1. Man am I beat. (and broke). I just got back from 10 days vacation. The first one in 4 years. I drove the family (mother in law also) to San Francisco and visited wifes relatives there and then we went down to LAS VEGAS (happy b-day Elvis). Stayed at the Bellagio. What a hotel!!!! Just got back into night tired and broke but I had to see what I missed here on the boards. Would like to say i missed you all but I would just be lying I had too much fun doing the sightseeinng thing to miss anything...esp work....but on the briht side of work i get to start days this thursday.....FINALLY

    GOOD TO BE BACK THOUGH....MISSED YOU GUYS FOR REAL...EVEN YOU bobbi(note the spelling...LOL)

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  3. by   Jenny P
    So what all did you see on your vacation (besides relatives ) and what was the neatest thing you saw? Best things we saw in Vegas were the Hoover Dam and the chocolate factory (but that was about 15 yrs ago, before any of these mega hotels they have now. Last time we were in San Fran was about 20 yrs. ago, and we loved being down by Giradelli Square and fisherman's wharf.
  4. by   LilgirlRN
    If you had invited us to go with you, you wouldn't have had to miss us at all
  5. by   kids
    I thought vacations were those things nurses only got between jobs!

    ...and we would have helped drive...had you been thoughtful enough to include us
  6. by   NurseDennie
    MMmmmmm - dungennous crabs (I undoubtedly spelled that wrong). Hard to leave, isn't it?

    Welcome back!


  7. by   kids
    Originally posted by NurseDennie
    MMmmmmm - dungennous crabs (I undoubtedly spelled that wrong).
    Yes spelled wrong, but thats ok, I grew up 50 miles from the spit & town named for them on the Strait of Juan de Fuca and I can't spell it favorite food in the whole word...unfortunately I am extreemly allergic to iodine (tho I have been known to take 50 mg of benedryl and eat a couple of legs )

  8. by   Sundowner
    I am dying to visit Vegas!

    Though currently I am suffering from Disneyitis....I have become a slave to the mouse. I swear there is something in the water down there in orlando. Someday I will be able to fathorm vacationing elswhere.
  9. by   nightingale
    I heard they have some incredible "deals" right now! I have not been in a couple of years... The Balagio is SO beautiful; A freind stayed there a while back and said her room cost about $ 200 a night.

    We had a package that was $ 125.00 for the weekend..... brain is too tired from working 3 12's and not enough sleep... will spill the beans later on which hotel if interested (sorry.. sleepy)....

    Dying to go the Disney Land/World with my kiddos before they get "too old"... can not afford it just yet....

  10. by   prmenrs
    What I always remember about San Francisco is being able to eat my way from one end of town to the other and back without EVER having "American" food. Chinese, Japanese, Russian, French (Iwas actually smashed enough to try escargot), Italian, I can't remember any more. And it was just a weekend!!

    And Pier 39, Macy's, and Gump's (I got to go into the Jade Room, OMG, unbelievable). What a great place!
  11. by   e-nurse
    Dplear, isn't San Fran awesome? I was just there for the first time in December. The crabbers were on strike @ the time, so the crabs I had were imported from Washington. What a city though! I've never been to Europe, but I imagine that it's much like a European city. Prmenrs, don't forget Indian, and Ethiopian cuisine. OMG, I wish I were back there now. I took the Pacific Coast Highway up from my sisters in Pasadena. Any driving fans, there's a drive for you! A couple hundred miles of it is twisty and turny right along the coast w/ cliffs and mountains and prairies. Check out the pics
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  12. by   e-nurse
    Here's another one
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  13. by   e-nurse
    And another:
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  14. by   Michelle_nurse
    I have been to San Fran twice. (never to Vegas though)
    My mom lives in marin county (San Rafael) (other side of the Golden gate bridge),

    e nurse the first pic, the mountainy scene looks familiar!

    I loved San Fran, Steve and I went 2 Christmas ago, we did all the sights, Pier 39, Alcatraz, cable car ride, Lombardt street, Golden gate park, etc. etc. BEAUTIFUL!