Virginia Best Education System to Develop Career as Adult

  1. it's all about location, location, location!!!

    found at pa governor' s newsletter:
    pa in top 10 for elementary, secondary education performance

    education week report:

    quality counts 2007: from cradle to career: connecting american education from birth through adulthood

    executive summary
    looking through a wider lens
    quality counts 2007 begins to track state efforts to create seamless education systems from early childhood to the world of work.

    [s] states that do significantly better than the national average on each indicator receive a point; those that outpace the nation by a very large margin receive two points. conversely, states that fall significantly below the national average lose a point or two.
    since all states start at zero, the index can capture the cumulative effect of education experienced by residents of a state from birth to adulthood and pinpoint the chances for success at each stage.

    when state populations are viewed from this perspective, it’s clear that it matters where children live. at almost every stage, for example, a child born in virginia is significantly more likely to experience success than the average child born in the united states, while a child born in new mexico is likely to face an accumulating series of hurdles that puts him or her further and further behind.

    virginia, connecticut, minnesota, new jersey, maryland, massachusetts, and new hampshire rank at the top of the index, while new mexico, louisiana, arizona, texas, tennessee, mississippi, and alabama lag significantly behind the national average.