VickyRN
    Amen, Helen (RNCountry)!
    How true. Thank you for stating so eloquently exactly what I was feeling.
    PRN nurse, your uncompassionate post really offended me. Just because a reporter is Jewish, he shouldn't be blamed for being "in the wrong place at the wrong time." I grieve such a senseless, cruel, inhumane loss. I mourn for his pregnant wife and unborn son who will never know his father. The Islamic fundamentalists hate all of us Americans, whether Jewish or not. When one of us suffers, we all suffer, regardless of ethnicity.
    Originally posted by Healingtouch
    Just because a reporter is Jewish, he shouldn't be blamed for being "in the wrong place at the wrong time."
    While I try not to speak for others, I don't think this is what prn nurse was implying. At least, it wasn't how I took it.

    I was watching an interview yesterday, and the words across the bottom of the screen were "How Could We Have Avoided This Tragedy?" Hey, I know. He could have stayed home. I feel greatly for his wife and unborn child, and I believe that his killers are just that, cold murderers. But really, am I supposed to believe that he didn't know, understand, and accept the risks

  9. by   prn nurse
    Wall Street Journal, subscribed to it for a number of years. The majority of their news stories are written by Associated Press, Reuters, UPI, and other major world press news correspondents. (check the by-lines) Mr. Pearlstein, the reporter, was not a bona-fide "foreign news war correspondent." I am not taking a flippant approach to his death. I simply ask, "why?" Why volunteer to put oneself in that situation? His being Jewish naturally inflamed the Arabs who were being bombed on a daily basis for 3 months. His quest was not even for a mainline news event. Two weeks ago, the papers reported he had volunteered to go to Pakistan and he wanted to seek out some back woods Pakistani's to see what, if anything , they knew about the identities of some of the Afghans crossing the border. I simply say his death was senseless, and he made a foolish choice. He had NO business there, he wasn't trained for it, was not a combat correspondent. That said, he is now an immortal martyr...the news is filled with his death. How much have we heard of the 8-9 American army guys killed in the helicopter crash in the Phillipines a couple of days ago? Who will make martyrs of them and give their wives a couple mill? The army guys did not choose their dangerous mission.
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  10. by   VickyRN
    "How Could We Have Avoided This Tragedy?" Hey, I know. He could have stayed home.
    His being Jewish naturally inflamed the Arabs who were being being bombed daily for 3 months.
    Sounds like another case of "let's blame the victim."
    These crazed, murderous Islamic extremists are EVERYWHERE, even here in the United States. The same thing could happen anywhere in the world, to any American, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity. There is no place "safe."
  11. by   Mkue
    Was listening to some Senior Reporters the other evening, they stated that any American reporters are at risk over there, the captors really think they are accomplishing something by taking a US reporter hostage, but it gets them no where.

    So a soon to be father loses his life while doing his job (getting a story) in a dangerous country where there are a bunch of ding bats running around, I think Pearl was very brave. He didn't let fear stand in his way and he must have known the risks.
  12. by   live4today
    My heart weeps for the family of Daniel Pearl, especially his wife and unborn child! They are in my prayers! What a senseless tragedy. I was so hoping he would make it out alive. What a sad, sad thing to have happened to him. A life is a life, regardless of whether he was Jewish or not. His unborn baby will be born without a father to hold him, cuddle with him at night, give him lots of kissies and tosses in the air.... Well, you get the vivid picture of what I am trying to say.


    "Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal." --
  13. by   4XNURSE
    I have to agree with PRN.

    I do feel for his family. I also think it was a murder commited by thugs, for no reason other than their thirst for blood. But, If he had been in New York, on that day, they would not have kidnapped him, nor had the opportunity to kill him.

    Last week a baseball player died in a car crash in Az. What a shame. What a senseless waste of life. What a predictable outcome. Drunk driving! Same theory. He'd still be alive if he had stayed out of the drivers seat.

    Sad for his family? Yes! Preventable? You better beleive it!

    My $ .02

  14. by   Paprikat
    I followed this story closely and prayed they would release him. I ached for his family, especially his wife and I could never imagime what this man went through in the month he was hostage. The way he died sickened me, and the fact that it was videotaped was truly repulsive. I am so sorry to hear that he died. I do appreciate the fact that the U.S. government did not submit to the demands that these hostages made. I'm sure it was a hard decision for them to make. I hope that these people are all apprehended and brought to justice.