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  1. My apartment complex switched to individual gas meters on our apartments. This means we now have to pay our own gas heat, cooking and hot water. The first bill was for only 11 days and was about 52 dollars. The bill I received today is for almost 80 dollars. Now folks I haven't even turned on the heat yet and this is northern Indiana. There is no way 1 person is using this much hot water or cooking gas. I made the management install a new water heater because the old one was falling apart. I have it on the lowest setting( barely a trickle of warm water). I washed dishes once a week (warm water so used little bleach to kill germs). I shower quickly (like 5 to 10 minutes in barely warm water). I have not turned on the heat even though it has been very cold. I wash clothes in cold water as well. Now I called Vectron who reread the meter last month and said the bill was accurate. I asked them if it was possible my gas line is mixed up with someone elses like a family of 6 in the apartment next door. They laughed at me of course. Obviously something is wrong the bill is huge and there is no way I used that much gas. What do I do about it? What action do I take? Could the gas lines be leaking? or the lines mixed up? Something is definitely wrong. They even have a service charge of 9 dollars on my bill. Now when they reread my meter they said that was no charge. I have called the company and they said my bill is too high from the usage I describe but they can't do anything about it. Can you imagine what my bill will be like when I do have to use heat to keep the pipes from freezing? What action can I take? My lease isn't up till July. I plan to apply for energy assistance but must wait till end of November to schedule an appointment. How do I determine if the lines are mixed up or leaking?
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  3. by   Rustyhammer
    Does your lease state that you are responsible for the gas?
    Did you sign an addendum saying you would pay for the gas?
    Are your neighbors also having these type of high gas bills?
    Is there someone you can slap?
  4. by   tonicareer
    Goverment owned cooperative. They told us they would lower our rent since they would have us pay own gas bill. They didn't lower rent except for welfare/section 8 recepients. The lease allows them 30 days to change anything they want. We have to give 60 days notice to move out. If they can't rent out apartment before our lease expires we are responsible for rent and utilities in unit (They will set thermostat at 80 degrees). Many people are moving out now as their leases expire. Lots of empty units and I can't afford to pay here and somewhere else. Haven't talked to neighbors yet bad area to live in and everyone is really angry about whole situation. Plan to knock on some doors though. Many are on welfare/section 8 so don't seem to care. Management wants to start having us pay water bill too. The economy here is terrible and people are leaving here in large numbers. No jobs and landlords keep raising rents. Few options of where to live. People just leaving entire town. I'm a nursing student and we not be able to go to school next semester so I can just pay gas bill. Will continue to hound Vectron energy though.
  5. by   Rustyhammer
    Sounds like July will bring a change in residence.
    You are getting it...and without even a kiss.
  6. by   Vsummer1
    WOW, I am so sorry to hear all of this. IMHO, there is NO WAY that bill could be correct. I would be knocking on the neighbors door and asking them what their bill is like, and if it is low I would be demanding the gas company FIX it fast and credit me back all the money overpaid.

    I hope you get it cleared up...
  7. by   colleen10
    Hi Toni,

    Something is rotting in Denmark! That doesn't sound right at all.

    Until you can get something done with this I would only pay the minimum amt. that you absolutely have to. Here we have a "budget" where basically they average your yearly bill and break it down by 12 months so that you are paying the same amount each month rather than pay a chunk of change during the winter and hardly anything in the spring and summer.

    I would just keep calling and calling until someone can provide you with a reasonable explaination. Do you have any "consumer reporters" in your area, ie. TV or newspaper? I would try to get one of those people to look into this. Especially if it's happening to a lot of your neighbors too.

    And PA-LEASE!!! 80 degrees!! Man, I don't even turn mine up past 69 and usually keep it at 64-65 during the night when I'm sleeping.