'Vote liberal and I'll strip,'

  1. Last Update: Wednesday, June 9, 2004. 9:15am (AEST)

    'Vote liberal and I'll strip,' Hungary ad girl says

    "Boys, if you vote for the liberals, I'll strip," a girl in jeans and a revealing shirt teases Hungarian voters in a mock advert for the European elections.

    It was filmed for a joke during the shooting of the liberal Free Democrats official broadcast, in which the girl features, campaign coordinator Gabor Horn told Hungarian news website index.hu.

    The short ad is a lighter moment in an increasingly bitter campaign for the June 13 elections in which the ruling party Socialists and opposition Fidesz sling mud at each other.

    -- Reuters


    And you thought the US elections were heating up!!
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  3. by   kmchugh
    Quote from gwenith
    And you thought the US elections were heating up!!
    Yeah, but who really wants to see either Bush or Kerry strip?

  4. by   gwenith

    That goes doubly for John Howard!!!