1. WaaaHooo!!!! The Indians won big time today!! Yeah Tribe!
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  3. by   Jenzee
    Man, I had to open my mouth. They just played and lost game five. Guess there is always next year to look forward to.
  4. by   Bozo180
    Ummmmm, pardon my ignorance but who are the Indians? I'm guessing you are not referring to the sub-continental country and their cricket team.
  5. by   CATHYW
    No, I'm not losing my marbles. Back in 1986, I worked with an ER doc who had season tickets for the Indians and Browns, even though we lived in FL. Every chance she and her husband had, they would take off for Ohio, where they were both originally from. Well, one of our ER nurses' husband was active duty Army in Korea. this was at the time that the satiny baseball jackets were really becoming big for fans. Our doc wanted to surprise her husband with Chief Wahoo, but she thought that they were too expensive. Enter the man in the Army in Korea-he could get one custom made for $50. Doc orders one for Christmas, and it didn't come, and it didn't come. Finally, the week of Christmas, it came. It was a truly gorgeous jacket, with doc's husband's name embroidered over the left front, and an awesome Chief Wahoo on the back. The only thing, and this is the absolute truth, is that the lettering above Chief Wahoo said, "Crevrand!" "Indians" was spelled correctly at the bottom. I have never been able to say Cleveland correctly to myself since! We laughed until the tears ran-doc wasn't real happy though!
  6. by   Jenzee
    Bozo......the Cleveland Indians are a baseball team out of Cleveland, Ohio.

    Cathy......oh-my-gosh that cracked me up!!!!!! I am going to have to tell everyone at work that story!! Hehe!! Thanks for the
  7. by   CATHYW
    Glad you liked it. I will never forget it, and it always makes me laugh. It really was a beautiful jacket, too!
  8. by   jayna
    Boso, when i saw the post ,thought those in the asian continent ....