1. Where do you guys like to vacation. I am from New York and the only vacation I have been on is to Florida. We are thinking that maybe we will go to Cape Cod this summer. Anyone have any great suggestions on places to stay, place to visit, etc? Would love some ideas.

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  3. by   Stargazer
    Would be happy to help, but I need lots more info here. What kind of budget, how long is your vacation, do you prefer to travel domestically or did you want to try something farther afield, what kind of vacation activities do you enjoy, are you a couple or family w/kids, etc., etc.
  4. by   KC CHICK
    Hi sgavette....Darren and I are planning our honeymoon right now. We're wanting to go to an all-inclusive resort...probly in Cozumel. At an all-inclusive resort you don't have to pay for meals, recreation, or drinks. We didn't want to have to worry about a lot of spending money once we get to our destination. One of the resorts we are considering is the Iberostar in Cozumel, but, there are these types of resorts everywhere.

    Have you talked with a travel agent to get some ideas?? They don't charge just to speak with you.

    Enjoy your planning,
  5. by   victoreia
    my hubby works all over the USA and I have been to many places. My favorite places... North Charlston . There is a beach, Folly Beach, where the tide washes out ever morning around 11 am leaving a pool that is perfect for little kids then comes back in around 4pm. Seen two dolphins right infront of me jumping up all the way down the beach shore. There is only one hotel there so reservations are a must and way in advance. I don't care for the tourism stuff so it was perfect for me. The other best place I have been is the Bahamas. The ocean there is unbelievable!!! So clear you can see the bottom forever it seems. Can't remeber the island we stayed at but had a private resort right by the ocean only 75.00 a night. Jack pot. Again very little tourism where we stayed. It was an experience..... PS My mother watched my kids and me and hubby got to go alone.. Maybe that is why I loved the Bahama's so much? lol
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  6. by   NRSKarenRN
    For the past eight years Memorial Day weekend, we go to WILDWOOD, NJ...stay at the 24th Street Motel (has a heated pool)--1 block to the boardwalk with big beach, bike rentals and another 100 feet to amusement pier. Across the street from motel is 2 miniature golf courses so there is plenty to keep the kids occupied. Missed the shore to go to a Cousins wedding at Newport Beach, RI last year.

    Spend at least one weekend in the Pocano's at my parents cottage. Just walk across the street to the lake for fishing fun and swimming.

    Saving for another Disney World /FLa. adventure.

    Would love to take kids to Nevada: Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon along with seeing Vegas (before kids) trips.
  7. by   sgavette
    Just to give you a little more information. My husband and I will be traveling with 3 kids - ages 17, 13 and 7. We are planning to go away for about a week.

    Thanks for all of the suggestions that I have already received. All of you people are great. Thanks.

  8. by   RN-PA
    We love Cape May, NJ, and it's a short ride up the coast to Wildwood for your kids as NRSKaren mentioned. Cape May itself is a less commercial shore town with lots of victorian B&B's as well as conventional motels. They also have a boardwalk (well, actually, macadam) with a few arcades and restaurants. Here's a site that'll give you some info.

    We also discovered Cape Cod, MA and have been staying in Orleans (on the east coast) for a post-Labor day vacation the past eight years. (We like staying there as Orleans is a confluence where Rtes. 6, 6A, and 28 converge, so you can easily travel north, west or south.) I'm passionate about the Cape, but we go off-season and don't have children, so they may not like doing the same things we do. We mainly enjoy being out in nature, hiking, walking the mud flats on the bay side at low tide (you can walk out almost a mile with the water in places only going knee-high!) Also, the water's calmer and warmer than the ocean.

    I've read that southern Cape Cod (off Rte. 28) is better for families beacuse there are more kid-friendly attractions (Miniature golf, go carts, etc), but we don't care for the tourist-trappy, commercial aspects of that area. If you wanted less commercialism with access to the touristy things, Chatham in south-east Cape Cod could be a compromise. Here is a web site to tell you a bit about the Cape, but if you can do a websearch, you'll find plenty of info. on both of the Capes I've mentioned.

    I have lots of books on exploring Cape Cod and I'd be happy to give you any information I can, too! (I originally found a lot of information at the library and can also recommend my favorite Cape Cod travel books that I've bought, if you're interested.)