Video Muslims wanted suppressed and testimony

  1. If you have not had the opportunity to read this congressional testimony by Steve Emerson (producer of the now eagerly sought video "Jihad in America") take time to read this informative terroristic history of cells in the USA. Here is an excerpt:
    There are various reasons for the emergence of these groups in the United States, which include:

    - Ability to operate under our political radar screen

    - Ability to hide under mainstream religious identification

    - Loopholes in immigration procedures

    - Ease of penetration of borders

    - Limitations on FBI and other agencies performing law enforcement functions, including INS and Customs

    - More sophisticated compartmentalization of terrorist cells around loosely structured terrorist movements

    - Exploitation of freedoms of religion and speech

    - Absence of a vigilant media

    - Exploitation of non-profit fundraising prerogatives and lack of government scrutiny

    - Increasing cross fertilization and mutual support provided by members of different Islamic terrorist groups

    - Ease of availability of student visas from countries harboring or supporting terrorism

    - Failures by universities to keep track of foreign students and their spouses

    - Protection afforded by specially-created educational programs

    - Ease of visa fraud and the invention of false credentials, from passports, drivers licenses, credit cards and social security numbers

    - Blowback from the anti-Soviet mujihadeen that the US supported in Afghanistan.

    You can find it here:

    In addition I was able to download the zip file for "Jihad in America" originally airing in 1995 on PBS but subsequently pulled and suppressed r/t CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations)
    I am going to attempt to link it here:
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  3. by   Chellyse66
    I just finished watching the video and I must say it was both informative and frightening. I have to ask why our government did not take any precautions in the 1990's but I remember who was in office.
    The Hamas and Hezbollah connections are no surprise, amazing that all these events took place in the Mid West with many world terrorist leaders attending. The American public needs to demand information and remain calm.
    I am watching the news articles regarding how ill equipt our ER's are (we know this as nurses) and can't help to think it is going to get worse. I am rambling and I apologize, the video brought up many things I was unaware of before viewing it...
    Like the vast amount of terrorist cells and sleepers lying in wait or activated in America.