Vacation planning in Maine...

  1. and they mention lobster shacks.....what's a lobster shack?? where you catch 'em, keep 'em, or eat 'em?
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  3. by   Hardknox
    Usually it's a small family run business right on the shore that sells cooked and uncooked lobsters and other meals. The best one I've been to is Watermans in Owl's Head, ME (right near Rockland). Nothing beats their lobstah roll or their view!
  4. by   prn nurse
    I've heard people say they were dirt cheap and they ate their weight in lobsters in new england. the only way i have ever had them was grilled in a restaurant and served plain with drawn butter for dipping. it was delish ! Are their better ways or something else i should remember to order...? this article said York was a good place to go. I would like to eat my weight in lobsters driving thru u know if they have them fresh in the summer too? by fresh, do they catch them out of the sea, or are they ""Farm grown?""
  5. by   canoehead
    If you are going to eat lobster like the locals go down to the wharf and buy them from the boats as theycome in.
    Take them home in a squirming plastic bag- put the kids and the bag in the back seat with warnings about lost fingers and toes from hungry lobsters- if you are lucky one of the fishermen on the wharf will be minus a digit- they are more than happy to help torture the rugrats.
    Dump the bag out on the floor and call the cat (this part is fun- make sure the elastics are on) then boil them in sea water (without their elastics) for about 30 min. How you get the elastics off is your problem and separates the men from the boys.

    spread some old newspapers on the kitchen table
    Have everyone sit down with a plate of potato salad, a fork and a knife (wimpy families also have a good hammer handy)
    No melted butter (ugh)
    Break open your own lobsters, chew out the meat from the legs and stick a knife into the knuckles and "thumbs". Don't waste any meat or the phantom fisherman will getcha.

    Natives Mainers always bust claws open with their bare fists- just watch for splatter, and have a damp cloth handy to wipe off the walls. (My sister can aim her claw and hit anyone within 4 feet)

    Someone Must Eat the Green STuff! If no one can appreciate this delicacy you can send it to my place- or better yet I'll come to the feed and eat it ALL!

    When you do eat the grren stuff watch out for the brown line going through it and down the tail- not poisonous, but trust me, not good. You must pick out this stuff, and an expert can get it all in on wormy line, and fling it at the person on your right.

    Also watch out that you don't bust open any brain glands as the stuff up there is putrid and will put you off lobsters for a years or so. My father says there is an "old lady in a rocking chair" formation in a lobster brain that is very difficult to get at, I haven't seen it but would like to hear from anyone who has.

    Finally roll all the newspapers and lobster shells and guts into a big ball and throw them away. If you have a cat it will refuse to eat for about 3days because it is convinced there is still lobster around. Try to ignore the yowling.

    Hope this helps (hehehe)
  6. by   RN-PA
    Wonderful, funny post, canoehead! :chuckle

    We spent 3 nights in Maine last September and stayed in Bar Harbor while exploring Acadia and Mount Desert Island. We went to "Thurston's Lobster Pound" in Bernard, and I was psyching myself to try a whole lobster there, but my husband made up high-pitched voices for the lobsters on display. With their claws waving and tentacles swaying, he'd squeal, "Don't eat me! Eat Carl, here! NOOO! NOOO! NOT MEEEE! Eat chicken! etc. etc." Well I chickened out and ate lobster roll and lobster stew instead-- still yummy, but minus the lobster personas I couldn't ignore...

    The green stuff you mentioned-- tomalley, I think it's called?-- is the lobster's liver. What does it taste like and what's the texture like? {{{shudder}}}
  7. by   canoehead
    I found it disgusting at first, like pureed liver, but now it is the best part. Seems that someone who eats lobster frequently is more likely to enjoy it. You can get lobster bodies (with tamale) for $1/lb in Canada but tails and claws are $10-$15/lb.

    I often watch the Red Lobster commercials and think of all the good green stuff gone to waste with their lobster tail specials.
  8. by   Ted
    Reading this thread is giving me sentimental flashbacks to my childhood. My family used to own a small cabin on an island in Maine. (Macmahan Island). There are a lot of wonderful memories assoicated with this state. Eating lots of lobsters is one of them!!!

    Sorry, never could bring myself to eat the "green stuff". (I'm a wimp")

    Ever try Alaskan King Crab Legs??? Had them freshly caught while visiting Alasaka once. I still think about that evening back in the summer of 1983. . .truely a culinary delight! Since then, had King Crab Legs at various restraurants. Never was the same.

  9. by   kristi915
    Canoehead you really make Maine sound like a wonderful state. I've lived in Maine all my life and never ever have I eaten a lobster, yea I've tried a little piece here and there *with butter* *oops* It's good, but too much makes me sick, this is true with any seafood. I love going down to the coast in the summer, the best time to go is in the fall and late spring, not many people and it's just the right temp. Now why do all teenagers say "I'm moving outta state and never coming back to Maine" ??? I hate that!! I'm 17 years old and I love Maine. Maybe because I'm a farmers daughter??? Plus hick on the side......

    I LOVE MAINE!!!! It's so beautiful and peaceful. The coast is great, and up north (such as the Allagash) is such an awesome camping place!!!

    Now who would want to leave this place??
  10. by   massEDgirl
    A Maine lover here!!!!

    Live in MASS but spend from May - October at Old Orchard Beach...have a seasonal home 1mile from the beach....heaven!!!!

    Get our lobstah from Baileys...have it cooked in the sea water and bring them home...nothing better on earth!! Will not eat lobstah at all until we are in maine.

    My father is from Fort Kent Maine.....way way way up.
    Both parents are expert lobstah eaters and do not leave any part to waste....I just recently started to eat the stomachs....I'm hooked!!!! My kids eat just the claws...that's ok.....more for me!! the part with the kids and the lobstah.....have lots of memories of this with my parents.

    Also do not forget Maine "steamers" other steamers anywhere compare.
  11. by   prn nurse
    That is the best and funniest post I ever read !!What a great family experience !! And I know it's true..... I can imagine my family doing that and behaving like that....Do you all really bring home a couple of gallons of sea water to bolit them in? And what's a steamer? I have traveled all over this country, but havent been any further East or North than Columbus, Ohio. No steamers there.