Vacation plans?

  1. It's coming up on time to plan to get away for the summer - already have our weeks blocked out. Since both our families are out of state, we usually go visit them and enjoy the babies. Is anyone going anyplace fun or exotic this summer so I can live vicariously through you?
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  3. by   nurs4kids
    LOL, ratchet. You sound like me..
    I used to travel monthly. I had kids and that haulted. We're going to take the kids to the beach next month. They've never been and we think they are finally old enough to stand the 6hr drive (at least we hope).

    I can't wait to see their reactions.
  4. by   nakitamoon
    Sounds wonderful,,,, hope they have a great time,,,,

    I took my vacation the end of Jan. went with my sister,, to San Jose,,, then to Las Vegas,,, had a wonderful time,,,,

    The next tripped planned,,, to the mountains,,,, in November,,, dh & I are renewwing our vows for our 10th anniversary,,, want a cabin,,, fireplace,,, some snow,,, and a little church,,,

  5. by   P_RN
    I haven't had a vacation since I left work in 99. Last night I was perusing some of those online ticket sites y'all talked about and ohhhh I really started getting wander lust.

    I wanna go to England just one more time!
  6. by   Kayzee
    Went on an Eastern Carribean Cruise 2 weeks ago and loved it. Can't wait to plan another. Norweigen Cruise Lines...the new Dawn.
  7. by   RNIAM
    I wish I could go somewhere exotic, but it will be the wadeing pool and a rubber ducky for me! lol. I am just looking forward to the month of August. For 1 month no classes, that alone is vacation enough for me!
  8. by   sphinx
    I don't have an actual, planned-and-tickets-bought vacation until early September. It will be my first vacation away in over 15 years that is longer than a weekend. My hubby and my first together. (that didn't sound right??)We're going to Vancouver-don't laugh-for a Stargate SG-1 convention. I'm looking forward to not only the convention itself but seeing the city sites (there's a planned day long location tour of the city and sites where they film certain episodes, some of which I hear are very beautiful).......also looking forward to meeting friends I've met online, activities planned outside of the convention, etc. Plus time away-my husband and I-sans kiddos!!!!

    I hope to get a little time in the summer too. I didn't ask for time yet, cuz I didn't know how much vacation time I'd have yet, but it looks like I'll have enough to take at least several days to do-if not a whole week, than maybe a couple times taking a couple days mid week. I'll just need to see when others are off and work around it. I'd like to just have some time to hang around at home with the kids, by the pool.

    I hadn't taken any time off except for sick time or when my kids were sick, or appointments (leaving 1/2 day) in months, and work has been so stressful. So last week I begged to have a couple days off this week. Hence, why I am sitting here in my sweats reading the board right now at 8:45am!!! How relaxing!!
  9. by   NICU_Nurse
    Well, we're saving up to buy a second car, so money is tight, but I NEEDED a vacation. We're compromising and going to Gulf Shores (whoo! Uber-exotic, no?) in less than a month. I am literally counting the days. It is going to be a totally fuss-free vacation. Already booked our room, right on the beach with a balcony (so I can sleep with the patio doors open and listen to the waves). My blender and a mountain of pina-colada accoutrements, my hubby, and my sunscreen...yeehaw! I'm so excited. I will NOT be going in the ocean, due to the liklihood that I will be attacked and eaten or horribly maimed by sharks, but I will be happy as a clam sitting under my enormous umbrella slathering myself with buckets of SPF 800 and getting completely drunk. We haven't been there since we first met (we took a trip there for a week when we'd just met...I think we'd only been dating for three months or so back then), so it's extra special for us because it's kind of a re-visit. The last time we were there, we rented Jet-Ski's and went in this back channel that poured into the Gulf of Mexico. It was very quiet back there, and the channel was lined with these enormous houses on the water (nice to see how the rich live...I wouldn't know anything about that as I just ate a bag of Cheetos for breakfast...), and we were stopped right in the middle, just kind of in awe at the sunset, and BOOM! Right next to me, about ten feet or so, this dolphin rises out of the water and splashes back down. Scared the bejeebus out of me, because I, in my infinite wisdom, was sure it was a shark. Then a second dolphin rises (or porpoise? I don't know the difference, really) rises out of the water, and then they swam off together. I was just totally blown away. Then, later that night, we were walking on the beach and this kid comes running up to us (Whose kid? They're allowed to run around willy-nilly like that? where are the police when you need them? What's this world coming to!?) and says, "Hey, there are EELS in the ocean!" and we ran to the water to take a look. Well, they weren't eels...they were fluorescent (sp?) plankton, and it was the most amazing thing I've ever seen. As the waves crashed onto the shore, the frothy part of the wave would LIGHT UP and twinkle, like a million little microscopic lights. You could look far out in the water and see the twinkling appear and disappear under the waves as the water churned about. I have never seen anything so breathtaking in all of my life. We kept grabbing handfuls of sand, and watching the plankton twinkle in our hands, and it was just totally surreal. So, suffice it to say I am looking forward to this trip for more than one reason. Not to mention vacation nookie is always the best kind. (wiggling eyebrows)
  10. by   kimmicoobug
    I won't be taking a real vacation, but I plan on taking 2-3 days to go hang out at the coast. I have lived here in WA for a total of five years, and I still haven't been. Been too busy with school to even afford a trip. Also, I hear Seattle is opening a Six Flags, so that is something else I need to do this summer.
  11. by   nurs4kids
    Originally posted by Kristi2377
    We're compromising and going to Gulf Shores (whoo! Uber-exotic, no?)
    Hey girl! When are ya'll going to be there? We're either going to go to GS or to PCB, haven't decided yet. I just might stalk, hubby and kids! lol
  12. by   Furball
    Hey Kristi!

    I vacationed on Orange Beach a few times....nice! I like Dauphin Island too.
  13. by   Nurse Ratched
    I expect pictures!!! Sounds like everyone (even those of us in the wading pool with our rubber duckies ) is just looking for some time off, regardless of where we spend it. It WAS a long winter .
  14. by   aimeee
    Exotic? Hardly! But at least we won't be spending it visiting relatives this time. We are going to FINALLY get up to Mackinaw Island and then on to say ya to da UP, too, hey!