vericose veins

  1. has anyone had sclerotherapy for vericose veins? I am preparing to have this done and was looking for some thoughts on the subject.
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  3. by   imaRN
    I would like to know: Do they give group rates???

    Let us know how it goes, I have been thinking about it for several years now, but I think I would have to pay for it out of pocket.........imaRN
  4. by   lpnandloveit1
    My Doc says vericose veins are covered by my insurance but my "spider veins" aren't I've already got prior approval and am going for ultrasound study today
  5. by   kennedyj
    I knew a FNP who run a laser clinic and did many treatments on spider veins with their laser. It was about $60 and usually included retreatments if needed. If an MD clinic does it I m sure it would cost more.
    I knew a friend who had her legs and arm pit hair permanently removed by laser. Kind of neat stuff.
  6. by   Zee_RN
    I tried injecting my own spider veins with saline solution and a small gauge needle once . . . gee, I guess there's a technique to it All I did was give myself a bruise and make my leg bleed. I recommend seeing a professional, LOL.
  7. by   kennedyj
    There are many sclerosing agents used some hyperosmotic agents: 20-23% saline solution or 10% saline and 30%dextrose.

    .9 NS would just be for kicks.
  8. by   BBnurse34
    My friend had a huge varicose vein that ran from her thigh nearly to her ankle. It was so hard and large that it was visable through her scrubs!
    She paid 300$ to treat it 6 months ago. The vein is no longer visable but bruising from the injection sites still are. She has been happy with the treatment and is preparing to have another one taken care of.